Best Water Filter Pitchers 2021 – Top 5 Reviews – Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for a filter pitcher? Then consider yourself to be lucky, as you have come to the right for all the information.  So, you may have located some impurities in your tap water or may just want to ensure that you are serving water free of contamination to your family. Whatever, it is, you just want your family to have clean drinking water.

What do you then? Simply, invest in a quality water filter pitcher. We have composed this post that will reveal all about the best filter pitcher you will ever come across. We would request you to read it till the end to get a better understanding of this device.

Why Do You Need A Water Filter? 

Why bother about a filter when there is a civic body taking care of it. This is what most people think. However, what most people don’t know is that they may not be using the latest filtration techniques. How can you know, as we are not allowed inside!

There is more to this, as it has been often observed that these governing bodies use age-old methods to filter water. That is chlorination, and we all are already aware of the harmful effects of chlorine.

Again, the filtered water has to travel down to your house through pipelines. These pipes may be old and this may result in contaminating your water. Our point is, why take a risk? Better take things into your hands (especially regarding your health), and invest in a quality filter. Do give it a serious thought.

Benefits Of Using A Filter Pitcher 

It is very simple if you want your family to drink safe drinking water, then going for a water filter is a must. Again, if you are thinking of something useful, then the modern water filter pitchers that have created a stir must be given a chance.

If you are thinking about how they differ from regular filters, or why should you even give them consideration, then we have explained all that in this section. Just read it with care.

  • Convenience – Okay, the truth is these filters do not need to be installed! Isn’t that amazing? You can even store them in the refrigerator, as they fit into them pretty easy. This certainly makes these pitchers to be versatile.
  • Low Budget – If you are looking for a water filter within a budget, then these pitcher filters are your best option. Yes, they do not burn a hole in your pocket and you can get one for $20 to $60 with ease. Now that’s a good bargain!
  • Low Maintenance – These do not require you to spend a fortune for maintenance. Just keep them clean by washing them thoroughly once a week. Another thing that we need to mention is of replacing the filter within a few months. This will keep it safe and you will get odorless, but tasty water to consume.
  • Better Taste – Using a quality water filter pitcher will ensure that you drink water that tastes good. Most water filters will remove stench and taste altering impurities from the water. These filters are no exception to this.
  • Keeps The Children Safe – We are all concerned about the wellbeing of our children. If providing them with safe drinking water is your primary objective, then you must do something about it. These pitchers can truly help you with that.
  • Healthy Living – Drinking healthy water means bidding goodbye to allergies that occur due to contamination. Yes, contamination of lead and chlorine could be the last thing that we would want. Plus, drinking water free of heavy metals and pesticides reduces the risks of ingesting dangerous compounds. This also means drinking pure water will make your hair shine and skin radiant due to the softness. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Save The Environment – If you think bottled water is easier to buy and consume, then think again. Bottled water comes in plastic bottles, which is way more precarious than anything else. Think about.

How To Choose A Water Filter Pitcher? 

Alright, see this is no rocket science that we tell you and note it down. However, what we believe in is assisting you with a few pointers that will aid you further in selecting the right kind of filter. Here are a few things that you must keep in your mind while deciding:

  • Budget – Whenever you set out to buy something, you decide on a budget. Isn’t that right? In the same way, we would suggest you to first think of a number and then stick to it. Come what may do not cross this limit. This will serve as a strainer while picking products.
  • Know What You Need – This starts with testing the water, as this will give you the idea of what exactly you need to remove. For this, you can seek help in the test kits (easily available at local and online stores) or contact your local authorities to get a report of what kind of impurities your tap water may contain. This will lend you a hand in deciding what kind of water purifier you need.
  • Life Of The Filter – This is should be given more importance, as most filters can last for a span of 2 to 6 months. We would not suggest anything that goes beyond 6 months, as that would become a breeding area of bacteria and moss. Just be wise and look for things that make sense.
  • Size – Hands down a bigger jug means, you don’t have to fill on a regular basis. You can keep some water for storage and fill it as and when required. That kind of cuts down on your daily chores. Doesn’t it?
  • Material – Look most water filter pitchers are made of plastic. To be honest, not all plastic is hazardous, and these pitchers are made from BPA-free (bisphenol-A-free) plastics. This means they are of food grade and you do not need to worry about them.
  • Standards – Make sure that the filter you are interested in, has been approved by all standards. Be it NSF/ANSI or Water Quality Association (WQA), the purifier must show these signs as a mark of quality assurance.

Review Of The Best Water Filter Pitchers 2020 

As mentioned, we have collaborated a few products for your convenience. Just go through them to get a hang of it.

  1.   Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher 

ehm ultra alkaline pitcherThis has been a very reputed name in the industry for years. The performance of this filter is absolutely flawless in every respect. This filters the water and makes it more alkaline. The filter is effective in removing fluoride and chlorine from the water. It is for this reason that UHM Ultra Picher is dubbed as the best filter pitcher.

All you have to do is soak the filter before you decide to utilize it, this will prevent a buildup of residue from carbon. Here are some interesting facts about this filter.

  • The good thing about this product is that it able to reduce the presence of PH in the water so that it can be consumed without any problems.
  • The pitcher is not tough to assemble at all. So, when you have to clean it you can simply dismantle the gadget and give the tank a good cleaning. The reservoir needs to be cleaned before the first use.
  • The gadget lacks an indicator that tells you when you need to replace the filters.
  • The cover is made of plastic and it does not have a firm fit as tends to feel lose every time the pitcher is moved.


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  2.   Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

brita large filter pitcherThere is no doubt that this brand has been in the market for many years and has been making such wonderful pitchers. The good thing about this product is that they are equipped with very effective cartridges. These cartridges are very efficient in getting rid of contaminants from the water you drink.

The other good thing about Brita Pichers is that it has a technology where the gadget sends you a notification that tells you that you need to replace the filters. When you notice a red light on the indicator t means the filters have to be changed immediately.

  • This has good capacity and can accommodate equivalent to 10 cups full of water. This is certainly a great feature. You will not have to keep filling up the pitcher repeatedly.
  • Cartridges utilize modern technology that not only produces clean water but the water tastes good too.
  • This is certified to remove impurities like mercury, cadmium, and copper.
  • The only defect that this pitcher has is that the lid does function well simply because it has not been designed properly.
  • This explains why the lid tends to come off.
  • So, there is a chance of water spillage.


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  3.   Reshape Water Pitcher With Two 75 Day Filters 

reshape water pitcherThis Alkaline pitcher boasts of an illustrious design and is quite capable of alkalizing and filtering water.  The good thing about buying Reshape Pitcher is that it comes with two cartridges. This basically indicates that as a user, you will be drinking healthy water every time. Want to know more about this product? Well, keep reading.

  • The filter has a speedy filtration rate and is capable of filtering close to 1 litre within a time frame of 15 minutes. This is a cool feature and an advantage that the filter gives the users.
  • The pitcher further enhances the quality of the water by adding minerals to it. Therefore the nutritional value of the water goes up.
  • The overall quality of the product is quite impressive. The outer body is made of thick high-quality plastic, this adds to the durability of the product.
  • It makes use of SGS approved filters.
  • This filter is a member of the Water Quality Association. Need we say more?
  • The rate of filtration actually differs, as and when the filter becomes old it efficiency drops sharply.
  • A lot of the customers have stated the filters in this device are not very easy to replace.  The whole process can be very tedious.


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  4.   Aquagear Water Pitcher 

aquagearIf you have read water filter pitcher reviews then you would have certainly come across this name. This brand has been in the business for many years and is known for its outstanding quality and affordable prices.

This product not only eliminates contaminants but also complex things like fluoride and lead. Are you keen to know more about this brand? Then keep reading.

  • The manufacturer offers a guarantee which is valid for a lifetime. So if the filter sustains any damage then you could simply ask for a replacement.
  • The best thing about the pitcher is that it comes with very durable filters that will last for a very long time to come. A single filter can last about 3 months.
  •  The model is known to remove all the fluoride content in the water. This is one advantage that sets it apart from the models in the market.
  • The filtering is quite slow. As a user, you will have to wait a bit long for the entre pitcher to become filled.
  • Another downside of this filter is that it does not have an indicator that tells you it’s time to replace the filters.

  5.   Seychelle Filter Pitcher 

seychelle filter pitcherThis product is constructed using materials proved by the FDA. As a user you will also be happy to know that plastic parts do not contain any BPA. The improved design facilitates smooth flow of water. This means the pitcher will fill up a lot faster. You will certainly be able to pour water from it without causing a spill.

The device has dual filters and they are capable of eliminating all of the contamination without removing minerals like calcium and magnesium.

  • Since this has two filters the whole process of filtering water is really fast. The pitcher fills up a lot faster than most other brands available in the market. This is one of the biggest USP of the product.
  • The overall quality of the filter is very good and as a user, you can expect to use one single unit for a very long time.
  • The price is also very affordable in comparison to other models
  • This filter is not suited for extremely had water as they tend to block the filters.
  • The filters can be removed very easily but they get blocked very soon. Users should use this only when they drinking water supplied by the government.

  6.   Invigorated Water 

Invigorated FilterIf you are looking for a reliable water filter pitcher, then you have certainly stumbled upon the right product. In simple words, this filter is very effective in keeping water free from contaminants, just like any other filter. The device is able to make water more alkaline, which will greatly benefit the health of the user.

There is no denying the manufacturer has done a great job when designing the product. A slim design and ergonomic handle work well with each other. The smart design permits users to store, pour, and move the pitcher without any problems. If you want to know more about the product then just keep reading.

  • When the time comes for the filters to be changed the device will send you a notification. This is a great plus point that the device has.
  • The filter comes with two cartridges and they last for at least three months, which means you can avail six months of clean drinking water without any extra charges.
  • The lid on the pitcher is not up to the mark, the water tends to spill out if you fill the pitcher up to the brim.

  7.   CamelBak Relay Pitcher 

CamelBak Relay PitcherNot fond of consuming chlorinated water? Well, you do not have to any more thanks to this filter pitcher. This pitcher has undergone several tests and has cleared all of them.

As a consumer you will be happy to know that this has a very effective filtration rate and considering the affordable price, it is hard to say no to this product. The filter is very effective in removing bad tastes, bad smell, chlorine, sand, dirt, and rust from the water.

  • The filters are not too expensive so when the time comes for them to be replaced you will not have to spend a lot of money on them. In fact, you can purchase an entire set for very cheap and they are available online.
  • The filters on this device are quite durable and they will last for a very long time to come. This reduces the cost of maintenance substantially.

The only bad part about the filters is that they can only remove big particles, chlorine, foul taste, and bad smell from the water.

  8.   Brita Atlantis Filter Pitcher 

Brita Atlantis FilterIt is no secret that Brita is a reputed brand in the industry and is known for its high-quality filters. The good thing about purchasing this filter is that it is available with a cartridge filter. The cartridges utilize different technologies to get rid of all the contaminants from the water. The water will become a lot softer and become healthier for consumption.

As a user, you will not have any problems changing the filters for sure. Look, this can last you long provided you take its proper care. This reservoir filters water the way it promises and you can be assured of its quality.

  • The first pro that comes to mind is the cartridges are very efficient and can filter water very quickly. This is one feature that will strike a positive note with the customer.
  • The filter is equipped with a sticker system that sends you a notification, as to when the cartridges need to be replaced. The manufacturer also sends notifications to the user through email.
  • The pitcher is slightly low in capacity than most other models. This is the only minor drawback of this device.

  9.   Lake Industries The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 

Lake IndustriesThis pitcher comes at a very reasonable price and the quality is good too. This will certainly make a good addition to your home. You can now enjoy the benefits of hygienic water every day. The filter is designed to make your water more alkaline and remove all traces of impurities. This is readily available online and it has good water filter pitcher reviews. Here are some noteworthy facts about this particular model, take a look.

  • The product is known to raise the PH of the water substantially and making it safe to consume on a daily basis. The water becomes alkaline and it is good for any individual’s digestive system.
  • Affordable filters are another reason for you to go out and buy this model. You can use the filter for an extended period.
  • The ergonomic design is one more aspect that you should pay attention to. Its good designing will permit you to use the product without any problems. This prevents the spilling of water.
  • The product is sold based on fake reviews but that should not discourage you from buying it.

  10.   PUR CR1100CV 11-Cup Classic Water Pitcher Filtration System 

PUR CR1100CV Filtration SystemA fantastic Cup Pitcher System that has literally taken the market by storm. This pitcher is known for its flawless performance. Enjoy clean drinking water like never before, its effective filtration system makes the water clean within a very short time. Get rid of chemical content.

The overall construction of this pitcher is very strong as the plastic body is very sturdy and it does not contain any BPA. This is one product you should not miss out on as it has numerous health benefits.

  • Unlike other models, the filters in this one can remove the total trace of chemicals and impurities from the water and this is possible because of the carbon filters.
  • The filters on this may not be very fast but they are certainly very efficient and the last for a good length of time.
  • The unit is sold for a very affordable price.
  • Not very efficient when it comes to softening the water
  • People who have big families may be a little disappointed with this as  the filters are quite slow.
  • The lid does not fit very well

  11.   Brita Metro Pitcher with 1 Filter 

Brita MetroAre you still looking for the best water filter pitcher? Maybe it is time you stopped looking further and divert your attention to this neat product. Great performance and super designing give this unit an edge over the other rival brands in the market.

Use this for a few days and you will not think of switching to another brand in the market. Now you can enjoy clean water without any impurities in it. This brand has already sold a sizeable number of units in the market. If you want to learn more about this product then read on.

  • The design is very slim and it very convenient to store the unit in a fridge.
  • This has an indicator that tells you when to change the filter.
  • Very affordable price range.
  • The overall quality and construction are very sturdy.
  • The lid needs to be taken off when you are filling the pitcher and the fit is not up to the mark
  • The water takes a long time to completely move within the filter, this can be a little disappointing for most users

  12.   AquaBliss 10-Cup Pitcher 

AquaBliss This is one such water filter that can remove contaminants from the water you drink from the tap. This certainly does a good job in getting of the copper, mercury, and zinc content from the water.  If you find the water smelling bad well do no worry as this unit is designed to eliminate any unpleasant odor. 

Not too fond of bulky water filters? Well, this one sports a sleek design and is quite light too. The good thing about buying from this brand is that the manufacturer offers a warranty for one year and also refunds money to those customers who are not satisfied with the product at all. Here is what you should know about the product.

  • The pitcher has a very sleek design and can be stored inside the fridge very easily.
  • The unit is very easy to use, and all you have to do is unbox and you are all set to use it.
  • Very low maintenance unit, the filters do not need to be changed very often.
  • The unit has an indicator that tells you when to replace the filter in the unit.
  • The gadget is quite slow and the filtration process takes time to complete.
  • The lid has to be taken off while filling the tank, this can be bothersome for consumers.

  13.   Clearly Filtered Pitcher 

Clearly FilteredIt is no secret that this filter is a must for our kitchen. The performance is excellent and you can literally notice that the quality of the water will go from good to great within a few days.

The manufacturer is known for incorporating improvements into their products and this pitcher is a perfect example. As a user, you will not find this product disappointing in any way. If you are keen to know more about this product then read on.

  • This device is designed to eliminate more than 230 different types of contaminants from the water such as metals and toxic chemicals.
  • The American filters deliver good results so as a user you will never be disappointed.
  • The overall construction is very impressive.
  • The biggest downside is that this particular model does not have any indicator that will tell you when to replace the filter
  • If you are looking for good filter speed then this model is not for you, as the filter speed is quite disappointing but then the speed is sometimes slowed down because the filters are being overworked.

  14.   DRAGONN Alkaline Pitcher 

DRAGONN Alkaline PitcherLooking for the best water filter pitcher? Well, you can finally stop looking as this unit will give more than satisfactory results. This pitcher uses complex cartridges as they employ more than one technology to clean the water in the best way possible. The water is considerably softened by increasing the pH levels in it. With this wonderful gadget, you can be assured of drinking clean water every single day. Read on to learn other fascinating facts about this wonderful unit.

  • The unit has cartridges that remove contaminants in 7 different stages.
  • Very effective in removing pollutants, lead, copper, zinc, strong odor, and other pollutants.
  • The design of the pitcher is impressive.
  • The clean water from the unit is said to boost an individual’s health by a huge margin.
  • The handle is designed very well and it makes the unit very comfortable for extended use.
  • The overall construction of the unit is super impressive and it is evident that it will last for a long time to come.
  • This is readily available on online stores for a very reasonable price.
  • The filters tend to get blocked quite often, this has bothered the customers.
  • It is also noticed that the filters do not last very long, at the most a month or two.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filter Pitchers

With so many brands how do I buy one?

Well, one could always start out by doing research on the different models. However, the best way is to stick to the reputed brands in the market, this way you can be assured of getting good quality products.

Are the filters included with the unit? 

Yes, the filters are included and in some models, there may be two filters included. However, you will have to make separate purchases if the existing ones need to be replaced.

Can a water filter be used for another beverage? 

No, as it is only designed to clean water and nothing else. If other beverages are used in this device the color and flavour will get extracted from it.

It is advisable to use hot water in the filter?

It is not advisable to use this for hot water.

How is the filter to be cleaned? 

The adaptor can be washed by hand with very mild detergent. You must make sure to rinse well. The filter should not be washed. To have a better understanding give the user manual a good read.

How often does the filter need to be changed?

Well, it depends on the frequency of usage and the particular model that you have purchased. To get the best out of the unit the filters should be changed within two months.

What does the filter remove? 

These filters are known to remove harmful impurities from the water. Certain models are designed to remove bad odor and chlorine from the water.

How do I change the filters on the device? 

The process is fairly easy but since every model is designed a different way it would not harm to give the manual a good read. Typically manuals have all the instructions mentioned very clearly.

Can a user freeze a filter? 

Never! It is not a good idea to try such a thing.

What should an individual do if the unit breaks? 

Typically these units are made to last for a very long time to come but even then they can break due to certain circumstances. Nonetheless, the unit will still function if the adaptor is ok. In case your adaptor breaks you will have to call the manufacturers toll free number, the manufacturer will send you another adaptor as a replacement.

How often does one need to buy such a unit? 

Just like every other product these filters to come with a specific shelf life. Nevertheless, the longevity of the product also depends on how it is being used by the consumer. When you notice that even after a filter change, your device is unable to produce clear water then it is a sign that it needs to be changed.

How To Maintain Pitchers? 

The first thing that we would like to advise in this segment is that of changing the filter as per the manufacturer’s manual. Also, testing the water will give a better answer to this question. Just follow these steps to keep it healthy:

  • Remove Algae – This goes without saying that you need to hand wash your pitcher at least once in a week. Most water filter pitcher reviews will not reveal this to you, but we did as we have used these pitchers in practice. So, we would like to warn you that do not let the water form a green layer or film, as this is drinking water we are talking about!
  • Replace Filters – Some pitchers come with a sticker to remind you, but most don’t. This implies that you have to remember it. As a thumb rule just keep this in mind that a single can serve up to 40 gallons of water (of course depending on the impurities found at your locality).
  • Flush It – That is right, it is believed that you must flush your filter for at least 15 seconds and run cold water over it before using it. This comes handy in modern day filters, as you do not need to pre-soak them anymore.
  • Washing – As mentioned earlier, you can hand wash your pitcher and some are even dishwasher friendly. Just go through the manual for additional support. Make certain that you use mild detergents for cleaning your pitchers.

There we have said it all and now its turn to care for them. We know you are smart enough to upkeep your pitcher. Let us know what more you do to keep them up via the comments section. If you have more tips up your sleeves, then do share it with the rest of the community as well. Let everyone benefit from each other’s know-how. What say?

We have used all these pitchers (in fact more) and then decided to mention them in this review. This is not one of those filter pitcher reviews that just talk about the product. We trying to address the problem and solve it in the best possible ways. Yes, these water purifiers are a part of this conversation.

We know, you are smart enough to understand the essence of this discussion. We wanted to make it easy for you to choose the right one for you. There are so many options that it may seem a bit overwhelming. This is why we unearthed a few products that you can take into consideration. Cheers!