Best Ultra Violet Water Filter Review – Top 5 in the Market

You’ll agree that access to clean water is priceless; in a nutshell, water is life. Nevertheless, the water supplied by the government to households is provided from varying sources, so it’s safe to say that we’re oblivious to where most of our water comes from. The one thing we do know, however, is that not all water supplied from our municipality is healthy.

An effortless way to rectify this situation is with the use of the best UV water filters. These are machines designed to cleanse and purify water from all sources without fault. The very best filters will be explored in this article.


UV whole house water sterilizer


A useful product to have in your arsenal is this ultraviolet disinfection system. This water filter also acts as a water sterilizer; thus, it purifies water for the entire household in mere seconds. Equally, it is straightforward to install and features a fantastic flow rate of 55 watt/ 120 volt. It is also low maintenance and the manufacturer offers excellent customer service altogether.


UltraViolet Water Disinfection System


The next best water filter is just as functional as the first. This stainless steel product was made to last longer than most competitors. It is robust, affordable, and fantastic when it comes to performance. What’s more, it was manufactured for microbe disinfection in addition to its purification skills. Thus, it features an additional chamber and a one-year guarantee that covers all parts.


iSpring UVF11A


The final from our top three water filters are from the ever-popular iSpring. It’s their iSpring Disinfection water sterilizer, which is undoubtedly one of the most affordable out there. The unit boasts of a six-gallon capacity and a 25-watt UV bulb that operates for a full year! The best part is that each purchase comes with one new bulb. Equally, both the iSpring filter and sterilizer are straightforward to build.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek, it’s time to take a closer look at our top contenders and the options that follow quite closely. They are superior based on cost, a brand, budget, and of course, existing reviews.

Best Ultra Violet Water Filter  – Best 5 Reviews

  1.   Overall Best Ultra Violet Water Filter – UV whole house water sterilizer Ultraviolet Review


UV whole house water sterilizerOur overall best UV water filter is the UV Whole House water filter. This is a sleek and straightforward filtration unit, built as a complete system for all your filtration needs. It comes with aluminium and stainless steel parts for extra durability, and also features glass tubes as well as a handy UV bulb. This water filter is effortless and safe to operate. To this effect, it features an electronic ballast, a visual and audible alarm that work together without failure for your satisfaction.

A single purchase of this filter gives you one year of use which is equivalent to 9,000 working hours. When using the whole house water filter, there are no added chemicals from your cleaner to your water. There is also no change in the odor or taste of your pool. In summary, the UV whole house water filter maintains the general chemistry of your water.


  1. 3 ft. Lamp cord with a 4-pin connector
  2. 9000 hours’ life of UV bulb
  3. Aluminium mounting clamps, glass tube, and UV bulb
  4. No chemical added to the water supply
  5. Powerful 12gpm
  • Access safe, clean water
  • Complete system
  • Long-lasting UV bulb
  • No secondary pollution
  • Powerful
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Bulky and slightly heavy
  • Design can be improved
  • Questionable customer service for defective units

This is, by far, one of the best UV water filters you will come across on the market today. Thus, we recommend it highly for your household’s water needs.

  2.   Best Budget Ultra Violet Water Filter – UltraViolet Water Disinfection System Stainless Steel 304 UV Sterilizer Review


UltraViolet Water Disinfection SystemWhen choosing the best product for your home, it is good to consider products that don’t drill a hole in your pocket. One such filter is the Real goal Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System. This is a purely stainless steel machine that also doubles as a water sterilizer.

The Stainless steel disinfection water system is built with the sturdiest stainless steel material in the world for strength and durability. It equally comes with an impressive 6 GPM flow rate and a lamp voltage, which surpasses several competing brands in today’s market.

We recommend this UV water filter because, out of all competition, it has the most excellent warranty. Also, it works very fast when it comes to getting your water to a healthy state. Even better is the fact that it does all this without requiring constant maintenance.


  1. Flow rate:6gpm
  2. Inlet/Outlet: 1/2″male
  3. Lamp: 25w voltage:110v
  4. Stainless steel 304 chamber
  5. With extra one lamp
  • Excellent warranty
  • Fast-acting against waterborne pathogens
  • The indicator light blinks when maintenance is required
  • NSF/ANSI 55 certified
  • Removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, and cysts
  • Expensive
  • Requires a sediment filter during maintenance
  • Sensitive to hard and turbid water
  • It doesn’t operate when used on a 220 v system

Give this UV water filter a chance in your home, and watch as it changes your skin, and keeps both you and your family healthy for days. It is an impressive water filter and the only budget-friendly one you will ever need.

  3.   Best Water Resistant Ultra Violet Water Filter – iSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Water Sterilizer Filter for Under Sink Review


iSpring UVF11AThe solution to your water purification problems is here in the form of the iSpring UVF11A UV Disinfection Water Sterilizer Filter. This water sterilizer is an incredible product and is best suited for non-full-flow applications. It is also the perfect unit for places where access to water is limited, and the sources are questionable. You can install this unit anywhere within your home, be it under your sink filter, a tap, or even the main kitchen sink, the possibilities are endless.

This water sterilizer and filter may look small at a glance, but don’t let that trick you; it is a premium product with amazing features. Installation, for example, is very swift and easy and it features the Smart Flow system, which controls the Uv light as your water flows through. Also, the spring water filter uses a high-quality lamp with a long lifespan.

You’ll also find that the bulb here is enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel housing, which also protects the unit’s quartz sleeve. Enjoy this water filter’s operation for over 11 months, before even thinking about maintenance. It is a win-win situation altogether!


  1. 1-year guarantee
  2. 100% satisfied customers
  3. 11 watt UV lamp
  4. 7 stage reverse osmosis system
  5. Lasts 8,000 hours.
  • Amazing purity results
  • Complete, compact all in one system
  • Designed for low flow applications
  • Easy to use hanging brackets
  • Make a considerable change to your home water quality!
  • Premium features at an affordable price
  • Not suitable for larger or high volume plumbing systems
  • RO system components require frequent replacement
  • The system sounds more complicated than it is.

There’s no product like the iSpring water filter. Take a chance on this sterilizer and enjoy the superior performance it offers right from day one.

  4.   Best Stainless-Steel Ultra Violet Water Filter – HQUA-OWS-6 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer for Whole House Review


HQUA-OWS-6High quality comes in diverse forms, with the most prominent example being the HQUA Ultraviolet water purifier. This water sterilizer is one of the best on the market, manufactured by a leading company in the water purification industry. So, you can rest assured that this is an invaluable investment in any household.

The HQUA water sterilizer is a 55-watt product featuring a UV bulb and a 12-gallon capacity. It is a DIY assembly product which is a perfect match for people who love to create and build their stuff.

Altogether, there are four major components of this water filter, namely the steel reactor chamber, a quartz sleeve, the UV lamp, and electronic ballast. All these come together to guarantee exemplary performance.

Additionally, HQUA, as a manufacturer, is well known for its excellent customer service. They ensure that all customers understand their products and that they use them as intended.


  1. 12 GPM
  2. 120 volts
  3. 304 stainless steel
  4. 55 watts
  5. 9000-hour bulb life
  • 12 gallons per minute
  • 9000-hour life
  • Build quality
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate
  • Excellent customer service from HQUA
  • NSF/ANSI 55 certified
  • DIY assembly
  • Quartz sleeve must be maintained annually
  • Water needs to be pretreated

Look no further than the HQUA water filter for all your water sterilizing needs. It is a highly recommended unit put together not just for your benefit, but also the benefit of your family.

  5.   Best Lead-Free Ultra Violet Water Filter – APEC Water Systems ROES-UV75-SS Top Tier Violet Sterilizer Review


APEC Water Systems ROES-UV75-SSOur last product under review is the APEC Water Systems ROES-UV75-SS Top Tier Violet Sterilizer, an ultraviolet water sterilizer on the market. This is the most impressive filter in the world yet, with its WAQ-certified system and sturdy design features that deliver the best performance.

This water filter removes all dirt, sediments, and particles with ease and also removes odor’s, flavors, and chlorine particles, which can cause cloudiness in your water. All these are done via the filter’s carbon block filtration system.

Besides the removal of contaminants, the APEC filter features an osmosis membrane that deals with all solvents in seconds. As such, it destroys all bacteria and viruses in the process.


  1. Carbon block filter
  2. Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA
  3. High capacity polypropylene filter
  4. No residual tastes or odors
  5. WQA-certified system
  • 11 W UV lamp
  • 8000-hour lamp lifespan
  • Compatible with RO systems
  • Large volume 75 gallon a day
  • Lifetime tech support
  • Low maintenance
  • Ultra-high purity
  • No flow switch for the UV sterilization process
  • Mounting brackets don’t fit all sinks
  • Only useful as an add-on

If you’re looking for a product that represents both in terms of form and function, then this is it. The filter is built in the USA by professionals with years of expertise under their belts; thus, the APEC filter can be trusted.

Best Ultra Violet Water Filter – Buyers’ Guide

Regardless of the product being reviewed, you must know what the product is in its entirety. You should equally know exactly what it is built to do. The function and method of operation of every product allow potential customers to know what they are putting their money into. In this buying guide, we first take a look at how exactly an ultraviolet filter is designed to work, features to look out for when buying one, as well as their benefits and more.

How Does an Ultra Violet Water Filter Work?

These filters are built with the sole aim of purifying water from all sources. It comes in a variety of sizes to cater for different household capacities and the different types of water sources. In the simplest of terms, UV water filters act like sunblock but for your water instead. While the sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays, the water filter protects your water from viruses and bacteria by altering the DNA of such organisms. The UV water filter doesn’t come into contact with your water directly. It only exposes your water to its light, for the purification process to kick in.

What Are Some Things to Look for When Buying One?

Below, we highlight the various features which may cause you to reconsider choosing one product over the other.

Point of Use Filtration or Whole House Filtration.

The first consideration here is simply the kind of water filter you don’t just want but need for your home. There are two major types, in this regard, namely the point of use and whole house filtration systems.

You will probably need the whole house UV water filter if your water source is a well, river, lake, or any other natural resource. The entire house filters work well in such instances because they pretreat your water for chemical contaminants and sediments before the primary UV sterilization process.

On the other hand, the point of use water filter is ideal when your water is already pretreated and comes from a trusted municipal source. Some points of use filters are installed under sinks or kitchen counters.

Standalone or Combined UV water filters?

It is also increasingly important to consider the overall quality of water in terms of personal preferences. The best machine to use when testing your water yourself is the standalone water filter. With this simple unit, you can test your water within a short period, to find out what you need to do to make it more healthy. People usually opt for the alkaline demineralization and reverse osmosis machines when they want some extra elements such as bonus taste and health benefits.

Flow Rate

When we say flow rate, it refers to the house capacity concerning how much water is consumed. Let’s take the home of a bachelor, for example. In this bachelor’s pad, the water consumed is practically insignificant when compared to a household with seven occupants. The bachelor will thus, require a simple under sink water filter, which will have a suitable flow rate for all his water needs. For larger homes, you might have to consider filters with greater flow rates for your all-around comfort.


The certification process isn’t essential for water filters. The only reason why we recommend that you consider certifications is because we all deserve to know which water filters are reputable and reliable. There’s no law against investing in an uncertified water filter. Still, you will need to do a lot of background research to find out if the company or manufacturer is legitimate, and that their systems have a lot of positive reviews from existing users.

Note that your research shouldn’t solely be on the products featured. Equally, look at how long their certification lasts and the kind of certification they have received. With certified products, all this information will be provided in your package.

Customer support

Everyone loves to be treated right, especially when investing in a company or a product. As customers, we all desire to be treated with respect, care, and patience, especially when our products aren’t performing as they should. Ensure that your water filter company delivers excellent customer service, whether you paid through your teeth or not.

This filter is going to be part and parcel of your plumbing, and as such, the company should be great at solving all problems and issues that relate to the product itself. Also, check how well the company deals with defects and faulty products.


The last consideration, which is equally important, is the cost of your preferred water filter. How much are you willing to spend on a water filter for your home? Cost is a big issue for most people, whenever they’re making purchases. While some people wait to snag deals, others stay away from anything that seems too good to be true.

It is vital to note that not all the best options need to be expensive, and not all cheap products are badly designed. Draw up a budget for your water filter, taking into consideration the number of people in your household. After this, you can streamline your options according to price and study their pros and cons to find an option that fits all your filtration needs.

What are Some Advantages of Having One?

Soft Water Readily Available

We all live in communities, and within these communities, we’re provided with the basic amenities required for an easy and smooth existence. Water is one of such amenities. In many cities and municipalities, the water readily available is extremely hard or slightly contaminated with debris.

With such a weak amenity provision system, individuals have to take the matter into their hands, for their safety. This is where the UV water filter comes in. These filters soften your water, and as a result, make it more suitable for a wide range of tasks such as washing, drinking, cooking, etc. All in all, soft water is straightforward to use, doesn’t demand a lot of soap or detergent and is also mild on the skin.

No Contaminants

There’s no dirt or silt sediment residues when it comes to the use of water filters. The UV water filter does an amazing job of removing all debris, dirt, silt, and other dangerous chemicals from your water. By doing so, it allows you to drink glasses of water without zero fear. The existence of such materials in your water can be detrimental to your health.

Let’s take chlorine, for example. Chlorine is used worldwide for the purification of water, but it poses a dangerous substance when ingested religiously over time. The use of UV water filters gives you total peace of mind, knowing for certain that your water is free from dangerous microorganisms and substances.

Environmentally Friendly

Besides being the most affordable, reliable, effective, and chemical-free way to live a safe and healthier life, the use of UV water filters is great because of how eco-friendly they are. These water filters don’t use any electricity or chemicals for the purification process, like other competing water filters.

Since they’re environmentally friendly it also means that UV water filters don’t require as much maintenance as other water filters out there. They can be serviced once every year without any potential damage. So, if you wish to save money on maintenance and servicing, the UV water filter is the right way to go.


We mentioned earlier how vital it is to have a budget when shopping. This extends to the UV water filter as well. With this filter, you don’t need to invest all your life savings. The typical UV water filter is very affordable and can be purchased in all budget ranges.

This is all because the UV water filter doesn’t use a lot of complicated technologies or parts that might be very expensive to purchase or use. For all the economists and those who don’t want to overspend, we recommend any of the five water filters above.

What are the Different Types?

Activated carbon filters

Our first type of water filter is a widespread type used in several households. This is the activated carbon water filter, also known by many as a pre-filter or carbon filter. With this carbon filter, all large particles present in your water, like silt and sediments, are removed in a short time. The activated carbon filtration system functions by attracting and absorbing these particles so that they’re nowhere to be found when the water comes out of your faucet.

With the activated carbon water filter, you experience less odor and much better taste as a whole. This is all thanks to the fact that all the chlorine and dangerous contaminants are extracted. In the end, anything that typically makes water unpleasant to drink is gone.

Reverse Osmosis

Another water filter people have come to fall in love with is the simple reverse osmosis water filtration system. With this filter, all the contaminants which pose a danger to your health are efficiently removed. As such, the result after the filtration process is odor-free, clear water, which is safe for drinking and other activities. The reverse osmosis filters are also very economical and easy to access on the market. They come in varying capacities to cater to your needs when it involves water.

Alkaline filters

These filters are also referred to as water ionizers. They cleanse our water using a simple procedure known as electrolysis. During the electrolysis period, your water is passed over electrically charged plates and then placed in two separate streams. The streams are acidic and alkaline, respectively. Altogether, this produces water that is softer than usual, with a much better acidity which further results in great skin.

Alkaline water filters aren’t widespread in the market because they are relatively more highly-priced. They also take quite some time to cleanse your water and are required for whole-house filtration instead of the point of use application.

UV Filters

Ultraviolet water filters, which this entire article has spoken about, are another type of water filter we recommend for everyone and it is relatively new on the market and features modern technologies among others. The UV water filter treats your water in a short time, destroying all bacteria, which can be damaging to your health. Further, it is the ideal filter for anyone who wants to use a more environmentally friendly water filter. As aforementioned, it doesn’t rely on additional heat or any form of chemical to be effective. On that front, it does stand out.

Infrared filters

The final water filter type to be discussed is the infrared water filter. It can be compared to the alkaline water filter with its operative technology. With this water filter, your water is softened with ease and in a short amount of time too. This helps those who live in areas where hard water is the order of the day. The infrared water filter equally uses both light and heat to charge your water negatively. As such, it takes on a softer feel for your drinking pleasure.

What does an Ultra Violet Water Filter Typically Remove from Water?

The UV water filter and all other water filters operate to achieve the same goal. They are called filters because they pick out all unwanted materials from your water, making it safe for your consumption. Many individuals wonder what precisely the UV water filter removes from our water sources.

The first thing these filters do away with are harmful chemicals that may be present, depending on your water source. Another area may be silt, debris, and dirt from your municipality or the primary water source. These contaminants, when present, can affect your health, especially with consistent consumption; thus, the UV water filter keeps them away during the purification process.


Are Ultra Violet Water Filters Good?

The ultraviolet water filters are, in many ways, similar to every other water filter. They simply eradicate and do away with all kinds of dirt, debris, and contaminants that might be present in your water. The UV water filters are different, however, because they don’t come into direct contact with your water. The UV rays cleanse your water from a distance, ensuring that all essential nutrients are intact, the taste is improved and all bad odor’s removed. According to existing users, UV water filters are extremely impressive in their design and performance. They equally surpass all other cleaners on the market.

Do They Work for Hard Water?

The hardness in water, according to water filter experts, is tough to remove using just a water filter. The UV water filter isn’t designed to remove dissolved solids and hardness in water. It is designed and built to improve your water’s taste and all odor. If you want your water softened, it is advised by Valqua that you purchase a pre-treatment system, which comes with a water softener and some other forms of in-home filtration. This pre-treatment, as the name suggests, is done before the use of UV light, and as such, the softening process is done before the contaminants are dealt with.

How Do I Install One?

Installing a UV water filter is usually done in different stages, of course, with precautions adhered to at every stage. Further, it is effortless and can be done without the help of any professional. The first step is to choose the preferred wattage of your UV filter.

For an average household and their needs, you can purchase a ten-gallon capacity UV filter. For a higher flow of water, you will require a filter with higher wattage. After the choice is made, you need to determine where the filter will be fixed. The typical attachment process involves your water source and then goes through the well pump, pressure tank, a water softener, and a micron filter before finally arriving at your UV filter.

The next stage involves the use of copper for your plumbing system. It is advisable to choose copper over plastic because plastic cannot deal with UV radiation. So, use the copper tube to ensure that it is easily accessible after installation, for easy maintenance. After the installation of copper tubes, run a mixture of bleach and water through the filter. Do this once and follow up with ordinary water several times, until you can no longer catch a whiff of bleach. The last step involved in the installation process is to be religious with your maintenance. Be sure to change the UV lamps every year.

How Long Do They Normally Last?

UV lamps, by design, are to be used for a maximum of one year, or 375 days. They feature mercury vapor, which acts as fuel to ignite the UV wavelength. As time goes on, the mercury dissipates from within the lamp. This takes at least 9,000 hours, giving you more than enough time to prepare for maintenance even if you run your filter all the time.

How Do I Clean an UltraViolet Water Filter?

Even though it’s evident by now that the UV water filter can perform at its peak for a very long time, we also need to know that it requires regular maintenance. After all, it is not that different from any other water treatment system.

UV systems are designed to run continuously and also for easy maintenance. The easiest way to maintain your filter is to replace the UV lamp once every year. Also, to ignite the UV wavelength, we advise that you clean the quartz sleeve as often as you can, especially when you’re changing the UV lamp. The sleeve should also be replaced every two years. These quartz sleeves are very fragile, and as a result, they can break during the change. Be sure to have an extra sleeve around just in case.

How Frequently Should It?

You are free to use your UV water filter as regularly as you want. There’s nothing wrong with that! The UV water filter is adjudged the best water filter option for those who seek additional water protection and excellent bacteria removal.

When the main water supply channel of your municipality is compromised, having a UV water purifying system will ensure that all harmful viruses and pathogens are entirely removed. To beat the system and have fresh, safe water,  be sure to keep your filter in operation throughout the day. These units don’t consume a lot of electricity; thus, they won’t make you overspend.

Can This Filter Help Cure Acne Problems?

The UV water filter is known to help with a wide variety of skin issues, even acne issues.

Skin hydration

The first skin issue we tackle is hydration. When the UV water filter is used, it first and foremost changes hard water to soft. As a result, it doesn’t bond to your skin, pipes, or tiles. Since the water doesn’t bind to your skin, the magnesium and calcium ions in it are effectively reduced, and this leaves your skin feeling more moisturized after your bath and throughout your day.

Skin irritation

Another thing the UV water filter helps when it comes to skin is irritation. This water filter helps to prevent skin irritations in a range of ways which all leave your body fresh and even. When you shower using hard water, some calcium and magnesium ions present are attracted to the components of your soap, creating what many know as soap scum. Soap scum doesn’t only exist on bathroom tiles and fixtures; it is also present on our skin.

When soap scum settles on our skin, it exposes the skin to all soap chemicals for long periods, and this can ultimately lead to skin irritations. Using a water filter prevents the soap scum from settling onto any surface in the first place, saving you from all the other stuff that occurs down the line.

Slows aging

The chemistry of your natural moisturizing oils can be changed when calcium and magnesium ions bind themselves to your skin. During the binding process, these chemicals lose their positive charges when they react with the molecules and atoms that make up the cells of your skin. The interaction that occurs often causes these ions to siphon all negatively charged electrons from your skin cells.

The process does not only leave your skin cells with fewer particles than they started with, but it also balances their positive charge, which allows them to fall off. For radiant skin, make use of a UV water filter, and avoid hard water at all costs.

Reduces acne outbreak

Now, we come to the highlight of this point; acne breakouts and the use of water filters. When you use hard water on your face, it dries your skin and makes it prone to damage via acne breakouts. Your body tries to compensate here by producing more natural oils. This tends to clog your pores and further develops into acne, which forms much quicker than it should.

Another reason why hard water causes breakouts is that the presence of soap scum on your skin can clog your pores, leading to acne breakouts. Using the UV water filter system reduces the level of hard water in your home, which further helps to improve your acne situation. It will take time for your skin to get back to normal, but once it adjusts, you should see some improvement.

Can This Type of Filter Work as a Water Softener?

Water filters, especially the ultraviolet models, aren’t designed as water softeners. For water softening, you will need to purchase another supporting product, such as a pre-treatment system. This system softens your pool before the UV light attempts to purify it.

What is the Best Capacity for My Home?

The water filter capacity you choose for your home depends on several factors. The first and most essential factor is the number of people present in your home, and what their needs are in terms of water?

If you use a lot of water for varying purposes, you might have to consider buying a house water filter, as opposed to the standalone units. This may be very expensive initially, but it becomes economical in the long run, as opposed to purchasing different filtration products for every inch of your home. Be sure to study the capacities of your preferred models before making the final decision.

How Durable Is an Ultra Violet Water Filter?

The UV water filter is adjudged one of the best and most durable filters in today’s market. There are several water purification solutions made available to us to satisfy our never-ending needs.

Like every other product on the market, the UV water filter comes with its pros and cons. This unit is highly versatile in that; you can find a model that suits your lifestyle and water needs speedily. You only need to research online to find the perfect match. The durability of the UV water filter is highly dependent on the choice of materials used for its construction. Besides the quartz sleeves, the UV lamp is robust and can last for up to a year before being changed.

Final Verdict

At first, the world of UV filters may seem a little daunting. With such a comprehensive buying guide; however, we hope that you’ve been introduced to the very best models, how they’re put together, and the kind of performance to expect from each model. Our article seeks to help you make your own well-reasoned choices, with enough education as precedence.

In this article, we looked at five of the best water filters, studied their distinct features, pros, and cons. In choosing the very best out of the lot, we settled on the UV whole house water sterilizer Ultraviolet light Disinfection System, which is a very famous water filter and also a highly functional unit in today’s market.

This IV disinfection filter is an exceptional choice for all households, as it helps improve the health of your family. It is very affordable and, as such, considered a worthy investment by the masses. Feel liberated, knowing that every glass of water from this model is free from debris, great for your skin, and very healthy for those you love. The time to enjoy clean, healthy water is now if you wish to enjoy a future free from clinic visits and weak immune systems.