Best Water Purification Tablets 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

You will certainly agree when we say that water and oxygen are two of the essential things we all need to survive. Oxygen is practically free, but water comes at a cost, especially when it’s pure and safe for consumption.
With over 95% of the world’s water being contaminated, sadly, finding clean and pure water is not always easy, and can be very costly. But what if we told you there’s an affordable solution when it comes to water purification? With the help of water purification tablets, chlorine and other contaminants can be quickly and efficiently eliminated for safe, consumable drinking results. Stay tuned, as this article offers some of the best products on the market.


Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets


Potable Aqua come with a high bottle count, value for money, and the shortest operation time. Once placed in your water, you simply need to wait for thirty-five minutes for these tablets to do their magic. And that’s not all; these Potable tablets are excellent with the removal of giardia lamblia; hence their popularity not only for domestic use but also for industrial wastewater treatment.


Aquatabs AQT100 Tablets


As a runner up, these tablets from Aquatabs are considered highly effective, with enough pills to last a couple of weeks. These tablets, once applied properly, remove all pathogens, viruses, and bacteria from water, for clean and pure results. Certainly, you can now say goodbye to contaminants and hello to the best tasting water in the purification game.


Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide


Potable has another fantastic product under its wing; the Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablet. No doubt, this is the most robust tablet on the market because of its compound structure. It deals with the removal of cysts, cryptosporidium, and giardia lamblia. However, they are slightly more expensive than their counterparts, with more prolonged treatment time, lasting for about four hours.

Let’s jump straight into the first section, which takes a look at some excellent water tablet products. This is then followed by a buying guide and FAQ section that dives deeper into the vital features to consider before purchasing purification tablets.

Top Water Purification Tablets 2021 – Best 5 Reviews

  1.   All-Around Best Purification Tablets – Potable Aqua Review


Potable Aqua Purification TabletsWhat can 50 tablets do for water, you might ask? According to manufacturers of the Potable Aqua; it can certainly do a lot. Our best choice has been formulated to work tirelessly, cleansing water of all its impurities.

This is an extremely lightweight product, but with enough efficiency to remove all giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium contamination. A single bottle does a fantastic job with 25 quarts of water, making this option the best value for money.

All in all, you can expect a high-performance product that purifies water from its undesirable properties. Those stains and streaks caused by hard chalky water that appear on the surface of the beverage during the preparation of hot drinks will be eliminated.

Features of Potable Aqua

  1. Works against cryptosporidium
  2. Treats 25 quarts of water
  3. Unaffected by cold temperatures
  4. The bottle has a high capacity
  5. The full bottle weighs 1.4 ounces
  • Guards against giardia lamblia
  • Treats a large amount of water
  • Ideal for hiking and travel
  • Produces great tasting water
  • Works well regardless of temperature
  • Perfect for domestic and industrial use
  • Two many tablets are required for one use.
  • Although effective, a packet of tablets doesn’t go a long way.
  • Long treatment time reported by many users

All features aside, we will certainly recommend this tablet if you are after a quick cleansing action for half the typical waiting time and price.


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  2.   Best Budget Product – Aquatabs AQT100 Review


Aquatabs AQT100Meet the Aquatabs AQT100 Tablet, a chlorine-based product that is safety certified, and tested beyond all doubt for your protection. These tablets require a minimal waiting time of up to thirty minutes, after which you’re free to drink clean and pure water.

Although the Aquatabs tablets are ineffective against cryptosporidium, they do a fantastic job removing other viruses and bacteria. A single pill cleanses a liter of water, whilst the entire pack offers twenty different tablets.

Furthermore, they regulate the chlorine count and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and various other unicellular organisms within a short time. This is vital to eliminate any waterborne infection that is often very difficult to eradicate when an outbreak occurs. And as it comes from a trusted company, you will feel safe when using these tablets.

Features of Aquatabs AQT100

  1. Trusted for over 20 years
  2. for use in emergencies like earthquakes – floods
  3. Over 3 billion gallons of water treated annually
  4. Fast-acting.
  5. High tasting water consistently.
  • Prevents water-borne diseases.
  • One hundred tablets in a single pack
  • Popular household brand
  • Comes from a trusted brand with 20 years in business
  • Controls slime build-up
  • Safety-heat sealed
  • Cannot filter cryptosporidium
  • Not for ongoing use
  • Long treatment time required

Coming from a trusted brand that has been in the business for years, the Aquatabs tablets offer a prolonged shelf life, hence why they come highly recommended to regular travellers and campers.


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  3.   Best-Tasting Water Purification Tablets – Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets Review


Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Water PurificationThere are different kinds of products, ranging from chlorine to iodine-based. Our first iodine-based tablet is once again, from the Potable Aqua tribe. This is a company that understands the needs of every home and have formulated these tablets that feature iodine as an active chemical. They get to work eliminating waterborne contaminants in just thirty-five minutes after placed in water. Some pollutants that are taken care of include giardia, viruses, and cysts.

Using these tablets is very simple and doesn’t require any additional equipment. You simply add it to your water, shake it after five minutes and allow it to work. Overall, these are quick-dissolving effervescent tablets that are perfect for both disinfection and water purification. They also come in handy in both emergency and household cases

And although some users have complained that the chlorine dioxide contained in the tablets do not work too well when exposed to direct sunlight, this disadvantage, however, does not impact their efficiency.

Features of Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

  1. Iodine-based
  2. 35-minute wait time
  3. 4-year shelf-life if unopened
  4. Effective against bacteria, viruses, giardia
  5. Quick dissolving
  • Affordable
  • Ready in 35 minutes
  • Great reviews
  • Travel safe
  • EPA approved
  • Extended shelf life
  • Ineffective against cysts
  • Long treatment time needed
  • Doesn’t work well with direct sunlight

The Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets are no doubt, one of the best in the business, with their high efficiency, easy usage, and fantastic shelf life.


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  4.   Best Fast-Acting Tablets – Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets Review


Katadyn Micropur MP1The Katadyn purification tablets have been in the market since the 1900s, and have been on the lips of house owners for decades. Furthermore, if you’re a traveller or avid camper, these are the most suitable tablets.

There’s no limit to your travelling desires with this excellent product by your side. For emergencies, hiking sessions, and all your many backpacking trips, these fast-acting tablets from Katadyn Micropur will keep your stomach free from potentially dangerous water contaminants.

These tablets are not only safe, but also very effective, with a powerful ability to eradicate giardia, cryptosporidium, and all other bacteria and water viruses. One tablet cleanses one liter of water, with a single pack containing 20 tablets.

Features of Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets

  1. No mixing or measuring required
  2. Sealed in waterproof strips
  3. Effective against cryptosporidium
  4. Works in 30 minutes in most water
  5. The only EPA registered microbiological water purifier
  • Treats 60 gallons of water
  • Improves water taste
  • Safety-heat sealed
  • Controls slime build-up
  • Treats up to five litres of water
  • Treats and prevents viruses and other water diseases
  • Packaging can get damaged quite easily.
  • Faint smell of chlorine left in water.
  • Not for ongoing use

Get a hold of the Katadyn Micropur tablets. Not only are they highly effective, but they also offer impressive durability, innovation, and long-lasting performance.

  5.   Best Heat-Proof Tablets – Expedition Research LLC TAC-H2O Review


Expedition Research LLC TAC-H2OMeet the Expedition Research LLC Tablets. Rest assured that you are dealing with a safe-to-consume product that carries many safety awards under its belt, as well as a 4.5-star online rating.

For up to 5 liters of water, you can use a single Expedition tablet – which offers more value for money and comes stored in a pouch for longer shelf life. This storage pouch has been expertly designed with four different layers and is made from a 140-micron thick Mylar material. Furthermore, it’s constructed from a matte black, compact, and excessively waterproof material, especially to prolong the shelf life of the tablets.

No doubt, you are dealing with a top-notch product that comes from a trusted brand that has been in the business long enough to understand your water purification needs.

Features of Expedition Research LLC TAC-H2O

  1. US EPA approved
  2. Ready to drink in 30 minutes
  3. Can treat up to 500l of water
  4. Resealable zip-lock
  5. Safety heat-sealed in TAC-H20 Mylar pouch
  • It can treat up to 5L of water/ tab
  • Safety-heat sealed
  • It can prevent cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and other water-borne diseases
  • The water is ready in 30 minutes
  • Ready in 35 minutes
  • Travel safe
  • Leaves a faint chlorine smell in the treated water.
  • Ineffective against cysts
  • Not for long-term use

If you’re looking for tablets that offer exceptional value for money with a longer shelf life, strive to use purification tablets from Expedition Research; since they offer you the best of both worlds in a single entity.

Best Water Purification Tablets – Buyers’ Guide

How Do Tablets Work?

Water purification tablets differ significantly from recirculating water pumps; thus, the magic behind their operation isn’t as complicated. The basic description of how these purification tablets work is that once dissolved in water, they go to work, combatting all harmful viruses and bacteria.

For a better understanding, we will delve into some details. During the water purification process, the most effective agents that are used include chlorine and iodine. Every bacterium, protozoa, and virus found by these ingredients in your water are immediately deactivated. These tablets work well in water that has been through some form of filtration; that is, water with all the larger particles and debris duly removed. When the tablets are placed into such substances, they begin to dissolve into the water. The water then needs to be shaken thoroughly once the pills have entirely disappeared. This is done for about ten minutes before the water is allowed to sit.

The shaking process is done to ensure that chlorine and iodine are evenly distributed within the water. If you want to deal with all viruses and bacteria from within your bottle, its lid, and the cap, we recommend that you leave the cap open a little bit while shaking. This will cause a portion of the solution to wash the lid of your bottle, as well as the cap. Once the purification process is done, depending on the type of purification tablet used, all impurities in the water will float towards the bottom of the bottle.

How Can I Determine What Type of Tablets Are Suitable for Me?

As you may have realized from our product reviews above, there are different kinds of purification tablets in the market. Each tablet has one potent chemical which sets it apart from the rest. In the following paragraphs, we will look at all types of purification tablets.

There are three significant chemicals found within the different types of tablets; iodine, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide.

  • Chlorine-Dioxide

Chlorine-dioxide is a chemical that is highly effective against cysts, bacteria, viruses, and cryptosporidium. They are known to be the most effective chemicals among the three, probably because it is a compound chemical and is said to be highly efficient, as it can eliminate various microorganisms. It is thus used in many cities for purification of their primary water sources. The downside to chlorine dioxide is that once it’s placed in your water, it takes a while to dissolve and treat your water fully. A single process can last up to four hours.

  • Iodine-based

Iodine-based tablets are ideally used to do away with the lamblia parasite. These tablets work well in warmer water, according to most manufacturers; thus, they should be left for a minimum of thirty minutes before the water can be used. Iodine based tablets, like their chlorine counterparts, come with a heavy aftertaste, which can be neutralized with vitamin c after the purification process.

  • Chlorine-based tablets

The final type of purification tablets is chlorine-based tablets. Widely used for their water purification purposes, chlorine-based tablets are widespread in households. They have many advantages, with some disadvantages that keep people away from their use.  Chlorine-based pills are known to leave an aftertaste of chlorine in your water. This, however, can be taken care of if you leave your bottle open for a while, allowing it to evaporate. Another disadvantage of this tablet is that your clean water is very easy to re-contaminate, once it’s been left in storage for too long.

Are They a Safe and Healthy Option?

When it comes to safety and human consumption, water purification systems are classified as safe for use. This is because every tablet is formulated to kill all harmful microorganisms and treat your water, making it safe to drink. Even though the safety of these tablets is assured, there is a danger associated with improper usage. For this reason, users are advised to adhere to instructions offered by manufacturers concerning their application, storage, and usage.

Many users around the world can vouch for the safety of tablets. It is considered very safe when applied correctly. They are also more effective than other filtration and purification methods such as boiling and the use of filtration systems. This is because their constituting chemicals do a great job of removing all toxins from your water, as well as all odors and tastes.

What are Some Advantages of Water Purification Tablets?

Now that we have established that using it is very safe, the only logical thing to discuss is the advantages were given when they are used. Water is a daily necessity; thus, ingesting it daily is extremely important. The water we consume needs to be pure and fresh, no matter its source. With climate change and the adverse actions of humans in recent times, finding safe, pure water is somewhat tricky. Contaminated water is identified as one of the earth’s significant issues, and for this reason, purification tablets have been introduced. Some of their benefits and advantages include;

  • Killing of Pathogens

All harmful pathogens are killed when purification tablets are used. Once a tablet is placed in your water, it helps to get rid of all harmful bacteria and viruses, which are known to cause dysentery, salmonella, and even cholera. This is made possible via the chemicals that are used in formulating the tablets. Some examples include iodine and chlorine. These chemicals go a long way to remove all bacteria, such as cryptosporidium, an element present in water contaminated by animal feces.

  • Longer purification time

Another advantage of using a tablet is that they allow your water so stay clean for a longer time. This is made possible because all the active substances present in the purification tablet prevents the further growth of microorganisms in your water.

  • Highly portable and mobile

You can quickly fill up your pockets with water purification tablets when travelling as they are lightweight and can be carried everywhere you, please. This design makes them suitable for those who travel to faraway destinations known to have issues with waterborne diseases. Besides their small size, purification tablets don’t require the use of unique ingredients or additional machinery. You only need to open your bottle, place the tablet within it, give it a little shake, and then allow it to sit.

  • Hassle-Free

You get to have pure, fresh water in your home as quickly as within 30 minutes. This is when you make use of common-use tablets. If you have tablets that dissolve longer, you can place them in hours before, and probably leave the water overnight. With such a system, ultraviolet radiation is eliminated.

How do I Use Purification Tablets?

The main ingredients of tablets for purification of water feature three significant chemicals that affect the way you make use of those tablets. Undertaking the proper procedure for water purification, using tablets will go a long way to determine how well your water is purified.

If you’re pregnant, suffer from thyroid complications, or you have iodine sensitivity, you must avoid all iodine-based tablets. If you’re using these tablets, however, you must ensure that they’re used for a maximum of six months. If used longer, they will fill your body with too much iodine, and this might lead to thyroid problems.

The final thing to consider when using tablets is that they aren’t meant to improve the taste of your water or make it look better. They are formulated only to purify your water. You will have to search for purification tablets with extra ingredients if you want to improve the taste or look of your pool.

Water Purification Tablets – FAQs

How Long Do Water Purification Tablets Take to Effectively Clean the Water?

Every product is manufactured differently. It will require specific ingredients or tools, combined under strict conditions to reach an individual, allowed output. This is no different when speaking about tablets.

The same way every product requires some amount of time to be fully active once applied, so do water tablets. These items required some amount of time after they’re placed in your water to be fully capable.

So, before you use any tablet, be sure to read and understand all instructions offered by the manufacturer. Keep the tips around you if you’re prone to forget, so as not to make a mistake with the application process.

As a general rule of thumb, the common-used tablets take up to four hours to fully dissolve and purify your water correctly. The time will depend mainly on the active chemical ingredient in your water. Some products in the market take a much shorter time, thirty minutes, to be exact once they’re submerged in contaminated water. With these different ranges, we advise that you study your chosen product before your purchase, and read through the instructions to be aware of the time required for high effectiveness. Be patient with the process, too, to ensure that you reap all the benefits of your tablet.

What is the General Shelf Life for Them?

There are various types of them, and each one features a different chemical composition. With this in mind, every user needs to understand that all purification tablets will not have the same shelf life. The shelf life of these products is determined by whether they’re opened or not. If the product isn’t opened, it can last longer on the shelf. Immediately these tablets are opened; however, their shelf life begins to reduce drastically. The typical shelf life ranges from a few weeks to five years, provided the tablets haven’t been opened. Once opened, your pills may be exposed to the elements that cause them to lose their effectiveness.

Check the container your tablets come in before you decide to make a purchase. Be sure that the box can be sealed tightly, once it’s been opened. Another factor you need to consider is the ability of your container to protect all tablets against humidity, air, light, and high temperatures. In less than a year, all the pills in your opened package should be used to prevent your water from being under purified. Knowing the shelf life of your purification tablets before a purchase allows you to choose a brand that offers you the best amount for a specific period.

What Should I Do if I or Someone Else Accidentally Swallows a Water Purification Tablet?

Even though tablets are safe for use in your drinking water, they aren’t meant to be consumed orally. There have been dire cases of side effects recorded after these tablets were ingested, with effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach irritation, and many others. for this reason, users of these tablets are advised to keep them away from unassuming individuals as possible. These might include children and anyone on medication. There are indeed many effects of swallowing such tablets, but there are also ways these effects can be curbed.

The first thing to do to someone who has ingested a water purification tablet is to offer them a lot of fluid, preferably milk. If milk isn’t available, you can offer them safe, potable water, while calling for expert medical advice. A visit to the doctor doesn’t mean anything fatal since the tablets aren’t toxic. Visiting a doctor after ingesting such a pill is simply to ensure that everything is okay within your system and that nothing has been tampered with.

Do they Work Better in Warm or Cold Water?

Every product has how it is to be installed, applied, or implemented. Some machines require the use of screws or pins to enable them to stand; others will require some form of programming, which allows it to perform all underlined functions. When it comes to products such as food, there is a fixed process one must follow to achieve the best output. This is no different for tablets. Like noodles, which can be prepared with both cold and warm water, you will realize that making use of warm water helps your noodles cook faster, and probably taste even better.

If you wish to get the best out of your purification tablet, scientist and manufacturers encourage us to make use of warmer water. According to research, the rate of effectiveness increases sharply for iodine-based tablets when they’re immersed in lukewarm water. Warm water is suggested because it quickens the pace of reaction, which allows you to have high tasting water within a short amount of time.

The colder your water becomes, the longer it’ll take for your tablet to dissolve fully. Users have been advised to leave their tablets for up to thirty minutes when placing it in lukewarm water. This minimizes the aftertaste that many pills are known for, and also ensures that your water is thoroughly cleansed from all toxic substances and elements. If your table isn’t iodine-based, you’re required to still leave in your tablet for a substantial amount of time to allow for a thorough reaction with the water.

Isn’t Boiling Water Better than Treating it with Purification Tablets?

Before the introduction of science to our world, humans had discovered natural ways through which things could be purified. Water was no exception. Our species has seen a massive evolution of water purification, from the use of herbs and salts to the process of boiling, and finally, the use of scientific elements such as purification tablets and filtration systems. Boiling was a widespread process used in countless households. It works with the concept that heat kills all microorganisms present in your water, making it clean, pure, and safe to drink.

When water is brought to its boiling point, it is considered safe to drink because most microorganisms can’t live beyond such a temperature. What many people forget, however, is that the ability to start a fire, and having a recipient that can resist fuel and light is very crucial to the act of boiling. Boiling, when compared economically with the use of water tablets, is more cost-effective. Purchasing a pack of it will cost you less than it will boil your water in the long run.

Another aspect of boiling is how dangerous it can be for the environment. The use of a fuel material such as coal or electricity can be very detrimental to the environment, as compared to the use of tablets formulated not to hurt both humans and the environment. Boiling water does a great job of keeping it pure and clean, but once the water is cooled, it has no residual disinfectant. The absence of such a substance means that your pool can easily be re-contaminated once it cools down.

How Does Water That’s Been Treated with It Taste?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to purification tablets and how they taste. Some people love their taste, describing as clean and sweet, while others find it metallic and artificial. The truth of the matter is that purified water needs some getting used, concerning its taste. It is, for this reason, we recommend a slow introduction to your taste buds, drinking about three glasses a day before increasing your capacity. If the taste still bothers you, there are other options available to allow you and your taste buds to survive.

There are some versions of tablets that feature substances that will improve the taste and smell of your water. If you want to improve how your purified water tastes, we will advise that you make use of such tablets in your water. To find such pills, you need to read through all product descriptions before you make any purchase.

Can Water Purification Tablets Cause Allergic Reactions?

Allergic reactions are caused when certain substances and elements cannot be absorbed and used by our bodies. Most often, allergies show themselves on our bodies in the form of hives, scar, and boils. Some allergies affect the eyes, skin, mouth, and other parts of our bodies, depending on the individual and the chemical in question. In some instances, tablets can cause some allergic reactions. Take, for example, iodine-based tablets. These tablets have high amounts of iodine; thus, when ingested by iodine sensitive individuals, it can cause an allergic reaction and ultimately affects their bodies in varying ways.

Manufacturers advise that, to avoid all forms of allergic reactions, and to ensure that the product you opt for is safe for you and your household, you check all ingredients and chemicals used by the manufacturer. Going through this list makes you aware of the formulas chemicals and whether or not they will affect your household. Never downplay the process of reading through ingredients, as this can go a long way to determine whether or not you will experience any form of an allergic reaction or not.

Do They Contain Iodine?

They are substances designed and formulated with the right levels of minerals meant to remove all chemicals and toxins from your water. They are known to improve the taste and safety of your pool, at a low cost. Being a scientific creation, the tablets are made of different elements and substances which work together to help cleanse your water. One commonly asked question concerning the purification tablet is whether they contain some amounts of iodine.

So, what exactly is iodine? Iodine is an essential element used in many areas for the cleansing of water. It has been used over the years because of its stable chemical composition and ability to kill unwanted cells. When used in tablets, iodine is included in the formula as a solution. In its natural form, iodine is shown as a crystal, with its crystalline form showcasing elements of tetraglycine hydroperiodide. A single tablet releases up to 8mg of iodine into your water for the cleansing process to begin.

Iodine, when used alone in your water, doesn’t guarantee that all pathogens and toxins will be effectively removed. This is because iodine can kill many, but not all, essential pathogens are known to thrive in freshwater sources. When using an iodine-based water purifier, one will have to scout through the ingredients and ensure that other strong chemicals are working in conjunction with iodine to bring you the clean water you deserve.

Is it Preferable to Use Tablets Rather than Common Water Filtration Systems at Home?

Inside and outside our home, we are continually filled with the desire to consume water. This is a natural occurrence which aids in the cooling of our body systems and all its operations. The excitement and thirst for water may cause us to consume liquids from unknown sources, especially when we’re away from familiar territory. In the unfortunate event that the water consumed is from a contaminated source, we risk the chance of contracting hazardous water-borne diseases, which can be detrimental to our bodies and how they operate.

To curb such occurrences, water purification tablets have been created. These tablets contain high amounts of chemicals that work together to remove all toxins and contaminants from your water, making it healthy, pure, and safe for consumption. One might wonder, however, how safe these tablets are, and if they’re better than conventional filtration systems. Just as they make our water safe, can they be poisonous? This and many more questions have led to many different types of research and studies being undertaken.

Scientists have discovered after constant research and experimentation that all tablets are generally safe, provided they’re used correctly. Since they’ve been designed and formulated for consumption, these tablets have been made with safe ingredients. This, however, has some wrong sides.

The design of tablets means that in some cases, they may be mistaken for other items such as candy, medications, or even vitamins. When such things are exposed to children, they might end up consuming them, and this can be very irritating for the body. When a water tablet is ingested, it can lead to irritation and burning of your mouth and throat, nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

Can It Combat Water-Borne Diseases?

Purification tablets offer us a wide array of benefits and advantages. The most prominent position is the fact that these tablets cleanse our water, ridding it of all toxins and harmful substances. The removal of these substances goes a long way to curb the occurrence of all water-borne diseases in our homes. When bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are duly removed from our water, the chances of contracting cholera, dysentery, and many other diseases is reduced drastically.

Final Verdict

Humanity, as we know it, stands to gain a lot from the regular use of tablets. Concerning issues of bacteria and viruses, it is safe to establish that a water purification tablet can only be referred to as the best once it can keep you protected from all dangerous elements that may be present in your water.

One of the significant ways outlined in this article to help you find the perfect product is research. All potential buyers and users of these products are encouraged to read widely on how best to employ the tablets before their purchase. Some sources of accessible and affordable education include the reading of water tablet reviews, and skimming through buying guides online. These sources offer you a more comprehensive range of tablet options to choose from, which also exposes you to products that fit more into your desires.

Another way to find the best product is via consultation. Some doctors can offer you product options and also recommend specific tablets that won’t cause an allergic reaction to anyone within your home. The final lesson this article teaches us patience. No matter how thirsty you may be, be sure to allow the tablet to work entirely within your water source, before drinking.

If you wish to make use of the very best water purification tablets, we will recommend the Potable Aqua for you. These tablets work magic in your water, eradicating all contaminants, from cysts to cryptosporidium. It is also extremely cost efficient, with each dosage keeping your water safe and pure for a very long time.