EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water PitcherWhat if I tell you that EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline water Pitcher not only removes contaminations but also adds to the flavor of the water? This state of the art product runs on the lines of the other water pitchers that are on the market. It is because almost every pitcher has always provided the best and the most reliable service including this one. EHM Ultra-Premium Pitcher is equipped with the filter that will not only remove the contaminations but will also ensure that your health is kept up to the mark. It is a highly advanced technology that has been embedded within the pitcher and therefore it is the one recommended. The hydration is the main advantage of this product as it ensures that you get all the necessary minerals that are required by the body. The pH level of the regular water is increased giving it exceptional taste and to make sure that the body requirements are fulfilled.


How does EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline water Pitcher Work?

The process that is embedded within the pitcher ensures that you get all the minerals. The process is achieved with the help of ionization and therefore it is one of the best ways to get the work done. Ionization is effective as it changes the pH of the water thorough ionizing the electrodes that are within the water. It will also get you the water that is exceptional and has been mineralized completely. The sizes of the molecules that are present within the water are reduced effectively. This has a dual effect as it becomes easy to absorb by the body and at the same time quenches the thirst as well. The anti-oxidants are increased within the body and it makes sure that the toxins are removed from the body. Not only the heavy contaminations are removed from the water but the minerals are also added which makes the water as good as you can imagine. The inclusion of minerals will also have positive effects on your body. It simply means that you get the best nutritional value of the water which it should originally have. It can also be regarded as the natural composition of the water just like fresh from spring.

What EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline water Pitcher has to Offer?

EHM Ultra PremiumIt is 3.5 liters in volume but gives you about 2 liters of filtered water. It is a bit more than ½ gallon. If your family is small then this product is simply ideal for you and your family as the water volume is simply awesome. It will also make sure that you get the best taste of water and also ensure that you get the minerals that are deemed to be essential for your body. It has been designed to withstand 80 gallons of water but there is a twist. There is no filter replacement indicator so you need to manually calculate the 80 gallons. Most of the people will not know that the filter has worn out and they continue to use the pitcher. For all such people, it is advised to calculate the water volume manually so that they never get into such issues. For the newer models, we would highly be recommended that a filter change indicator is added to the pitcher so that the user gets to know when a change of cartridge is required. Along with the first purchase it is advised to get at least 6 filters so that your year is covered completely.

Advantages of the Product

Well the EHM Ultra-Premium is one of the best and the most wanted pitchers that will make it easy for you to get filtered water at almost no cost. Some advantages of the product are listed below. This will help you get a deep understanding of the product and its workability.

  • Balanced pH

It is very important that the pH levels are balanced in your body. Failure to comply with this will result in acidity and stomach issues. It can lead to an intestine ulcer which can be fatal in some cases. To overcome this issue the alkaline pH value of the water is increased so that your body’s acid is decreased significantly. This pH value will also make you healthier and overall wellbeing is increased to a great extent.

  • No Acidic minerals at all

EHM Ultra PicherIf the acid value is not controlled within the body then it can lead to the acidosis that is fatal to your health. The effects are far-reaching as it can affect your respiratory system as well as metabolism. To make sure that this situation is overcome you need more alkaline minerals within your body. The EHM Ultra-Premium water pitcher adds to the water all the minerals that will eventually decrease the acid levels within your body. It keeps a balance in your body so that your health remains top-notch.

  • Degenerative Disease Prevention

It is important that degenerative diseases are prevented. These are the issues that are carried out within the body over a course of time and cell changes. To stop such changes it is important that the eating and drinking habits are changed. The pitcher helps you to achieve the results and therefore it is important that the issues are overcome. The alkaline base of the pitcher is the main reason for the prevention of the issue completely.

  • Concentrative Minerals

The minerals that are important to the body are provided by this pitcher’s water. It is important that you get the best water and this pitcher is all set to provide you with this. Along with the ionization the important minerals namely calcium, magnesium and potassium are added to the water to make sure that the water tastes best. This will also ensure that you get all the necessities of minerals fulfilled that your body requires.

  • Better Hydration

As the pitcher ionizes the water so it provides better hydration to the body and the water also acts as anti-oxidant. Small ions simply mean that the water will be completely digested and will reach those parts of the body where the acidic water can’t. As a result, you will get the hydration that is better than tap water.

Features of the product

  • The pitcher has been made as a result of state of the art processes which will eventually get you the best product. It is easy and also allows you to get the best water by greatly improving the filtration process. The product is thoroughly tested so that all the shortcomings are overcome completely and you get a final product that is flawless.
  • The sleek shape of the pitcher is another important feature that you will get as a result of the purchase. The pitcher can hold approx. 4 liters of water and can filter 2 liters. It is perfect for almost every fridge hence giving you an added advantage.
  • The pitcher completely ionizes the water to ensure that the water is completely changed into small ions. It will make digestion easy and will also ensure that you get maximum benefits from the intake. It is something that is very much regarded by the customers and leads to high ratings.
  • The filter comprises 6 stages filtration process hence making the water resourceful and up to the mark. The filtration process has been thoroughly tested by independent resources as well. It is deemed to be perfect all along and hence highly appreciated by the customers that lead to high sales numbers.
  • Highly mineral count is added to the water as a result of this filter processing. It means that the water is completely changed to match the needs of the human body. It will make sure that you get the best calcium, magnesium, and potassium source which will eventually get you in the best shape and health.
  • The quality control of the filter manufacturing process is state of the art and therefore it is sure to provide you with everything that it claims. The developers of the pitcher are of the view that it can be used to get awesome tasted water that is free of all harmful contaminations.
  • The pH value of the water that is filtered is raised to 10 which then becomes alkaline. It also keeps the water-based diseases at bay and ensures that your body is always in perfect shape. It also looks after your wellbeing by removing the contaminations that cannot be removed otherwise.


EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline water pitcher is one of those products which you must have in your fridge. It will increase the quality of water and will also make sure that you get the best taste. It removed all harmful contaminations and at the same time adds minerals that are required by your body. It is one of the best filters that are on the market owing to the fact that the use is easy and simple. Though there is no filter change indicator at the moment you can hope for one in a future model. Needless to say that the product is absolutely awesome and state of the art.



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