Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher Review

reshape water pitcherHave you ever wondered what fluoride overdose can do to your health? Probably most of you are not aware that there is a term such a fluoride overdose. The reality is that it is a problem that can lead to other issues. The issue can be overcome if you are vigilant to get Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher with 2 Long-Lasting Filters. It is a product that has been specifically designed to get you the best filtration process and long-lasting product life. It has been elegantly shaped to make sure that it fits your fridge as well as looks good on the countertop as well. With the best filtration process, you are sure to get the best water from the outlet which is good for your health as well as overall wellbeing. The high rating of the filter is just because of the advantages that it provides to its users.


What the product has to offer?

The pitcher is made up of ABS plastic which means that you get the finest quality as well as overall water resource that is awesome. It will remove all microbes as well as contaminations to make the water feel great in every respect. The best part of the product is that it can withstand wear and tear all the time. In short, it is built to last. The other thing that makes this pitcher the first choice is that the BPA free plastic has been used to build the most important parts of it. It simply means that the pitcher is FDA approved and therefore long-lasting and a trustworthy product.

It is the pH level that determines the goodness of the water. This product has been designed to make sure that the pH levels are decreased and the water is made more alkaline. This would balance the acidity within your body and will also ensure that you get better health. The minerals are also added to the water so that it becomes ionized and the healthy ionizing treatment is given to the body. With this pitcher, you are sure to get good health and therefore it is a highly recommended product. The pH value is raised in some cases of 10 and in most cases, it remains at 9.5 which means that the water is highly suitable for human consumption. There are 4 basic minerals that are added to the water filtered by this pitcher. These are magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. All these minerals have proven to be the best for the human body and provide protection against diseases. The bottled water also has a similar structure but it costs much more as compared to this pitcher.

The 6-Stage Water Protection

Reshape PitcherThe 6 stage filtration process has been embedded within the pitcher to make sure that you get the best water right from the source. The stages which the water goes through are explained as under:

Stage 1 – Pre Filter Membrane

At this stage, the water is passed through a membrane that will block all the visible dust and contamination from the water. It has been installed to make sure that relatively clean water passes to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Ion Exchange

At this stage the water is ionized. It means that the bigger ions are broken into smaller ones. It will make sure that you get the best digestion of the water. Such water also hydrates your body as compared to tap water than has a concentration of ions which are big in size. The ionizing of the water is something that forms the core of the product.

Stage 3 – Activated Carbon

It is also a membrane that has pores. It is basically used to ensure that the chlorine is removed from the water permanently. As soon as the chlorine comes in contact with the carbon it is completely ionized. It is in other words dissolved to make sure that it never reaches your body at all. The activated carbon is a special type that has been treated specifically.

Stage 4 – Far Infrared Balls

These balls have been specifically placed to make sure that your water becomes more ionized and the heat is transferred to it with the help of infrared radiation. This treatment improves the quality of water and also gets you the results in the form of pure water that is otherwise not possible.

Stage 5 – Negative Hydroxyl Ions

It is something that ionizes the water further. It means that you will be able to get the best water treatment that will increase the pH value of it. In turn, the electronic processing of the water also ensures that the minerals are preserved completely. This, in turn, keeps the normal value of the water as it is and provides you with the best combination of minerals.

Stage 6 – Post Filter Membrane

It is another important membrane that does the least work as the water has already been treated. In case there are impurities left in the water the membrane filters all of them out to make sure that none remain in your drinking water. This membrane also ensures that the visible contaminations are removed with perfection.

Why Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher?

Reshape Water FilterThere are several reasons for which this pitcher is recommended. Some advantages are outlined as under:

  • The filter increases the cell absorption of water. It means that you don’t need to worry about the contaminations anymore. These are not only removed but you also get the best and state of the art end product that is easy for your body to absorb.
  • The bad taste of the water is removed and the smell is also eliminated completely. It also means that you get the best and the state of the art filtration process that will increase the pH of the water to make it more soluble for the body.
  • It helps to remove the toxins from your body. It is because the water is negatively charged and hence it becomes anti-oxidant and therefore makes the water a whole lot better to consume.
  • The parts of the filter are also available separately. It simply means that you don’t need to buy another product at all. It will save your time and cost and will also increase the water treatment efficiency of the product.

How much does the filter last?

It is a question that is very important especially if you are purchasing such a product for the first time. The filters can purify 79 gallons of water before they are to be replaced. For a small household, this is a huge capacity. The filters could last for a couple of months before they are to be replaced. It has been advised by the manufacturers to change the filters every 75 days to make sure that the water purity remains. After 75 days the wear and tear of the filters won’t allow you to get purified water at all. As the product is accompanied by two cartridges so you don’t have to worry for about 4 months after the installed filter wears out. There is a digital countdown on the filter to make sure that you get to know the time when the change is required. It should be followed strictly to get clean and clear water all the time.

What’s the capacity?

It is important that the capacity is taken into consideration. The product under discussion has a capacity of 84 ounces. It means that you get the best and the state of the art filtration process that allows the water flow of 33 ounces per 5 minutes. The pitcher can be filled within 15 minutes which means that you can get it replenished as many times as you want. The design is smart and sleek to ensure that you get it placed within your fridge without any issue and problem.

Miscellaneous Features

  • The filters of the product are at least 33% cheaper than the filters of similar products that are available online.
  • The filter as well as all the materials of the pitcher is lab tested and has been verified to be safe for health. As the product is FDA approved so you need not worry about the water consumption at all.
  • The water is negatively charged which means that you will be able to get anti-oxidant for your body. It will rinse out all the toxins from your body and will also make sure that you get the best taste.


Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher is a product that definitely adds value to your water. It is highly recommended so that you keep yourself protected against certain diseases. The pitcher has been specifically designed to make sure that you get the best and state of the art product that fits both your kitchen and refrigerator. This product is FDA approved and is made up of plastic that has been lab-tested to have no side effects at all. The negatively charged water that enters your body will also make sure that the toxins are removed completely. This makes this product one of the best filter pitchers on the market.




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