Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review

You will agree if I say that the water pitchers must match the design of your kitchen. This is something that is important, and Brita takes it very seriously. The company is one of the largest water filter manufacturers on the market. The company has been making top-notch filters to serve its customers. The best part of the company is that the installation and changing of the cartridges are simple and easy to follow. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is one such example that has a sleek design as well as working that is matchless.


What Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter has to offer?

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review

The best part of this filter is that it is made up of BPA free plastic. This type of plastic does not have Bisphenol A added to the ingredients, so it is safe for human health. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is one of the most used and highly rated products which are highly appreciated due to its working as well as output.

The pitcher should be such that it is easy to handle. This product is too easy to handle, pour and place in the fridge. The filter comes with the electrical indicator, which means that once it needs replacement, it will auto indicate you to do the needful. The filter capacity is fantastic, and you can use it to filter about 40 gallons of water before it runs off the capacity. In some instances, you can also filter more than its capacity. It depends upon the quality of water that is being filtered. The product does not want you to remind the time at which the filter change is required as it is fully automated.

At the regular use, you need to change the filters every couple of months. The product saves the cost of at least 300 16.9 ounces of plastic bottles. The filters are highly effective and are being improved continuously in every other model. The removal of chlorine, zinc, copper, and cadmium is also done efficiently and effectively. The clean water is a boon and Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher makes it happen for you at a fraction of the cost.

The Filtration Mechanism

Brita is one of the best and quality companies that develop high-end filters. The name of the company is synonymous with excellence which has proven with the development of every product. When it comes to the filter of this product, it is highly capable of removing the contaminations that can cause health issues. The layered nature of the filter makes it highly workable and filters out the harmful contaminations. The efficiency of the filter is close to 100%, which means that it can get all the impurities removed, keeping the water perfect for your consumption.

Brita Water Pitcher Filter

The filter makes sure that the impurities are removed by two-stage processing. The first mesh eliminates all the big contaminations from the water. The second mesh gets rid of the smaller contaminations that are not clearly visible in most of the cases. This includes the dust, debris, rust and sand-like particles which can pose serious health issues.

The second part of the filter comprises the mechanism that ionisesionizes the water. It has ionizing beads that dilute sodium into the water as soon as magnesium or calcium touches them. The result is holding back of the unwanted minerals which are not released into the water at all. This process will make the water consumable and by adding necessary compounds that are necessary.

Brita Water Filter

The filter also has ACF filtration integrated. The active carbon filtration removes the impurities from within the water if any. It makes water as clean as you want it to be. This ACF is also responsible for eliminating the foul smell and odor that is responsible for the distasted water. The heavy metals that pass through the previous filtration processes are completely treated at this stage. The ionization of water also releases the alkaline elements within the water that are mainly responsible for the healthy ingredients that are within the water.

The Filter Life

Brita is one of the most advanced water filter development companies on the market. The filters are however not long-lasting and must be replaced. Keep the threshold to 40 gallons instead of exceeding. It will keep your health safe and secure. You must also keep an eye on the indicator that will clearly show you if the filter change is required. The water consumption is another important factor that is directly proportional to the filter change time. If the consumption is high, then you will be required to change the filters at smaller intervals.

The product comes with only one filter, and you need to purchase the rest. This is a small investment which makes this product a little expensive as compared to the others on the market. The only selling point is the quality that it provides. The value of money is another advantage that this product provides.

The light sensor that has been integrated makes sure that the number of times the lid is open is calculated. The pitcher should be emptied before the lid is opened again. If the pitcher is not emptied, you will not be getting accurate readings at all. It will lead to a change of filter even before it is required. The sensor turns yellow when the end life of the filter is approaching and turns red once the filter does it work completely, and a change is required.

Features of the Product

The unit is medium and not too large. It can hold 10 cups of water at once, which means that you do not have to open the lid frequently to replenish it.
The light sensor is highly efficient and does it work awesomely. The lid closure and opening are accurately monitored and recorded so that the filter change is done in time.
The filters in place use several stage processes to ionize the water so that it is purified. It is not possible that unfiltered water gets into your glass.
The sleek design of the pitcher is something that matches almost every kitchen, and this is something that the users highly praise.

Cons of the Product

You need to place your hand over the lid while pouring water. If it is not done then as per user reviews, it will fall off.
During the refilling, you need to make sure that the same process of holding the lid is repeated. If not done, the unfiltered water will enter the tank and contaminate the rest.
The pitcher takes a bit of more space as compared to the other similar products on the market. Though the design is sleek, it can still be improved to make sure that the product takes up less space.

The effectiveness of the Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Brita is the name of quality, and the product has the same level of quality which as a consumer, you are looking for. The product is rated high, and this is all because of the contamination removal technology that this product uses. It is highly effective as the users have also reported that it completely changes the water and the smell or bad taste completely vanishes. The design has been carefully chosen by the company to foster the filtration process. The impressive design and build of the product make it one of the best pitchers on the market.


The pitcher has an affordable price which allows the users from all the classes to make a purchase. It easily replaces the cost of 300 water bottles, which means less plastic waste and light on your budget. The affordability of the product is something that has let the users give it an almost perfect score each time it is reviewed. The filter life is also 2.5 times compared to the other filter pitchers on the market. It means that you can save money here as well. Clean water and great taste are some of the other advantages that add to the affordability of this pitcher. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is the name of a quality filtration process that keeps you and your family safe and healthy.


The Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is a must-have for your kitchen if you love your family. The issues with the filtration are completely eliminated by this product as it makes the process too easy to follow. The filtration process starts as soon as the water is poured. The lightweight pitcher is too easy to carry and can easily be taken on picnics and outdoor activities.

The main advantage that makes this product stand out is the fact that it restricts pollution by cutting short the plastic bottle usage. All you need is the filter replacement on time so that the life of the pitcher increases. You get access to clean water in your house, and there is no need for installing expensive filtration plants at all.


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