Private Water Systems- Top 7 Causes of Outbreaks and the Best Way to Prevent Them

Prevention of Outbreaks in Private Water Systems

Are you getting water from a private well, open stream, or a spring? If yes, then congratulations, you are one of the blessed ones enjoying fresh water right from the ground! Despite not being regulated by EPA, fresh groundwater is superior to municipal water in many ways. This is because, in comparison with municipal/public water, it contains fewer contaminants and harmful disinfectants. Furthermore, as the water does not have to travel miles through canals and pipelines, it rarely contains Pollutants such as sewerage-water and industrial wastes. However, there still have been cases of massive outbreaks in the past that have …

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Arsenic in Drinking Water: The King of All Slow Poisons


If we were to ask what is the most common contaminant that can be present in every source of water, the answer would easily be Arsenic! In the United States alone, it contaminates 30-40% of the wells, cisterns, and lakes of the states like Arizona or California. Moreover, the quality of municipal water and bottled water is not any better regarding its contamination. Throughout the world, it affects around 200 million people and causes thousands of death every year. You might be wondering by now, what makes Arsenic the king of all contaminants, or what safety measures can you take …

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Lead and Its Toxic Effects on the Human Body – 3 Simple Steps to Eliminate It from Your Drinking Water

eliminate lead from water

If you look in the composition of the majority of items in our use, you’ll notice the abundance of a specific metal known as Lead. It is a chemical element that occurs naturally in the soil. Compared to other metals, it is soft and malleable with a low melting point. Furthermore, it is a highly corrosion-resistant metal. Its production rates sparked after the 15th century and reached its peak in the 20th one. We used it to make pipes, batteries, bullets, paints, radiation shields, gasoline, and the list goes on. In 2014 alone, the annual production of lead was about …

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Traveling and Water purification- Best Water Filters to Prevent Water-borne Diseases While Traveling

Traveling and Water purification

“Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta. This quote summarizes the importance of traveling for its lovers. These people don’t like being indoors for too long. They love hiking, camping, exploring ancient architecture, experiencing new cities, countries, and whatnot. Simply put, they are addicted to being glomads. However, as great as this sounds, everything has a downside. One of the major downsides of traveling is, you are never aware of the purity of the water at a specific place. Even the natural water from streams and waterfalls generally contain all sorts of harmful minerals …

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Private Water Systems – Potential Well Water Contaminants, 
Their Impacts, and Removal

Well Water Contaminants

Before the advancement of technology, humans have long been using individual water systems as their primary source. According to EPA, these systems are ‘’nonpublic sources’’ and ‘’private water systems’’. Nonpublic sources consist of using water from springs, streams, and ponds. Whereas, the private water system consists of private groundwater or residential wells. Although they sound old school, these individual water systems are better than the ‘’public-water’’ supplied by our government in many aspects. This is because the water supplied by the municipal authorities has to go through many canals, paths, and pipes before running through our taps, which results in …

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Different Kinds of Odors in Your Drinking Water- Their Causes, Effects on Your Health, and Correction

odors in water

For thousands of centuries, humankind has been surprising historians and analytics over how intelligent of a race it is. Furthermore, this intelligence kept exponentially growing with every advancement in technology. We have built ships, cameras, planes, fighting jets, bullet trains, computers, and whatnot. However, when it comes to our survival, we still depend upon our primitive senses and instincts. One of these senses is our ability to smell and differentiate different odors. It has been helping us in avoiding poisonous and spoiled food since the start of our existence. The same principle also applies to the smell of water, which …

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Ultra-violet Water Filtration System – The Ultimate Protection from Water-Related Micro-Organisms

Protection from Water-Related Micro-Organisms

According to WHO, around 3.4 million people die annually from water-related diseases. Furthermore, there are 4 billion cases of diarrhea per year, 20 million of typhoid, 146 million of trachoma, and the list goes on. Even though this is majorly a problem for developing countries, its prevalence in developed countries is as dangerous. The municipal water filtration system in developed countries purifies your water from physical contaminants. However, this filtration is not enough to eradicate microorganisms. Moreover, the chlorination process they use to eradicate microorganisms is not as effective, and manually boiling the water requires a lot of labor and …

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Iron and Manganese in Drinking Water- Should You be Worried?

Iron and Manganese in Drinking Water

Water is one of the greatest gifts given to us by mother nature. From fulfilling our thirst to keeping us healthy and alive, its importance in our life is immeasurable. Moreover, we are lucky enough that such a blessing exists for free. However, since most of our water comes from rain and ground, it gets contaminated by various naturally existing minerals. Today, our topic will cover two of the most important minerals, namely, Iron and manganese. By mass, Iron is the most commonly occurring mineral on Earth and can be found either as a free substance or in combination with …

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Effects of Unbalanced pH in Water – Does It Influence Our Health?

Effects of Unbalanced pH in Water

“The first wealth is health.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. For centuries, humans have been discovering new ways to stay healthy.  They have conducted thousands of researches and written millions of articles over the subjects that affect our health. Amongst these researches, one of the most focused topics is water. This element is vital for our survival as it makes up most of our body mass and regulates our every function. One of the major concerns associated with water is the factors that affect its purity. These include contaminants, hardness, ph of the water, etc. In this post, we’ll discuss the pH …

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Kitchen Tap Water Filter: An Affordable and Efficient Way to Treat Your Body with Pure Water

Tap Water Filter

The Kitchen is, no doubt, the heart of our homes. It is the spot where we cook our beloved food and make our favorite shakes or smoothies. The place where the memories of our adored dishes come from, seasoned with love and care. However, it is far important in our lives than just a place we love for our meals. Hippocrates, the father of modern science, once said: “We are what we eat.” Even though this phrase seems hundreds of years old, it still stands real. Our body and health are built upon the quality of the food we choose, …

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