Kitchen Tap Water Filter: An Affordable and Efficient Way to Treat Your Body with Pure Water

The Kitchen is, no doubt, the heart of our homes. It is the spot where we cook our beloved food and make our favorite shakes or smoothies. The place where the memories of our adored dishes come from, seasoned with love and care.

However, it is far important in our lives than just a place we love for our meals.

Hippocrates, the father of modern science, once said: “We are what we eat.”

Even though this phrase seems hundreds of years old, it still stands real. Our body and health are built upon the quality of the food we choose, and the pureness of water we get in our diet.

Moreover, as assessing the quality of food ingredients is relatively easy, water is the subject of the main concern here. It has to go through different routes and pipes before reaching us, which results in it getting contaminated with all sorts of pollutants in the process.

To deal with this issue, some people go for boiled water and water filters, while others go for bottled water.  However, not all of these options are equally good. Boiled water may further concentrate the contaminants while the bottled water costs a lot.

In contrast, if you want pure water with almost no cost compared to bottled water, a tap water filter or faucet filter is a much better choice.

So, what exactly is a faucet filter?

A faucet filter is a simple tool, integrated with your tap. It is easy to install and filters the majority of the pollutants. Also, it is cost-effective, doesn’t require daily labor, and works swiftly.

Without further delay, let’s discuss some of the main reasons in detail for having it installed in your kitchen.


Water makes up 70% of our bodies. It helps in the regulation of our physical and mental functions and removes toxic substances from our blood and organs. With proper hydration, we stay fit, healthy, and relaxed.

However, if filled with impurities, it can also cause hazardous effects on our health.

Here, a faucet water filter can play an essential role in the following ways;

  1. It filters out contaminants that may otherwise harm your health. These contaminants include minerals, microplastic particles, organic compounds, and agricultural and industrial waste products.
  2. It removes chlorine, which is added by government authorities to kill microbes. Nevertheless, chlorine makes the water distasteful and unhealthy if present in excess amount.
  3. It removes many micro-organisms, especially parasites, which are dangerous to our health.
  4. Food washed and cooked with filtered water is comparatively healthier than the contaminated one.


Faucet filters are quite affordable because they generally cost between $15 to $60.

This price range is insignificant when you compare it with the expense of bottled water, which costs around $6-$9 per gallon or $2000-$3000 per year.

Not to mention, this is just the cost of drinking water and does not include cooking or washing water.

Hence, a faucet filter saves you a large sum of money while giving you pure water for drinking as well as for other purposes.


One of the main benefits of tap water filters is that they are easy to install and mostly work along with your existing tap. In other words, you don’t have to change your tap, unless you want to go for an advanced type of faucet filter.

After its initial installation, a faucet filter doesn’t require much effort. Just open the tap and enjoy pure and clean water.

On the other hand, boiling water requires a great deal of labor and time on a daily basis. Not to mention the gas bills. Similarly, bottled water requires quite the work as you have to transfer water from larger containers, like gallons, to smaller ones, such as water bottles.


Despite being cheaper, a faucet filter is more efficient than most of the other methods.

The reasons for it being as effective include;


As discussed earlier, it filters your water for drinking, cooking, washing food ingredients, and cleaning.

The same thing, however, is not practical to achieve by the other methods, as they require excessive time, labor, and money.


When we talk about impurities, both boiled water and bottled water fail to remove the majority.

According to research, boiling the water may concentrate some impurities and make the ‘hard water’ worse. Likewise, 25% of the bottled water either contains normal tap water or has pollutants.

However, from minerals to plastic particles, a faucet filter can eliminate a wide variety of pollutants.


Since you only have to open the tap and enjoy pure water, this method is quick.

Furthermore, filters like  Engdenton Faucet Water Filter have a flow rate of 8 glass per minute, which is a lot faster than the boiling method.

Moreover, it gives us this speed while maintaining its effectiveness in removing the contaminants.

Alternative to Plumbed-In Filter Systems

One of the other situations where a faucet filter might come handy is when you intent to install a whole house water filter, but can’t, because the house you are living in is not yours.

You might not have an option other than to switch it in a few months. In such a scenario, a faucet filter will save you energy, time and money compared to boiled water or the bottled one.

Less Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is one of the ever-growing problems of our world. We produce thousands of tons of plastic waste each year, which contaminates our lands as well as our water. This pollution destroys our marine life, nature, and eventually, our health.

Unlike the bottled water, the faucet filter usually does not need a plastic container. So naturally, it almost doesn’t spread any plastic pollution.

In conclusion, if the kitchen is the heart of your house, pure water is the pacemaker. We need water filters for our kitchen, and a faucet water filter is one of the best choices.

It filters your water efficiently, doesn’t require much effort, and saves you from spending a fortune of cash on bottled water. You stay fit, healthy, and satisfied without worrying about the expenses.

Did these benefits spark your interest in getting your hands on one of these? Check out the reviews of the top ten faucet water filters to figure out the most suitable one for your house!