Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets Review

Potable Aqua Purification TabletsThe Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus is manufactured in the form of 2 part kit. It means that you get two bottles once a purchase is made. One bottle consists of the bottle tablets that will make sure that the water is purified in all respects and this also means that you get clean and clear water as a result. The other part consists of neutralizing tablets. These tablets make sure that you get no taste once the water has been treated completely. This treatment will make the iodine taste from the water completely disappear. It will get you the water that is purified in all respects.

The kit has been developed to make the water completely safe and secure for consumption. Once you put the tablet in the water you just need to wait for at least 40 minutes to make sure that the water is purified. It also leads to clean and clear water that will have no negative effects at all. You are sure to get the taste that is great and the bacteria are removed completely. There are no other tablets that work as effectively as this one does. It also ensures that you never get the issues which the non-purified water has to present.


The Purification of the Water

These tablets generate iodine and HIO as soon as they are put into the water. It means that you don’t have to worry about the water purification at all. It will make sure that you get the best water and all the chemicals that are released neutralize the parasites within. There chemical known as Tetraglycine Hydroperiodide produces all the related chemicals within the water. It is a combination of all the substances that are responsible for water purification. If you want to purify the water for short term use these tablets are the best that you will ever get. The bacteria species that is known as giardia lamblia is completely removed. It is responsible for cholera and diarrhea of the infected water is consumed.

The other crucial component of these tablets is the iodine. It makes sure that the shells of the organism are penetrated completely and they are killed instantly. These are the shells that protect these microorganisms from the outer vulnerabilities and also allow them to reproduce. If these tablets are used you are sure to get protection from hepatitis as well as the related organisms are killed in a manner that is efficient and effective.

There are some organisms that are known as cryptosporidium cysts that are not removed by these tablets. This is the only organism that is a bad boy of water. These are only killed if the water is boiled. It is also recommended by the manufacturers that if you suspect that these microorganisms are there in the water then boil the water before adding these tablets. It will present an extra layer of safety and you will be sure that the water is altogether purified.

The precautions

It is important that you consult a physician before using iodine-based products. It is because of the fact that there are allergies that could have been developed by the body in this regard. In case you are pregnant then the use of iodine is not recommended without consulting your doctor. The fact is that it can be safe but just to be sure that it actually is you need to consult your doctor.

Advantages of Iodine in Water

There are many advantages of using iodine in water and some are mentioned as under:

  • It regulates the metabolism within your body. Apart from purifying the water, the tablets in question are also a great source of iodine.
  • The glands within the body also require iodine to work perfectly. For instance, the thyroid gland is the one that requires iodine to work perfectly. Deficiency of iodine can lead to issues such as short-sightedness and the short length of the body as well. Thyroid glands are the most important glands within the body and hence must be regulated with the recommended doses of iodine that these tablets provide.
  • The calories are utilized within the body to make sure that the best outcome is generated when it comes to energy production. It is the iodine that makes sure that the calories are consumed in the best manner and the energy levels for the body are maintained to the fullest. It allows the human body to work perfectly.
  • The hair and skin are shiny just because you are taking iodine in the required number. Even your teeth health cannot be up to the mark if there is no iodine involved. It is important as it protects your skin, hair, and teeth from diseases. The hair growth increases and it also ensures that the hair loss is curbed.
  • Your immunity system is the backbone of your body as it protects you from different diseases. Iodine makes sure that the immunity system not only thrives but becomes ever stronger. The antioxidants flourish within the body thereby supporting the immunity system completely. This, in turn, ensures that you get the immunity system that is far much resilient and protecting the body from diseases.
  • The iodine is directly related to curbing breast-related diseases. There is a number of researches that have been conducted by big names such as Harvard and it clearly shows that the iodine is directly related to eliminating the breast diseases altogether.

Taste of Water

The iodine is first of all added to make sure that the water is purified from the pathogens. The addition of the iodine is something that is directly related to the color and odor that water has once the reaction is completed. There are neutralizing tablets that are then added to make the water clean and clear. The manufacturers are well aware of the fact that not many people feel that the odor and the taste of the water are good once the iodine is added. They have therefore added the neutralizing tablets to make the water taste as it is.

Quality of the Tablets

Once you receive the product you will notice that there are 2 bottles each containing 50 tablets. The tiny bottles are sealed with the screw caps. The neutralizing tablets consist of the ascorbic acid that is the main agent used to neutralize the iodine effect. The vitamin C is also added to the water as a result which is again important for human health. The ascorbic acid reacts with the iodine to convert it into iodide. Once the neutralizing tablets are added to the water you can see the effects within 3 minutes which is simply superb.

Instant Results

It is important to note that the tablets provide instant results. You just require 33 minutes in total before the water is purified. It is done with the help of the iodine tablets which take about 30 minutes to purify the water. Once it has been done you then need to add the neutralizing tablets within the water and shake it. Wait for three minutes and you are done completely. It also means that there are no long and complex procedures involved. You will get instant results and the water is purified within no time at all.

The color codes are also there on the bottles for the distinction. It means that the white cap is for the iodized i.e. purification tablets and the yellow ones are for the neutralizing. It is simple and you will never get the tablets mixed at all. It is also important that the sequence is followed. This means that you first add the purification tablets which is followed by the neutralizing tablets. If this is done in the same manner you get the purified water that is 100% safe to drink.

The Reputation

The best part about Portable Aqua is that they have millions of loyal customers all over the world. It is because the brand reputation matters a lot. They have been delivering the same tablets to the US marine core as well as Navy and the results are 100%. The best part is that it is still considered to be a part of the US army. Developed in 1940 along with Harvard Medical Institute the brand has made sure that it remains up to the mark and gets your pure drinking water in the field. The same was the idea that led to the development of Aqua Potable.


The Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus is the best solution that you would find for the water purification. It is a fast, reliable and accurate way of making sure that the best drinkable water is produced. It has a long history and the reputation is awesomely good which means that you can easily use it for any type of water purification. It is simple to use and does not require you to have any prior knowledge. All you need is to follow the color code and the rest is up to the tablets as they are made to work perfectly.



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