Waterdrop Faucet Filter Review – 320 Gallon Long Lasting System

Waterdrop 320 Gallon Review

Water is a boon or should we say that clean water. For people in third world countries filtration is an expensive process. Most of such countries do not have centralized water treatment plants. The result is health problems due to the consumption of contaminated water. The unfortunate fact is that in many advance societies water filtration is still an expensive task. If you plan on installing a water filtration plan on your own beware of the cost associated. In government based facilities, highly concentrated chemicals are used to kill bacteria and other organisms. This also poses a serious health threat.


If any brand has in-depth knowledge of water filtration it is Waterdrop. The company has been on the market for a long time now. The products are top notch and quality is their ultimate goal. Waterdrop 320-Gallon Long-Lasting Water Faucet is one such system that purifies your water of any contamination. The filtration process comprises of 5 stages of purification. These stages are:

  • Preliminary filtration
  • Pre sediment filtration
  • High precision filter
  • Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF)
  • Ultrafiltration membrane

Water Filtration

The best part of this water faucet is that it purifies the water physically. There is no UV radiation or other similar mechanisms involved. It means that the water is treated for every impurity it has. The high flow design is one of the best parts of the faucet filter as it does not alter the flow at all. The best part is that the company has started several campaigns to provide clean water to underprivileged countries in the world.

Waterdrop Filtration Mechanism

As the water filtration is multi-stage it makes sure that the best water taste is generated. There is a microfiltration membrane as well that allows you to get 99.9% clean water. The water faucet filter comes with prolonged life and handy design to fit any standard or sensor faucets. The microfiltration can be regarded as the core functionality of the filter. It removes 99.9% of parasites as well as chlorine, odor and bacteria. It is a 4th generation filter that purifies water with an accuracy of 0.01 – 0.1µm.

The meshing of the filters is fitted into the product. The membranes are very sensitive to both large and small impurities. Once the water passes through the initial mesh there is the carbon fiber that does the main work. It removes the odor and any chemicals that are present in the water. The ACF works much faster than the traditional filtration and purifies the water from all contaminations. The end product is clean and clear water as all stages are too dense for any impurity to pass.

The Design

Waterdrop Faucet Filtration System

It is sleek and eye-catching. The faucet is easy to mount and is fitted vertically. It allows more space for washing purposes. The faucet comes in between the mount and the filter leverage. As the water gushes into the main cartridge the pressure is minimum due to the placement of the water leverage along its side. The overall size is small and compact which fits most of the faucets and leaves room for cleaning. There is no add on and you can use the filter as soon as it has been changed.

Filter Quality

The Waterdrop comes with a life of 320 gallons or 3 months whichever is first. As per the reviews, it is clear that the filter does what it says. The water filter simply makes it possible for you to clean and clear water and save money on plastic bottles and replacements. The high flow also makes it one of the top choices for all the users.

Water Filter Life

How to Maintain?

Before we delve deep into the subject we must take a look at those reasons for which the main cartridge needs cleaning. You need no special chemicals to wash the filter. Just dilute vinegar in lukewarm water and place the filter into the solution overnight. Wash it with fresh water and your filter is once again ready to work. If you suspect that the impurities are not washed completely then soap application can get filter clear from all the contaminations.

If you don’t want to go through this process then three-pack replacement filters are also offered by the company. You just need to simply replace the filter and that’s all.

Why is Filter wash required?

There are several reasons for which the cleaning is required. Most important factors are listed as under:

Residual blockage

It is the main reason for which the filter wash is required. It simply means that the filters embedded into the cartridge get chocked after continuous blocking of the sediments. This blockage can affect the water flow rate as well as quality. To remove this blocking filter wash is required. More sediments mean more load on the filter as it has to work more. The blockage removal is necessary for the filter to work perfectly.

Continuous Usage

This affects the performance of the water being filtered is hard. It means that there are more minerals and residues that are to be removed. The ions are also responsible for the water filter cartridge deterioration and hence a regular wash is the only practice that will keep your filter clean and clear of all the ions and sediments.

Waterdrop Faucet Filtration System Features

The product has several features that help you to get tasty and purified water at almost zero cost. These features include:

  • There are 2 stainless steel mesh filters embedded.
  • A couple of cotton filters are also there inside the main cartridge
  • The product is lightweight i.e. about 1 pound in total.
  • The size of it is 8.1 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches.
  • The flow rate is 0.5 GPM.
  • The leverage is placed to reduce pressure on the mainframe.

Multi-stage filtration explained

The makers of the product claim that it removes fluoride, chlorine, and lead from the water. The filtration is multi-stage works as follows.

  • First is the stainless steel filtration that blocks all the large particles effectively.
  • The small particles are filtered out by pre sediment filtration. It includes rust, suspended solids and all other particles of the same nature.
  • The ACF of activated carbon fiber comes at the third stage which eliminates odor, taste, and chlorine from the water. The filter is said to remove about 93% of chlorine from the water.
  • Advanced filtration deals with lead and fluoride present as sediments.
  • The post-filtration layer includes the further removal of sand, dust, particles, rust and solids that remain.
  • The end filtration process once again comprises of steel mesh. It further removes the smaller particles.

Advantages of Waterdrop 320-Gallon water faucet

There are several advantages to using the product. These are not just limited to clean water but also keep you and your family healthy.

Lead and Fluoride Removal

It is important to note that lead and excessive fluoride can damage your blood or nerve cells. This product aims at eliminating these impurities once and for all. This makes it possible for you to get clean, clear and freshwater. The rate of cleaning is 0.5 micron ACF for complete cleaning and residue removal.

Retains Beneficial Minerals

The best part of the filter is that it retains the beneficial minerals and therefore these are the ones added to the end product. These minerals are important for body revitalization and strength.

All-Purpose Filtration

It can be installed to make sure that all your needs are met effectively. From facial cleansing to drinking the filter fulfills all your purposes. You can use the filter for cleaning water for cooking which makes your food taste great and awesome.

Sleek exterior

Unlike the competitors, the design of the product is very sleek and allows you to get more space for cleaning. The push-button on the front also allows you to get tap water if you want. This further prolongs the life of the filter as it is not used frequently.

Waterdrop Cartridge Replacement

The process is simple and comprises of 6 steps.

  1. Open the cartridge from the base.
  2. Twist to open the top cover and bring out the old filter.
  3. Remove the film and place the new filter inside.
  4. Replace the top cover
  5. Attach the filter with the tap or the mounting base.
  6. Rotate the mounting to 90 degrees upwards to complete the process.

Waterdrop Faucet Installation


As compared to the money spent on bottled water Waterdrop 320-Gallon filter is a smart choice. It gets you clean and clear water due to high filter quality and standard. It is the best choice on the market as the filtered water has been analyzed and by independent resources. It has been found perfect for human consumption. The internal filtration process is potent and makes sure that high amounts of clean water are produced per minute. There is absolutely no reason not to get the Waterdrop 320-Gallon filter. It fits most of the faucets and while you make the purchase you also help the underprivileged class to get access to clean water.



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