Swiss Labs Water Test Kit Review

Swiss Labs Drinking Water Test KitThe water test kits are thought to be the best way to get the integrity of the drinking water known. These are simple to use and provide accurate results that are highly reliable. The importance of the test kits is something that cannot be judged until or unless you are in a place where the drinking water is scarce. It is a fact that the water levels are dropping at an alarming pace and drinking water is becoming scare more than ever. The need of the hour is to ensure that you get these testing kits so that your family remains safe from the diseases that are caused by bacteria and other pathogens.

If you are on the move from one country to another then Swiss Labs 14 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit is the one that will become handy. These are important so that you get to know the water that you are about to consume in another country. Especially if you are traveling to a developing country it is important that you get this kit along with you. It will get you the water integrity results as quickly as possible. In short, you will get to know whether or not the water is safe to drink.


Why is Water Quality Testing Recommended?

From this, we mean recreational and home water quality testing. Both have their advantages as it is an important aspect before you get the water consumed. It is also important as it makes sure that the best and the most accurate results are presented. The water at home should be tested to make sure that you get to know the water that you have been drinking like forever. This testing is done just to make sure that the home water is free of pathogens that can cause death. It is also important that you get to know that the water is as per the public health standards.

The kit that is in question has been developed keeping in mind the standards that are set by the government. It is important as these standards are strict. This also means that the water that is no up to the mark is rejected by this kit. You can still have it but at your own risk. The best part of the kit is that it comes with 150 strips that can be used to test the water. The routine testing is also important and with this kit, you can get the routine testing done with perfection. It also means that you get to know the results periodically. There are regulatory agencies in every country that are responsible for maintaining the water standards but there are certain gray areas that can appear. It is not the fault of the agency but there are natural forces that are in place to make sure that the water is contaminated. The contaminations that this testing kit looks for are arsenic, coliform bacteria, and E. coli; copper, fluoride, lead, manganese, nitrate, heavy metals, and pesticides.

The 14 in 1 Tests

There are 14 tests that are conducted to get you the finest water. These 14 tests are explained thoroughly in this section just to let you know that which contaminations are being tested with this kit.


It can cause issues that are directly related to metabolism issues. It is also important to test copper within the water as this can directly relate to the development of fatal diseases in later life. The high detection capacity of these strips makes sure that you get to know the concentration exactly.


The fluorosis is the issue that is mainly related to the teeth and therefore it is one of the fatalities that is related to this substance. The kit that is in question makes sure that the fluoride testing is also done perfectly. It can keep you out of thyroid and skeletal issues.


It is something that is not related to health risks. This is because the body is such that it excretes the iron out completely. But it is also important to note that the iron destroys the pipes especially if they are made up of plastic and also make sure that the laundry gets yellow or brown stains.


There are health issues related to mercury which directly affect the CNS. The hearing impairment, as well as muscle movement issues, are some of the issues that mercury poisoning can lead to. The skin also gets scales and the mucus is developed within the membranes that make the eating all the more difficult.


Lead poisoning is something that is related to the issues which are related to cardiac arrest and can cause death. If the exposure is greater as compared to the normal then it is advent that you will get into issues that can lead to death.


This test is done to make sure that the alkaline levels within the water are measured. It is also done so that you get aware of the alkaline levels within the water. These are important as alkaline water is not only good for health but also boosts the immune system.


It is actually sodium carbonate which is good for health as it is used to make the water alkaline. The disadvantage is that it can lead to issues that are related to the equipment. Your pipes and the water-based equipment will get damaged if the carbonate amounts are large.

Cyanuric acid

It is a swimming pool stabilizer. The presence of this element makes sure that the water is made more acidic which is not good for health. Though it has its own advantages when taken in recommended dosages but above these dosages, it is not recommended. The fact is that acidic water is not recommended at all.


It is a proven fact that the hardness of water does no good to the bathrooms and the tiles within. The soap also does not sit well with the hard water and produces scum which dries the skin. It is also responsible for diseases that are hair related and stops growth.


It is a test that shows how acidic or alkaline the water being used is. It is important because of the fact that acidic water is not recommended at all. It is fatal to health and can also lead to problems that are related to the acidic nature of water. In short, the pH level measurement is one of the advantages of this testing kit.

Nitrite and Nitrate

The blue baby syndrome is something that is related to the nitrite or nitrate within the water It is a substance that cannot be seen or smell within the water. There are issues that are related to problems directly affecting the bones of babies. Keeping a check on these will let you know how safe your water is for consumption.

Chlorine and free chlorine

It is added to the water to make sure that the pathogens are killed but the effects are harmful. First of all, it is not a guarantee that the water is purified. The second issue is that the water containing chlorine has a risk of cancer development in later stages of life. The cells are also damaged and therefore it is something that should be avoided.

Features of the product

  • The 14 tests which are conducted by the strips are state of the art. These tests make sure that the water you are consuming is 100% pure and ready for drinking in all respects.
  • The EPA, EU, and WTO standards are completely met while these tests are conducted. The manufacturers are of the view that the best results are provided. The strips are manufactured in a highly controlled environment to get these results.
  • There is a color chart included which is to be matched with the stripe color. It will let you know how contaminated or clear the water that is being consumed is. The results can be seen within 60 seconds.
  • There are 150 test strips within the pack which means that this kit can be used to test the water 150 times. This is not only economical but also cost-effective in all respects.
  • The product is rigorously tested to make sure that the results are delivered within no time at all. It has been reviewed by users and the overall rating is good as compared to many other similar products.


Swiss Labs 14 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit is one of the best products that you can find online as well as on the market. It is cost-effective and also makes sure that you get the best results which are in line with the EU recommendations. The EPA ratings are also integrated and the water is also tested accordingly. It is a product that will provide you with the results and will let you know the quality of water that you have been taking.






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