ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller

ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water DistillerDistillation is a process where the water is manually boiled in a system and the contaminations are removed. The best part is that it is the same way that is recommended by specialists. There are health professionals that always go for such kind of water as it is 99.9% purified. The best part is that it will also get you the best advantages that are not found in other water. ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller is one such product that will make it possible for you to get the best outcome. The water is purified in such a manner that it never comes in contact with the plastic that is used to make the product. It is one of the best and the most advanced distillers that are on the market.

With ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller it is possible to get the best water that is free of any contaminations. The liquid to gas and then again liquid is the main terminology used in distillation. It ensures that any substance within the water that cannot turn into gas is automatically removed completely.


What ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller has to offer?

The subjected distiller is not the only state of the art but it also makes sure that the best and the most advantageous side is enjoyed by the water users. In some aspects, it is regarded as the most purified form of water. ROVSUN Stainless Steel distiller will also get you water at amazing rates. The making of water is though slow but still, it can support a family that is small in size. Some of the other offerings of this distiller are as follows:

  • Most Purified Water

The best part of ROVSUN Stainless Steel distiller is that it produces the most purified form of water. The other best part is that it does so by boiling the water at temperatures that are amazingly high. It will strip the water from compounds such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These are the main substances that give distilled water its particular taste. On the other hand, it will also make sure that the water comprises only Hydrogen and Oxygen.

  • Multiple Uses

Apart from the medical uses the distilled water is also used by other industries. For instance, cosmetics are the ones that use this kind of water to make sure that the products are made. Such water is also used in labs to ensure that the reactivity is decreased. There are other uses of the water that make it one of the most authentic forms of water. With ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller it is also possible to get this kind of water with ease.

  • High Flow Rate

The best part about the distiller is the flow rate that it offers. Currently, the water rate is about 1 liter per hour. It is amazingly fast as compared to the other distillers on the market. It also ensures that you get the best water for your family when needed. The distillation takes a little bit more time in general and it is due to the processing of the water. Still, ROVSUN Stainless Steel Distiller is a good choice as compared to others.

  • Use of Activated Charcoal

Before the distillation begins this distiller gets rid of the water contaminations with the help of activated charcoal sachets. The use of charcoal is also used in general to make the water more purified. The activated charcoal also ensures that you get the outcome that is awesome and protects your health. Once the water passes through these sachets the main distillation process begins which makes the water even purified

  • Easy Cleaning

In short, the maintenance of the distiller is easy and it has huge openings. It also means that the cleaning is done in the best manner and the distiller remains safe for all general purpose use. There is also a temperature switch that will regulate the heat once it reaches a certain point. The product is long-lasting and viable as all the internal parts are made up of stainless steel. With the best and the most advanced technology, you are bound to get the water that is highly purified.

The Instruction Manual

ROVSUNOnce the pack has been received you will get the instruction manual. If for any reason it does not come with the package then you can easily download the manual in PDF form from their website. The package contains the following components of the distiller:

  • Water Bottle.
  • Discharge Cap
  • Water Cap
  • Filter
  • Main Power Wire
  • Chamber Cleaning Powder
  • Activated Charcoal Sachets and
  • Water Outlet that is of food-grade

You need to make sure that the junction part is closely sealed and if it is not then the product should be returned immediately. The plug of the top cover, as well as the main power cord, should be inserted within the switch. The socket should be tight or it will cause overheating and the results could be fatal as well.

There is a reset button that is used to start the machine. The functions are fully automated and once the distillation has been done the machine will stop itself. After the distiller leaves the factory it has been turned to auto start. You just need to plug the cords and get going with the process. The top cover removal is not recommended at all while the process of distillation is running. Once the distillation process ends wait for at least 30 minutes before the cover is removed as the temperature is still high. It could cause scaling and burn injuries and therefore something that should be avoided completely.

The Precautions

There are certain precautions that should be followed to make sure that the best use of the product is made. Some are described as under so that you could protect yourself from any possible injury.

  • A well-vented area should be the one where the unit placed. It is because that immense heat is created by the unit and therefore ventilation is important. The cooling fan has its own voice which can also be avoided if the unit is placed in the kitchen.
  • The output of 110V should be used to operate the machine to maximize the effectiveness of the process.
  • As there is water involved so all the cords should be checked thoroughly and if there is a break then the cord should be replaced accordingly.
  • The unit should never be attached to the power outlet if it is not in use. It will also make sure that the internal parts do not receive the electricity. It will also increase the life of the distiller.
  • None of the parts of the distiller should be submerged in water. It is because there are some electrical components as well. You can get n electricity shock if done so.
  • The children should never be allowed to touch the unit whether connected or not. It is because the temperature is high and the electric current is also flowing through the parts.
  • The wire brush should never be used to clean the unit. It is because the surface could become scratched which can lead to the accumulation of contaminations as well.
  • The unit should always be dry while it is being used to avoid any kind of injuries and thereby keeping yourself protected all the time.
  • Before the first use, it is advised to wash the unit thoroughly so that the plastic smell is also removed completely from it. It is one of the best ways to keep the water purified completely.

The Cleaning of the Unit

Cleaning of ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller is a proper process and there are some aspects you should look for.

  • The tank should be washed every day and must be dried to make sure that the best outcome is generated.
  • The cleaning agent should be used to make sure that the contaminations are removed that are accumulated at the bottom of the tank.
  • The stainless steel liner must also be cleaned by washing it as there are sediments that are built with the passage of time.
  • One cycle runs for at least 30 minutes and once completed you must ensure that the unit is cooled before it is opened for cleaning purposes and to get the water as well.


ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller is one of the best water distillers that are on the market. It is the effectiveness of this unit that makes it one of the best choices for the customers. With the best methodologies and distillation techniques, it has been affecting the lives of the people for good. This distillation unit is fast and efficient to support a complete family and therefore it is one of the best ways to get clean water. You will find yourself healthy and will also have peace of mind that you are getting the best of all.




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