Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Review

Megahome Countertop Water DistillerThe best part of Megahome Countertop Water Distiller is the fact that all the parts are made up of stainless steel. There is no other distiller on the market that is made up of such high graded materials. The chamber, cover and the condensing coils are all made up of stainless steel and therefore it is long-lasting and durable for ages. The Megahome Distiller also comes with a glass collection bottle that collects all the distilled water. The other parts of the distiller namely lid and the glass-lined nozzle. It will make sure that the ware never comes in contact with any plastic-based material. The plastic that has been used is high graded and therefore it is not harmful to health.

The boiling chamber is filled with the water and the distiller will start to work once turned on. The automated processes within the distiller will make sure that the water is collected without any issue and trouble. The distiller is efficient and will auto turn off once the process ends or the chamber is empty. The sleek and slim design of the distiller is something that makes it perfect for usage. It is lightweight and therefore can also be used on the move.


Why Megahome Countertop Water Distiller is important for your family?

There are a lot of reasons for which this water distiller is considered to be the best of all. Some of the reasons for which you need this distiller at home are as follows:

  • The removing the bad taste and impurities this distiller has been the best of all. It is fast and effective to use.
  • The distilled water is one of the best and it should be used to make sure that the sediments are never built within the water appliances.
  • For making the suspensions the distilled water is used as it is safe and pure for health and provides other benefits as well.
  • For all food uses it is important that you use the distilled water. It is one of the best and the most advanced uses of the water that will make sure that you remain safe from contaminations.
  • This water can also be used within the batteries to make sure that the sediments never get blocked and you get the best performance as well.
  • The distilled water is also in case of any clinical emergencies and therefore it is one of the most authentic waters of all.

How does Megahome Countertop Water Distiller work?

To kill the pathogens the distiller processes the water and boils it so that it turns into a stream. The pesticides and the herbicides that come into contact with the water are also solidified and they remain behind. The heavy metals are also completely removed from the water once it is turned into a stream and therefore it is one of the best ways to process these contaminations.

The second part is the collection container it makes sure that the water is accumulated. The best part is that that this time there are n contaminations within the water and it can be used perfectly. All the contaminations are left within the collection chamber. It is therefore advised to wash it thoroughly to make sure that these sediments are removed completely.

How Megahome Countertop Water Distiller is used?

Megahome DistillerDistillation has never been as easy as it is with this distiller. It is one of the best and most advanced distillers. The water is poured into the chamber and the unit is turned on and the button is pushed. The glass bottle should also be placed under the nozzle so that all the water is collected that is being processed. The unit works on auto mode and once the poured water is processed it will completely shut down. The water distillation is easy to perform and has a capacity of 1 gallon and it takes about 5.5 hours to get the distillation process completed for the said volume. It simply means that the distiller can make up to 4 gallons of water per day. It is enough to support a small family completely. It uses the methodologies to make sure that the chlorine, as well as fluoride, is also removed from the water to make it more healthy and fit for drinking. The heavy metals such as mercury as well as lead are also removed from the water completely.

What remains of the water after distillation?

The fact is that all the minerals are also removed from the water as a result of the distillation process. This matter is always debated as some are of the view that it is the food that should have all the minerals. Whatever the case is you can always add the minerals afterwards. This can be done by adding lemon juice, Himalayan pink salt and the Celtic sea salt in the water. The fact is simply that the mineral addition is easy and therefore it should be done afterwards if you want to. There are many other products on the market and these can also be used to make sure that the work is done with perfection and the deficiency of minerals is overcome.

The Electricity consumption of Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

The power of the distiller is 580 Watts and it costs about $0.38 to make one gallon of distilled water. When it comes to the cost the fact is that it is far less than the traditional drinking water that is on the market. If the distiller is used for the entire year then the cost would be around $139.82. The cheap nature of distilled water is one of the best and the most advantageous benefits of using distillers.

Miscellaneous Features

Once you get the package you will open to find out that there is the distiller itself, glass collection bottle, citric acid residue, and 6 charcoal filter sachets. All the things are quality embedded and therefore it is one of the best and the most advanced distilled water filters of all time.

There are some VOCs that are included within the water and therefore to remove these contaminations charcoal is used. If there are no VOCs within the water you don’t need any sort of charcoal filters at all. Once the 30 gallons are filtered you need to change the filter to make sure that the water remains clean and pure. There are 6 filters that are included within the package and the additional can also be purchased as they are easily available.

Advantages of Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

There are many advantages of Megahome Countertop distillers which make it one of the best products on the market. This also means that you don’t have to look for any other distiller once this product has been purchased. Some of the advantages are as under:

  • There is no noise of the cooling fan at all. The noise level is similar to the computer fan so negligible.
  • The bad taste, as well as odor, is removed from the water completely and it makes sure that the water tastes great once it has been distilled.
  • The pure water that you can get from this distiller is unlimited and therefore it is one of the best ways to make sure that the water supply never stops.
  • The openings are large and therefore it is easy to clean the boiling chamber of the distiller. It is also easy to maintain the distiller as the water inflow and outflow is also flawless.
  • There is no plastic contact of the water at all. It is a matter of concern for many people and this filter has addressed it with great prowess.
  • The unit is built to last and it is made up of the steel. The chamber that contains the water is also made up of coated stainless steel which means that it is a highly viable product.
  • The ACF is also included and installed in the system so that you don’t have to worry about the clean water at all.
  • The distiller has a sleek design and it also means that it takes less space. It also makes this distiller as one of the best and the most advanced units of all time.


  • The unit has a small capacity
  • The distillation rate is low if there is an urgent requirement
  • It removes all the minerals from the water.


Megahome Countertop Water Distiller is one of the units that you must have in your house. It is because of the fact that the unit is highly viable and allows you to get the best outcome when it comes to water purification. The sleek design and long-lasting built is something that makes this unit as one of the top choices for the users. It has been rated high and kudos to the quality built and the features that are integrated within it. For the best results, it is always advised to follow the instructions that are on the manual.




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