Lelekey Tap Water Faucet Filter System Review

Lelekey Tap Water Faucet Filter SystemLELEKEY is a company that has extensive experience in making the water filters that are state of the art. The LELEKEY tap water filter has one of the best designs and makes sure that the installation is easy to perform. There is definitely no need for any plumber as the faucet has a sleek design that is easy to understand. The 5 stage filtration process makes sure that you get the best and the most purified water that will keep you away from water-related diseases. The best part is that it will also get you the best results when it comes to water flow and the filtration process as a whole. This filter will be completely reviewed in the sections to come so that you get an idea before making a purchase. It will also let you know more about the filter so that you can easily make comparisons with the other similar products.


What the filter has to offer?

The filter makes the installation easy and it is all because of the fact that it covers the faucets completely. It also makes sure that the standard faucets are covered with care and perfection. It will let you get the product installed without any issue. It is a complete DIY installation process that you need to follow as the product and its installation is self-explanatory. The shape is elegantly designed and therefore it makes sure that you get the best outcome. The best part is that it will get you the best water. The filtration process that has been integrated makes sure that there are no contaminations left. This filter is highly recommended as it allows you to get clean, clear and pure water without any hassle and problem.

The filter has been made with durable plastic and it makes sure that the filter never breaks. Even the installation is easy to perform due to the smooth nature of the fittings that come with it. It is the reliability that makes it possible for the filter to serve the purpose for the years to come. The filtration process integration makes sure that your harmful chemicals are removed completely and the odor that is present is also completely eliminated. As it is a standard filter so the faucet to which it is attached can easily be covered with perfection. The filter ensures that you get quick and completely filtered water for the years to come.

Water Filtration LELEKEY

Pros of the product

  • The water comes with a compact design and the developers had made sure that the weight is also not added to it. This makes the working of the product all the more easy and reliable.
  • The removal of chemicals or the filtration process is too compact and reliable. It means that you will find no issues with the water once it comes out of the outlet.
  • The capacity of the filter is great and it is all because of the fact that it allows the users to filter more water at a relatively fast rate as compared to others.
  • The elegant design as well the ease of installation makes this unit one of the best and at the same time a must-have.

Cons of the product

There is no specific demerit of the product other than the fact that the water rate might drop as time passes due to the contamination accumulating inside the filter.

Features of the product

  • The filter has 6 diverter options. It is compatible with most of the standard faucets and delivers high-quality results. The faucet type should be checked thoroughly before making a purchase as this filter might not be compatible.
  • There are 8 layers that are integrated within the filter. It simply means that this filter does not leave any sort of contaminations within the water and gets you clean and clear water that will protect your health.
  • Though it is made up of plastic the grading is kept high. The food grading makes sure that you get the premium quality of food and this also gets you the best and the state of the art water from the outlet. The premium grading also makes sure that you always get the best filtration and clean water.
  • The diverters are easy and the switching is easy and the raw water is also obtained through the tap when needed. You will easily get 320 gallons of pure drinking water from the faucet and makes sure that you get the best and the state of the art premium care.
  • The housing is made up of ABS i.e. a material that will never let the structure to corrode. It will, therefore, validate that your health is protected all the time and you get the best premium water ever.
  • The product comes with replacement filters which means that it is easy to get the filter as new. The filters should be changed every 3 – 6 months depending upon the usage. It is also advised to get the filter cleaned over the course of 1 – 2 weeks so that it remains up to the mark. The replacement filters can easily be ordered online at Amazon.
  • Easy installation instructions will get the filter installed all by yourself. It is easy and therefore something that is highly regarded. There is no need for any sort of modifications and therefore it is easy for you to install it regardless of the kitchen structure and style. It literally takes a minute so that you get clean and clear water for safe health and wellbeing.

The Filtration Layers

There are 8 layers that are integrated within the filter to get clean and clear water. The best part is that the coconut shell activated carbon is also added to the layers for additional cleaning of the water. The layers are defined as under:

Natural Diatom Ceramic – The larger impurities such as sand and rust are completely removed from the water as this layer so that water is purified before it gets to the next stage.

Nano Silver Antibacterial Ball The power-based substances that are in the water are removed at this layer. It also adds to the taste of the water by removing chlorine, bleaching powder, and smaller rust and dust particles.

Miner Ball – It is the layer that is responsible for the removal of microbes such as viruses and bacteria from the water with ease and perfection.

Medical Stone – As the name suggests this is the layer that will retain or even add the minerals that are within the water and are considered to be beneficial for the health. It is an important layer that also adds to the taste of the water.

PP Cotton – At this layer, the heavy metals that are in the water are completely removed. It includes mercury, lead, and cadmium that can cause serious health issues.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon – It can be regarded as the most important of all layers of the filter. All the tiny particles that are included within the water are very efficiently removed to make the water purified completely.

ABS Plastic – It has been added just so that the impurities within the water never flush backwards. This is a heat resistant substance that protects the water even further and will not allow impurities to integrate at all.

Stainless steel strainer – This is the last layer that makes sure to remove any kind of impurities that are within the water. This strainer has been made as a fibered layer for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

LELEKEY Water Filter

How to install?

The filter is easy to install and as mentioned before there is no need for any modification. You just need to make sure that it is the standard faucet that you are working on. First of all, remove the aerator and just apply tape on the inside of the filter. The same plumbing tape has to be applied outside of the faucet and you then need to screw tight the filter. As it is made up of plastic you need to ensure that the filter is not tightened up too much. It could lead to a broken filter top which is not covered by the warranty. The installation process is simple and you can also see that it is completely DIY. There is no need for any sort of helping hand to get the work done and you alone can install the filter with ease and without much trouble.


The Lelekey Tap Water Filter System is the best that you would get when it comes to plastic-based filters. It is easy to install and provides you with maximum protection. With this filter, it is easy to get clean and clear water. As compared to the tap water it is too economical and gets you the best and the most advanced outcome. The filter has a sleek and elegant design that does not require any sort of modification to your sink. It matches with all kinds of kitchen style and therefore highly recommended to all. This filter also ensures that the diversion is simple to perform.



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