Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Review

Iron Pro 2 Combination Water SoftenerWell, this unit is good news for the homeowners that thought that water softener will not work as there is iron in the water. It is one of the best and the most advanced filter that will get the work done with perfection. Water filtration has never been as unique as it is with this unit and kudos to the iron removing capability. The soft water acquisition has never been as easy as it is with this product. It will not only remove the iron but will let you enjoy clean and clear water at almost no cost. The make and finish of the product are awesome which means that you are sure to get the water that is highly purified.



The unit has made sure that the traditional filtration is taken a step forward. It is easy with this filter to remove the iron-based sedimentation with care. There is no need to install a separate iron sediment remover if this softener is being used. With the passage of time, it will be an integral part of your water system. AFWFilters the developers of this filter are highly targeted towards the customer quality and therefore it is one of the best and the most advanced outcome. With the best technology embedded this filter is sure to get you the best results.

Parts of the product

The Pentair and Fleck are the manufacturers of the parts that are integrated to make this product. It is, therefore, one of the best and most advanced water filters that have been developed. The names of the part manufacturers are enough for you to believe in the quality of the product. There are at times manganese in your drinking and bath water. These left stains on tiles as well as walls that do not look nice at all. This water filter will get this issue fixed without any issue and trouble. The manganese, as well as magnesium, is treated and removed from the water to make it soft. These elements along with the others are responsible for the hardness of the water. These elements are completely eliminated to get you the water that will protect your health and wellbeing. The main components are:

  • Resin tank
  • Brine tank
  • Digital controlled head with a metered valve

IronPro2 softenerThe latest technology that has been integrated within the product makes it possible for you to get the best results. It has been tested by numerous independent reviewers and is found to be the best of all. It is highly targeted to remove all the sedimentation from the water. The water usage has also been tracked by the meter so that the unit auto purifies the water with perfection. It will also make it possible for you to reduce the water wastage completely. It can and will remove all the sedimentation which you can think of. It means that your water is safe and secure from the chlorine, iron, dust, and microbes completely.

Once the settings for the digital meter are done these are written over the memory of the unit. These settings are protected by the internal backup that works exclusively during the power outage. It does not let your settings vanish and the power remains intact. The resin tank is prefilled and therefore you do not have to worry about the salt at all. The size of the brine tank is larger than the similar products and therefore it holds more water. It also has salt inside of it to make sure that you never have to worry about this section at all. The brine tank takes less time to fill despite the large size and this shows that the inflow is simply awesome. The price is competitive and therefore it is one of the best units that you can get for such a low and competitive price. The grain capacity of the tank is 64,000 which means that large families can easily be handled with this unit. From the head to the connecting pipes this water filter is simply superb as it embeds quality.

Features of the product

The product comes with a state of the art features that are highly advanced. These features make sure that the unit performs at its very best. It is as per your lifestyle and ready to serve your family at much less cost compared to the bottled water.

High Capacity

The regeneration cycle is something that is directly proportional to the grain capacity. If the tank is smaller than average then it will regenerate often to waste salt as well as the power. It is something that is not feasible at all. On the other hand, if the tank is too large it will not work at its maximum capacity or the water will not be softened at all. This is a unit that has the best grain capacity of 64,000. It means that you can get soft water with less effort of the unit and it also increases its overall lifespan.

Digital Head

To be precise the head that has been installed is Fleck 5600SXT which simply means quality. It also gets you an accurate reading about the different sections of the unit. The regeneration cycle and the time left for the next one is also displayed for you to understand the unit viability. The touch system that has been integrated makes sure that you get the info at your tips without any extra efforts.

The modes of Operation

There are 4 modes that are integrated within the unit. It means that you need to understand the unit fully to get the best out of it. The immediate regeneration makes sure that the cycle is run as soon as the water level gets low. The second mode is delayed regeneration which means that after a certain amount of water has been treated the regeneration cycle will run. The other two modes are time-based and will let the unit run the cycle once a certain amount of time has elapsed or on a specific day of the week.

Grain Capacity

It is certainly high as compared to the other units on the market. It also means that you will get the water softening phase that is longer so that the water received from the outlet is simply superb. The sedimentation of every kind is removed to make sure that the water is purified to protect you completely. With this sedimentation removal ability, you will get clean and clear water from every faucet of your house.

Water Usage

It all depends upon the water that comes in via outlet and therefore it is something that is awesome. The 60 – 120 gallons are used per regeneration cycle to make sure that you get the best outcome. Per 64,000 grains of water treatment the unit will consume about 13.6kg of salt which makes it an efficient unit to handle. In simple words, it saves water as compared to the units that are of similar capacity.

Resin Quality

The best part is that this system has the best and the state of the art resin that has been attached to the unit. The traditional system uses about 8% of resin but it is not the case with this unit. It uses fine and high-quality mesh. Unlike other traditional systems, this resin will never wear out due to reaction with chlorine and iron. It is simple and state of the art system that will make sure to get you the cost covered over the longer period of time.

How to Install?

You just need the basic plumbing skills to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated with perfection. The installation is too easy to perform and you just need to make sure that the installation space is ample or else it could become a challenge for you. The unit has not been designed to fit in tight spaces and therefore this point should be considered complete.

The best part of the installation is that it has how-to videos and installation guides online. It will make the process even simpler for you to perform. The unit might be restricted in your area as it is salt-based. You need to make sure that the building rules and guides are consulted thoroughly. It will also make sure that you acquire the permits if any. This will get you out of any issues in the future.


Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener is a filter that will save your health and wellbeing. It has been constructed in such a manner that each and every part is quality embedded. There are many other filters on the market but none matches the quality of this unit. The design is elegant so it auto matches the surroundings where it has been installed. The unit has been tested thoroughly and as per the independent reviewers, it is completely up to the mark. The unit is too efficient and therefore can serve the family of 4 easily with water to spare. It is indeed a must-have if you are facing the issue of hard water.



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