Health Metric Water Test Kit Review

Health MetricThe lab tests for the water can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the scale on which this test is conducted. It is important as it can lead you to consume pure and safe water all at the same time. These are not only cost-effective but also make sure that the results that you get are accurate and 100%. With these test kits, you also get to know the type of water that is flowing through your pipes. With the best and the state of the art methodologies, these test kits make the testing of the water too easy to perform. It also makes sure that you never get into issues that are related to water contamination and can lead to health problems.


How friendly Drinking Water Test Kit For Municipal Tap and Well Water is?

This kit has been exclusively designed to make sure that you get the best and the most advanced outcome when it comes to water testing. It is simple and also does provide you with the simplest process to get the results accurately. Besides this, the water kit in question also makes sure that you get the results for a variety of contaminations. The results are also fast and accurate as you get to know the water contamination within your house. There are 6 different types of tests that are performed using this kit. All you need to do is to drop a solution with a capsule and you get to know the issue with your water within 24 hours.

If the water is contaminated then it will turn teal and in case it is not contaminated then it will turn yellow which shows that there are no bacteria within the water. The highly accurate results have made sure that you get the best outcome within no time at all. The test will save you both time and effort and will also make you realize the testing mechanism that is accurate and to the point in providing you with state of the art results.

What do the Drinking Water Test Kit for Municipal Tap and Well Water Test?

There are several tests that are conducted by this kit and therefore it is important that you get to know each of that. It will make you realize what kind of results you will be getting as a result of the test that is being conducted by this kit.

Health Metric Kit

Lead Testing

The first and foremost test that has been included in the list is lead. The worse part about the lead in water is the fact that it can poison ever organ and the related system in the body. The biochemical processes that are running within the body are affected in a very negative way. The other alarming part of the lead is that it can mimic the actions that are performed by calcium. The organs, in the beginning, start to accept the presence of lead and once they reached a certain level it can completely destroy the organ. As per OSHA, this is one of the most important contamination testings of all.

Bacteria Testing

The heterotrophic plate count is used by this testing kit to make sure that the bacteria are detected. There are some bacteria that are regarded to be healthy for living. The best part is that these bacteria make sure that the food is digested and excreted easily. Other than the friendly bacteria this water test kit makes sure that all harmful bacteria types are detected with perfection. Not even bacteria but the pathogens that are within the water are also detected with accuracy. It helps you to realize the kind of water that your tap gives and whether or not it is harmful.

Copper Testing

This is another important kind of test that is conducted by the test in question. It is very much in line with the OSHA requirements. The kit makes sure that you are getting copper in the ratio of 0.1 mg/m3 which is not considered to be toxic at all. If there is excess copper within your body then it can react with the enzymes and can damage the internal organs causing internal bleeding. The water kit in question tests the water thoroughly to ensure that you get the best results accurately.

Chlorine Testing

The worse part of this testing is that chlorine is used to purify the water. The good part is that the tolerant levels within the water are tested by this kit. It makes sure that you get the best testing results. The website of the product has all the health hazards that are related to chlorine. It can cause headaches, wheezing, chest tightening and a burning sensation. The kit is highly advanced in this regard and therefore it is something that you must have. You can also feel nausea and vomiting as a result of water that has excess chlorine.

Nitrate and Nitrite

The neural tube defects are at the top of the list if your tap water has high levels of nitrates. The ingestion issues, as well as the inhalation or dermal issues, are the ones that are following as a result of exposure. The water that has been tested by the subjected kit will get you the results with perfection. The kit is highly sensitive to nitrate and nitrite and therefore it is one of the best testing kits that are available on the market. The more common issues that are related to the ingestion are diarrhea and dehydration.

3 Way Testing

This can be regarded as the best testing which is the backbone of the product. This includes pH, alkaline levels and harness testing. It is important that you always take the alkaline water as it makes sure that your immunity is boosted to a great extent. The ultra-hydrating properties of the alkaline water make it one of the best choices of all times. This testing kit is highly accurate and ensures that you get the water that is not hard. It will also get you the accurate results that you have always wanted.

Miscellaneous Testing

Apart from the tests that are described above, you can get the best with this kit. It is fast accurate and reliable, to say the least. It does not tolerate the issues with the water at all and notifies the users with the color change within the time that has been devised for the detection of that impurity. It is highly advanced equipment that has been tweaked for use in this modern world where the fresh and pure water is constantly declining.

Features of the product

  • Health Metric Water TestThe best part of the kit is that it is cost-effective and reliable. You get the results that are highly accurate and no other testing kit can get the work done with such perfection. It is also one of the best ways to get your water analyzed with perfection.
  • The EPA is the body that formulates the water treatment and pollution levels. This water testing kit has been made to make sure that the EPA requirements are met. In case the EPA has changed the requirements about the testing of the manufacturers of such kits make sure that the new formulations are integrated to ease the process and to get accurate results.
  • You can think of any contamination and this water kit will make sure that the water is tested for that impurity. It is one of the finest ways to make sure that you get the best results that are accurate. It will also make sure that you take the necessary measures in case the water is not up to the mark as you have expected it to be.
  • The use of the kit is too simple to perform and therefore it is also for first-time users. There are no special requirements that you need to fulfill. The best part of the testing is that the results are provided within 24 hours which is just awesome. You need not move to any lab to get the work done with perfection.
  • If you want the water to be tested for each element then it would cost you more than $100 in testing fees which is not ideal. In this way, the testing kit in question makes sure that you get the best results that are highly accurate and in line with your requirements.


The Drinking Water Test Kit for Municipal Tap and Well Water is one of the best ways to make sure that the water which you drink is perfect in nature. This is one of the top kits that you will find on the market and this is all because of the quality of testing that it provides. With the best and the most accurate results, this is the kit that you must have if unsure about the water that flows through your house tap. The ease of use of this kit ensures that you are always consuming clean, clear and fresh water.





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