H2o Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller Review

H2OLabs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water DistillerH2o Labs 300SS Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller is one of the products that are very much popular among the users. It is all because of the make of the distiller that is highly viable. Developed by H2O labs this distiller makes it possible for you to get distilled water at almost no cost. Though the price is a bit higher it is a highly recommended product due to its features and overall usability. There are pods installed within the Distiller. These pods get the water cleaned in three different stages. The activated carbon products are also known to clean the contaminations that are otherwise impossible.

The distiller has been developed to make sure that the best water is provided to you and your family. It has been tested thoroughly and was found to be one of the best products of all time. A steamer and a condenser are also installed within the system. The best part is that the steamer and condenser are both made of pure steel which justifies its high price. The other advantage of using this distiller is that it comes with a year-long supply of activated carbon pods. It is easy to clean and the openings are huge and make the device more attractive in look.


Benefits of H2o Labs 300SS Water Distiller

There are several benefits of using subjected distiller. Some are mentioned as under to ensure that you get a close look at the product and get it for the pros it has to offer.

  • Chlorine Removal

The chlorine is often added to the water to ensure that it remains germ-free. It also leads to the particular smell which every one of you is aware of. Though it is a good killer of harmful bacteria there are some cons of it that one cannot overlook. There are certain VOCs in the water that react with the chlorine and can make substances or compounds that are lead to cancer. The Best-In-Class Stainless Steel distiller completely removes chlorine from the water and therefore highly recommended.

  • High Rate of Distillation

The Best-In-Class Distiller ensures that you get 4 gallons of water per day. It means that it is OK for all your drinking needs. Per gallon of water is produced within 5 hours which is though very slow but can easily support a small family of 3 – 4 people. This quality is awesome and therefore it is highly recommended to all.

  • The best Water for you

There is one of the best and the most advanced feature of the distiller. It is one of the best features that are highly awesome. The water in this distiller is boiled at very high temperature and therefore the reactive chemicals are neutralized completely. There is no risk of VOCs as well as the compounds that are considered to be harmful to health. It is also referred to as the most used water for medical and clinical purposes.

  • Detoxification

There are though other detoxes on the market but water is the best and cheapest of all. The quality of water always depends upon distiller that has been used and Best-In-Class distiller is the best in this regard. The water is treated very specifically when it comes to this distiller and therefore it makes the water as the best tool to remove radicals from your body.

  • Improved digestion and metabolism

The Best-In-Class distiller allows you to get the best water which in return improves digestion. This is also important as it leads to metabolism enhancement. The health is improved overall and you get a light feeling altogether. The stuff that leads to issues is removed completely and hence you get the health benefits that you have never think of.

  • Saves your money

It is another important aspect for which Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller is known. The cost of distiller when compared to the bottled water is almost negligible and therefore it saves money. There are other issues with the bottled water for instance it is not reliable and 100% purified. This distiller, on the other hand, provides you with guaranteed pure water that has been processed right before your eyes. It saves your cost of bottled water completely.

  • No Maintenance Cost

It is one of the best features that this distiller has to offer. It has one of the best mechanisms that have been installed. It allows you to get the maintenance done without any hassle. The only need is to change the ACF pods. There is no need to worry about these before a year. The Best-In-Class distiller comes with a yearlong supply of these pods which is highly efficient and effective in working. There are other features of the distiller which allow you to cut the cost too a great extent.

  • No Mineral Deficiencies

The common belief is that if the water is distilled it loses all its minerals which are not true at all. This distiller has been checked thoroughly and there is no such issue at all. The best part is that it also allows you to get the best water that is no available elsewhere. The distiller works at its best to get you all the minerals that your body needs. In simple words, it saves minerals and preserves them within the water.

How does it Work?

The simple and straightforward process is followed to make sure that the work is done with perfection. This process is too simple to understand. It also means that the overall mechanism is easy and therefore it is one of the best ways to get the work done. The steps are mentioned as under:

  • The water is boiled at a very high temperature to ensure that it turns to the gaseous state i.e. steam.
  • The steam is then collected into a condenser and it is condensed into a liquid state once again.
  • This purified liquid water is then used to preserve health. Anything that cannot turn into steam is completely removed from the water as it cannot vaporizer itself at all.

As a result of the process that has been mentioned above, you get crystal clear water. The hating chamber and the condenser are integrated in such a manner that the steam directly transfers to the condensing chamber. The mechanism that is within the chamber turns the steam into the water and collects it in another chamber. The distiller that is in question is known to remove the impurities that are found within the water such as heavy metals. It is a highly advanced methodology that has been applied to make this distiller. The other best part is that it is made up of BPA free plastic and therefore it is not damaging for health. It is an FDA approved product and hence one of the best and most used distillers on the market.

Features of the product

There are several features that make this product a hot choice for you and your family. Some of the features are as under:

  • The design, functionality, as well as the efficiency of the distiller, are top-notch. It has been rigorously tested to ensure that the results are state of the art. It is very much authentic in producing clean water for your consumption. The customer support and the overall rating that has been given to this product make it one of the best choices of all time.
  • The ACF pods that are integrated within the distiller are highly advanced and make sure that you get the filtered water that is free of all the contaminations. The filtering media is used thrice as much as in a traditional filter. There is no chance of any contamination to pass through it at all.
  • Grade 304 steel is used to make the internal parts of the distiller. It means that the distiller has the ability to last longer and get you the purest water. It is one of the best and the most advanced distiller that is on the market. The BPA free plastic is another advantage of using Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller for all the purposes.
  • The 565 Watts heating element has been integrated that is very much effective in the removal of all kinds of contaminations. It also means that you can easily consume the water that has been condensed. There is no need for bottled water as this distiller does it all for you.


Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller is a product that you must have in your house as its effectiveness surpasses all the other filters. It is an elegantly designed product that will make it possible for you to get purified water at no cost. It has been on the market for quite some time now and has garnered very positive reviews. The use is simple as well as the maintenance is not hard to conduct. The parts of this distiller have been tested rigorously and therefore they can withstand all the conditions. It also comes with a glass carafe, non-toxic cleaning crystals and ACF pods so you never have to worry about product maintenance.




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