GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle Review

GRAYL Water PurifierThe GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle is one of the best and the most advanced water purifier that is on the market. The fact of the matter is that the travel water purifiers have to do a hard job to make sure that the water is purified. The water has to be cleaned of chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and contaminations that can get you ill. This water purifier makes sure that the work is done with perfection and it also ensures that the best outcome is generated without compromising the integrity of water.

The product that is in question is lightweight and durable. The water that has been purified is enough to quench your thirst. The best part is that the product is small and lightweight and can be carried without any issue. The product is good for your health, wallet as well as the environment. The first purifier that has been launched by the company was around 4 years ago and since then it has made sure that the quality is maintained. With the best parts that are integrated this water purifier ensures that you get the best outcome with respect to water cleansing.


Specifications of the product

GRAYL PurifierOnce you take a look at the water purifier it just looks like a bottle that you would normally carry to the gym or during the outdoor or during the outdoor exercise. The bottle is heavy as compared to the others on the market. The purifier is about 10.9 Oz and it is because the purifier is at the bottom of the bottle. About 437 ml of water can be purified using the product which makes it one of the best water bottles that you need to purchase.

The design of the bottle is awesome as compared to the other models. There are very few parts that can break or get lost. The outer shell is plastic and you can clearly see a line that marks the fill point. There is an inner shell as well that slips inside and the purification cartridge is at the bottom of the bottle. The cable can be attached to the lid so that the carrying of the bottle becomes simple.

The purification of the water is a simple process and it takes about 15 seconds in total. The company recommends that clean water resources are used for the filling. The filter that has been integrated can easily filter out the sediments to provide you with clean water but it will reduce the life of the cartridge. The company also warns that the users must not let the filter inside the bottle freeze at all. It can happen once or twice but after that, you need to change the filter if the same level of water cleaning is required. It is better not to let this happen at all.

Once the outer layer has been filled with water then it is important that the inner section has been inserted inside of it. The recommended way is to make sure that the body weight is put onto the top and the inner lid is inserted completely. This is also the standard way of doing it easily. There are many sediments and particles that are filtered out once the water passes through the cartridge. The common sediments such as dirt and chlorine are filtered out completely. The filter is good for at least 40 gallons of water purification and can be used for over 3 months.

What to expect in Pack?

It is important that you get to know the stuff that you would be receiving once you order this bottle. The pack that you receive will contain a starter guide as well as the bottle that is preassembled. It is important that you get to know the assembly process that has been outlined so that the bottle remains safe and secure. If this does not happen then there is a good chance that the equipment is damaged which would not be good for your pocket at all. The lid should never be screwed too tight. It is because the insertion becomes difficult and therefore it does send the water out from the top which is not an ideal situation at all. All of the water will pass through the screw within 15 seconds as the company claims. This makes the bottle as one of the most efficient water bottles on the market.

The Real Water Purifier

It is a real water purifier and that is for a reason. Unlike filter, it removes the sediments such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic from the water. The other substances such as chlorine and iodine are also removed. The substances that are related to the water-based diseases are also removed from it perfectly. The bottle is ideal for international as well as nationwide travel. As per the tests that are conducted it removes:

  • 99.9%of viruses that can lead to hepatitis and rotavirus in particular.
  • The bacteria of the same volume are also removed from the water. It includes types such as salmonella and ecoil that can lead to fatal diseases.
  • The protozoan cysts are also removed and the most notable are giardia and cryptosporidium.
  • The substances such as chlorine and benzene are completely removed from the water and the other heavy metals of all sorts are also removed completely.

The purifier cartridge can easily be replaced and the process is simple. You only need to spend about $24.95 to make sure that the new cartridge is purchased. With the best and the most advanced filtration process, it is important to note that it is your handy companion in all conditions. For all hiking and trekking trips, it is a must-have for you so that you get the clean and purified water all the time uninterrupted. With a flow rate of 2 liters per minute, you get to know the best and the most advanced water bottle that will completely keep you away from water contamination.

The bottle is excellent protection against the bacteria, virus and chemical impurities that are found in the water. It is something that will increase your chances of getting clean and pure water all the time no matter what. With the best filtration process that has been integrated, you will always get purified water at no extra cost. Like any other bottle, it will save your plastic bottle cost so the unit is environment-friendly as well. The pack and carry are easy and it also comes with a cup so that water pouring is easy. There is no way of leaking as it has one of the best lids that stops the water from coming out efficiently.

Features of the product

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle Review 1

  • This product is ideal if you want to travel internationally or even for your hiking and trekking trips. It is also important to note that the water flow rate it offers is one of the best among the products of a similar genre. In the wilderness, there is no other bottle that can be filled as easily as this one is.
  • There are no mechanisms involved and you don’t need to wait much before you start getting pure water. You just need to fill the water and squeeze the inner section into the outer lid and that’s it. You will easily be able to get water that is awesome in taste and free of all the impurities that you can think of.
  • No matter whatever your issue with the water is the bottle is capable of removing the impurities completely. It is also important as these impurities can be life-threatening. The independent results have also shown that the water that is filtered by this bottle is 99.99% pure and ready for consumption.
  • The time that is required to purify the water is about 15 seconds and you need not apply any special instructions at all. This is clean and clear water that is within your reach and it is only this product that makes it possible for you. The slim and sleek design of the bottle also makes it easy to carry along.
  • The heavy metals and the other compounds are completely removed from the water once it passes through the filter of this bottle. It is one of the best mechanisms that have been developed for a continuous supply of water when you are out alone on your own.


The bottle is durable and has a plastic body from the outside and therefore a must-have for your excursions. It is lightweight and ensures that you get the best and the most advanced outcome when it comes to clean and clear water. There are very few parts that could undergo wear and tear so most of the bottle is relatively safe to use. It has an impressive design and ensures that you get the maximum out of the product. In short, the bottle does exactly what it says and therefore it is one of the best products to invest in.




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