Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter Review

Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water FilterThis water filter is easily one of the best ones on the market. It is highly effective and therefore it is regarded as one of the top choices. You will not only get clean and clear water but also water hygiene which you have always wanted. The best part is that you need no other water filter as it is highly effective. The three stages that have been integrated within the design will never get into any kind of trouble as the water is always clean and purified. This is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective water filters that will do the work for you efficiently.



What does the Filter have to offer?

The 3 stages are the most crucial part of the water filter as it purifies the water completely. The filter cartridge cannot be purchased singly. You need to purchase all the accessories simultaneously so that all can be changed easily. There is no point in purchasing a single filter as you need to change all three for maximum efficiency and filtration power. There is also a gauge that has been placed on top of all the filters. It will always indicate the filtration capacity of that is left. It will also let you know that you need to change the filter. The water pressure a filter is undergoing is also displayed by this gauge and hence it is one of the parts you should be familiar with thoroughly.

There are some readings of the gauge that is not to be believed at all. The maximum pressure that the filter can withstand is 150psi but in reality, you should never run the water that is greater than 80psi. It will increase the life of the filter and will also get you the maximum efficiency and the filtration process works at its best.

Whole House Water Filter

How does the filtration work?

The three-stage process has been integrated to filter the water from any contaminations. The stages are easy to understand and have been explained as under:

Sediment filtration – It is the first stage that will allow you to get the sediments out of the water before it is further processed. This is something that is highly recommended as it not only purifies the water but also reduces the load on the remaining 2 cartridges. It filters the water to 5 microns and therefore makes it too neat. It is one of the best and the most advanced filtration that keeps the water clear for further processing and also lets you have the water that is just right for purification.

KDF Stage – It is the second and the most important filtration processes that will get the taste of chlorine removed completely. It will do so by processing the water even further. The physical appearance of the water is completely changed so that you get the taste that you have always wanted. It is a highly advanced technology that has been integrated so that you get the water that is 100% purified. For reference, the KDF stands for Kinetic degradation filtration.

CTO Filtration – It is the third stage that will get the chlorine removed completely from the water. As compared to stage2 the processing that has been done here is too advanced. Along with the chlorine, you will also get the processing of the water done in a manner that removes the microbes from the water completely. The coconut shell filter is placed at this stage that will make sure that the filtration is done completely and nothing is left over at all.

Express Water filter

Features of the Product

  • The contaminations which are harmful to your health can easily be removed for clean and purified water. The main contaminations which are removed are chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, odor, virus, fungi, rust, sand, organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides which show that how efficient this unit really is.
  • The filter is connected to the main water supply. It means that you can get clean water for any purpose that you can think of. From each and every faucet in your house, this filter is sure to provide you with top-notch filtration processing to keep you and your family safe and secure.
  • The best part of the filter is that all three stages are dependent on each other. It also means that all the cartridges work together. It also means that you don’t have to change a single cartridge. The change of all three is required at the same time.
  • The gauge that has been associated with all the filters makes sure that you get to the knowledge of the filter’s health. The gauge will also monitor the pressure which you should always keep at 80psi for optimal usage.
  • The design is very easy to understand and therefore it can be used to change the filters with care and perfection. It also lets you clean the housing of the filters.
  • The 1-year manufacturer warranty is provided by the company along with the free lifetime maintenance to make sure that you never get into any sort of issue with your filter.
  • The CTO filtration is performed by the filters that are made up of coconut fiber. The fine filtration has been made possible with this section of the filter.
  • It comes with the canister wrench and therefore it is possible to change the filter with care and perfection using this simple tool. The guide that has been included also allows you to get a complete idea about the change.

Heavy Metal water filter

Pros of the Product

  • The grading of the product is high and premium in nature and therefore it will make our water clean and clear of all pollutants.
  • The three-stage filtering has been designed in such a way that the water is purified to the maximum so that you never have to look for any other filtration plant at all.
  • The gauge has been installed and it will let you know of all the issues with the filter as well as the pressure info which is the most crucial one.
  • The filter has been thoroughly tested and it is NSF and ANSI 58 standard tested and the same organizations also recognize the working of this filter.
  • There is a pressure release button that will allow you to change the cartridge with ease and perfection. It assists to in a way that the pressure is released and the cartridge is squeezed out easily.
  • The polypropylene fibers are also added to the first stage of the filter. It makes sure that you get the best product and the filtration quality that is simply matchless.
  • The independent testing of the filter has also been performed and it is found to deliver all that it claims. In other words this filter worth every penny and therefore it is highly recommended.

Cons of the product

  • All three cartridge change simultaneously.
  • There is no filter change indication
  • The type of system is highly-priced.

Why Express Water Heavy Metal Water Filter?

The water filters are really important as they provide the best outcome and the water is cleaned thoroughly. To get the best out of product one should know why it is recommended as a necessary part of the house. Below are some of the important aspects of Express Water Heavy Metal Water Filter are as follows:

Pure Water

The water from the faucet has compromised integrity. To get the best water that is free of any impurity you need to install this product. The stages which are integrated will get the best outcome and therefore will also get you the water that is simply superb. It has been estimated according to independent surveys that the water which comes out of the faucet is 8% contaminated even once it has been treated.

Added Impurities

Never trust the municipality water as will get you the health issues that are obviously not feasible at all. We know that fluoride is good for teeth but in large doses, it is a neurotoxin and the same goes for the chlorine if consumed in larger amounts.

Natural Skin Treatment

Skin also needs clean and pure water. Not only the drinking water should be treated but the ones used in bathrooms should also be so that your skin remains in shape. With this product, you are sure to get the best outcome whatsoever.


Express Water Heavy Metal Water Filter is one of the best and the most used water treatment units that are simply awesome. You will get the treated water that is awesome and therefore this unit is highly recommended. With this product, you will get the water that is highly sanitized and therefore your health will greatly have a positive effect. It is a product that will treat the water coming from every tap of your house. Water treatment is crucial and so is the unit that is being used. This water filter has all the characteristics that will allow you to get maximum results within no time at all.



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