Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System Review

Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter SystemEcosoft has been on the market to provide state of the art products and Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet Mount with Extra Filtration Cartridge is one such example. This water filter has been developed by the company to ensure that the best filtration process is followed to get you clean and clear water. Drinking water should always be free of contaminations and therefore it is important that such products are installed. This filter will ensure that you get the best water for your kitchen needs that would always keep you healthy. Clean and pure water always saves you from different kinds of diseases. This filter is on the market to foster the process of filtration and get you the type of water that is not available otherwise.


Why Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System?

There are several reasons or advantages of installing this filter. Some are outlined as under to make sure that you get to know the product in full before any decision is made. It will also let you know how important it is to have such a filter in your kitchen.

  • It is cheaper

Well, the fact of the matter is that the Ecosoft Countertop filter is one much inexpensive than the bottled water that is on the market. It lets you filter tap water that can pose a threat to your health if not cleaned. The bottled water as a whole is too expensive than the subjected filter and hence it is highly recommended. It is one of the best advantages that this product has to offer and therefore it is highly suggested to all homeowners.

  • It keeps you healthy

And it protects you as well. The fact of the matter is that there are some fatal diseases that can develop over a period of time if you have consumed tap water. There is no guarantee that bottled water is 100% safe to consume and use for washing your dishes. This filter, on the other hand, will get you purified water that is guaranteed to be pure and free of all the contaminations.

  • Balanced pH

It is important that the pH of the water is maintained and this filter does it best to make it happen. The filtration process is highly advanced and allows you to get clean and clear water all the time. Mounting this filter on the tap will make sure that you get the best water. The overall rating of the filter is also high. It is all because of the best and the most advanced process that is in place to get the water cleaned all the time.

  • Ease of installation

This is something that is very important as this can lead to negative reviews. But with Ecosoft filter it is not the problem at all. This filter is too easy to install and does not require you to have any plumbing experience whatsoever. The installation guide that accompanies the filter is too detailed and therefore easy to understand.

The Principle of Ecosoft Countertop Filter System

Ecosoft Carbon Water FilterIt works on a principle that is too efficient that not even a single drop of unpurified water enters your body. It has ACF or activated carbon block filter integrated. There are many issues that normal filters present. This filter overcomes all such issues completely. You don’t need to fix it permanently. Just remove the faucet covering and attach the filter to the sink tap. You can now fill the glass with the clean and purified water that will provide you with the best

The best part of the filter is that it is of high quality which means that you will get the water taste like never before. The filtration process is extremely efficient to get the water free from the chlorine that can lead to diseases. It is extremely important to remove this compound from the water as without it the water is not considered to be clean. The other compounds that are removed from the water are organic compounds and pesticides and therefore this kind of filter is considered to be the best of all.

The ACF is also relatively low priced as compared to the traditional filters and when compared to the effectiveness that is offered. This can also be regarded as a desktop filter as ACF is lightweight and makes this filter almost portable. This is one of the best filters on the market and provides you with world-class unbeatable quality. This basic and easy filtration principle makes this filter as one of the highly rated ones in the industry.

How the Filter Does Operate?

Ecosoft Water FilterThe ACF that is installed within the filter has a pored surface. It is these pores that work efficiently with the water to remove all the contaminations. The carob sub-layer is also integrated within the filter which is more porous than the one that has already been installed. It allows you to get the best and state of the art cleaning of water that is not offered by the traditional filtration process. The carbon granules work as a whole and make the surface even more resistant to contamination. With this filter, it is easy to get rid of chemicals like chlorine by absorption. The carbon that is used to make the Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter cartridge that is much more advanced than the filtered system that has not been treated at all. With this mechanism, it is too easy to get you the clean water that has always been an issue for households in the USA.

Processes within the Ecosoft Countertop Water System

There are two main processes that are triggered by the filter. The first one is the physical filtration process that will make sure that the chemicals and microbes are physically filtered out completely. The second process that is triggered by the filter is the chemical reaction. This is responsible for the removal of the chlorine from the water. As soon as both the substances come in contact the chlorine turns into ions and thus removed from the water completely. There is no trace of carbon once the water has been treated which again makes this filter hygienic.

Features of the Product

Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System Review 1There are several features that make this product one of the best available filters on the market. These features are thoroughly described as under for your better understanding.

  • The filter is designed and manufactured as per the EU standards. These standards are known all over the world for their quality. You mustn’t worry about the water quality as well as it is up to the mark.
  • The design of the filter is just awesome and therefore it is highly regarded by the users that have purchased it. The developers are of the view that it has the ability to filter the water to purify it as compared to tap water. The sleek design also does not take up much space at all. The best part is that it fits the color of your kitchen no matter what.
  • There is no need for any special tools to get the filter installed. The installation is simple and you should only have a plastic wrench, faucet adapters, seal and rings so that the filter does not leak at all. Also, you are not required to have any plumbing skills at all.
  • There is no foreign substance in the water that has been filtered by this product. It is one of the filters that are always rigorously tested before launch. Kudos to Ecosoft that this filter has the best and most advanced quality of all. It surely protects you and your family from diseases such as cholera and diarrhea.
  • You can seamlessly use the filter for at least 3 months before the cartridge wears out. It simply means that you have the peace of mind that the filtered water being consumed is free of all the contaminations and microbes.
  • The customer support of the company is awesome and it makes sure that you get the best help whenever needed. To top it all a 2-year warranty also applies. It simply means that the company has got you covered in case of any issue or mishap.


  • The chemicals that are non-reactive to carbon are not removed.
  • The bonding properties of carbon get the filter chocked even before time.
  • The filter does nothing to remove bacteria and viruses.


In my opinion, this is the best filter that has a slim design and also does not take up unnecessary space at all. The filter uses the carbon activated filtration to get the chlorine out of the water completely. The company also has top-notch world-class customer support to ensure that you get help on time and when needed. I personally recommend this filter due to its low price and extremely competitive features. Unlike the rivals, this filter will never let you down because of its long cartridge life and ability to remove the contaminations which are not possible otherwise.



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