Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Review

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water IonizerSo you have been looking for the water ionizer that will get you 100% results. The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is the one that is guaranteeing to get you the best and state of the art results. It is a fine and neatly shaped product to ensure that you never get into issues of water treatment anymore. It is regarded as one of the best products on the market kudos to the high quality and long-lasting components of which it is made. The user-friendly interface of the product is another reason for which it has good user reviews.

The touch screen LED has been integrated and it is accurate to ensure that you get the alkaline water levels that are highly beneficial for your health. It is one of the water ionizers that have been built to last long and hence they do their work awesomely. You can use the water for any purpose you want as alkaline water is good for general use. The high pH levels that this ionizer introduces within the water are the main reason for brand value.


Properties of Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

To be honest I must say that the properties are endless when it comes to Bawell Platinum Alkaline ionizer. You can select the power type as well as the overall pH levels as well. It is highly advanced and ensures that you always get the best water from the faucet attached. The pH levels that this ionizer reaches are 3 – 11.5 which makes it an awesome choice of all the households. The ORP is the main part of the integration within the ionizer. It can be used to produce more oxygen within your body and will make you healthier. It is all because of the act that the oxidation levels within the body are reduced to a great extent.

It also helps you regulate the flow of blood and ensures highly advanced outcomes with the help of anti-oxidants. The ORP of this machine is 0 – 800 and it ensures that your cells and tissues are protected from damage. It is the acid that affects your organs and the water that is processed by this ionizer will neutralize the effect of it. The health benefits or the properties of the water processed are therefore unlimited and therefore it is an ionizer that is highly in demand.

Tech specifications of Bawell Platinum Alkaline Ionizer

There are 7 plates that are integrated within the unit to charge the water to make it more alkaline. The flow rate is also awesome i.e. 2 gallons per minute which is just awesome for any type of work that you want to do. The best tech spec that you would find within the ionizer is the self-cleaning technology. It means that every time you start or shut down the ionizer will reverse the polarity to get clean all by itself. The LED panel also comes with a voice integration which makes sure that you are aware of the settings that have been tuned. It will also help you get guidance when using the ionizer for the first time. You can also adjust the volume as per requirements so that it does not sound disturbing at all.

The range of this ionizer is simply awesome which means that the alkaline, as well as acidic water, can be obtained as per requirements. The 5 power settings are also there to foster the process. There are 40 alkaline or acidic water levels that can be enjoyed. It means that each power mode is directly connected to 8 levels. The levels that you can enjoy are weak alkaline, medium alkaline, strong alkaline, ultra-strong alkaline, purified water, weakly acidic, medium acidic, and strongly acidic.

How does the filtration process works?

There is a filter life counter that is just in front of the screen. It means that you will get a notification if a change of filter is required. The BPA free materials are used to keep you healthy in case the filter is not changed in time. The antibacterial system that has been integrated within the system kills all the bacteria within the water by electrolysis. There are 2 stages of filtration and both are directly connected to the electroplating of the water. The granular and pre-activated carbon is used to ensure that the water is free from the contaminations such as fluoride and chlorine. The first stage filter can last for 5000 liters and the second stage filter can be used for 6000 liters of water filtration. The indicator will let you know once the lifespan is over which makes this product even more reliable.

It can be used to remove almost every contamination that you can think of. The developers of the filter are well aware of the fact that the tap water has no integrity at all. The clean water and healthy you is the only thing for which the ionizer has been developed. You enjoy better health and so does your family. It is one of the most valuable additions to your kitchen and at the same time the sleek design will not take up space at all.

Warranty of the Product

Another huge plus point of the product is the warranty that is provided by the developers. It means that you will always have the satisfaction that your water is in the best manner should you get into tech issues. Another good thing about the product is that you can also return it within 60 days as this is the time span of the money-back warranty. It again means that if you are dissatisfied then the company will get you a full refund if the product is matching the requirements of refund. The complete refund policy can also be reviewed on the website of the company. It is recommended to go through the terms before making a purchase so that you get to understand the product and take full advantage of it.

Features of the Product

The product has literally featured that cannot be found in any other product that is on the market. Apart from the design and quality of the components following are the features that make this product the most advanced water ionizer of all times.

  • The 40 different modes that are integrated into the system are highly viable integration within the ionizer. These can be used to make the water extremely alkaline or extremely acidic by electroplating. The alkaline water is good for drinking purposes and acidic water can be used for lifetime cleaning purposes.
  • The best part of the product is the lifetime warranty that is offered by the company. It means that you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear as it will be fitted by the company if anything goes wrong. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee during which you can return your product without any issues and the company will try to address the issues to retain you.
  • The 2 stage water filter is accompanied by the pH range of 3 – 11.5 which means that you have ample choices. The ORP range that will protect your body, as well as the cells/DNA, has a range of 0 – 800 which again means that the product is too reliable to choose from. The carbon filters are also highly efficient in removing the contaminations such as fluoride and chlorine.
  • The electrolysis settings can easily be handled with the help of the LED that has been integrated. It not only makes the process smooth but also ensures that you get the display that when first or the second filter will wear out.
  • In case you have forgotten to change the filter for any reason, don’t worry at all. The filter is FDA approved and it is made up of BPA free materials that will protect your health and have been thoroughly tested by the independent reviewers as well. This makes the product one of the most reliable ones on the market.
  • The machine is countertop which means that it will neither take up your space nor will it get you into the fixture trouble. The design is such that it easily integrates with your current tap with ease. For the best results, you need to consult the manual that comes along. Professional help will also get the job done.


The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is the ultimate choice for you to get the alkaline water as per your requirements. It is sleek and slim and does not take up space. In my opinion, there is no other ionizer on the market that will surpass the advantages which this machine provides. The price is though a bit higher but it provides you with the same value. It is a product that will keep you healthy and strong by providing necessary minerals and removing contaminations. This is a must-have if you want you and your family to remain safe and secure.




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