Barclay’s Buys Better Home Goods Water Softener Shower Head Review

Barclay's Buys Better Home Goods Filtered Shower HeadIt is important that soft water is the one that you use in your bathroom. It is because your skin is too precious and therefore you cannot afford to get rashes at all. The Barclay’s Buys Better Home Goods Water Softener Shower Head is a product that will make it happen for you with perfection. It is easy to install and makes sure that the chemicals never reach your bathing water at all. It is the ultimate skin protector and therefore makes sure that the water is completely filtered to make it good for all bathing needs.


Pros of Water Softener Shower Head filter

Let’s jump straight to the pros of the product that will make sure that it is worth purchasing. This budget product makes sure that you get the best water and your skin is protected. Some pros of the product are listed as under for you to understand the working of the filter completely.

  • You will save money

It is a known fact that hard water uses up more shampoo and soap. With this filter, it is not the case as you will be using less of these compounds and therefore saving money. The calcium and magnesium from the water are removed completely and therefore it is easy for the shampoo and soap to work on your skin giving it a younger look.

  • Efficiency

It is important to note that the scum that has been built on the bathroom surface can only be washed if the detergents are used. These chemicals work at their best if used or diluted in soft water. It will make sure that the cleaning agents work more efficiently and this filter lets this happen for you with perfection.

  • No taste or smell

This is one of the biggest signs of hard water that it not only tastes but smells bad as well. With the Water Softener Shower Head, it is completely eliminated and therefore it is something that will get you a step closer to the perfect bathing experience.

  • Awesome Skin and Health

It is important that you get awesome skin and nails. Well, it is not possible if you are using hard water for bathing purposes. It is important to note that this water filter will make sure that you get out of the issue with perfection and this is done by applying various stage filtration processes.

  • High Pressure

Due to the sediment build up the hard water reduces the pressure of water over a period of time. It is something that is not acceptable if you want a perfect bathing experience. This water filter will make sure that you get the soft water with consistent and high pressure so that you get a perfect bating experience.

  • No build-ups

This product will not let the lime and chalk build upon the showers hence increasing their life. It is one of the best advantages that this filter has to offer. There is no way to clean up the lime, sediments and chalk from inside of the showers. The best way is to prevent the buildup and this filter makes it possible for you easily.

  • Clear Filter

It is important to note that the filter is totally clear and the head has a preinstalled filter as well to make sure that the product is used instantly once it is purchased. There is no need to perform any additional fixtures as the product can be used as it is. The total dissolved salts and chlorine are removed completely if this product is used.

  • Water Cutting technology

The water cut technology is embedded within the filter to make sure that the water is saved. However, it does not mean that the filter provides less pressure as it will remain the same and the wider area is covered perfectly. This relatively efficient technology has been embedded to make sure that the water is used with care to save resources.

  • Sleek Design

It is another advantage of the product that is in question. The slim and sleek design of the product makes it possible for you to get it installed with ease. You need not have any plumbing skills and this will make the process a whole lot easier for you.

Features of the Product

Barclays Buys Shower

There are certain features of the product that you should now so that the complete know-how of the product is clear. It will also help you in making the decision of purchasing the filter.

  • The chlorine removal is the first and foremost feature of the filter. The developers are of the view that it is necessary to remove this awful substance from your water. It is especially harmful if you are taking a hot bath. The vaporized chlorine can enter the pores and even your eyes. You can feel nausea or vomiting and in addition to this can also get dandruff. This filter makes it possible for you to completely remove the chlorine from the bating water.
  • The substances other than chlorine are also removed from the water. This includes chloramine, heavy metals, dissolved solids, and toxins are removed from the water completely. The 6 month period will make sure that you get perfect water for all your bathing needs. The life of the cartridge depends upon the water that it is purifying.
  • The water pressure is consistent and it does not drop at all owing to the fact that you get soft water from the filter. It is easy to use and provides maximum results overall. It will also let you get the best and state of the art results completely.
  • The top of the filter is the most vulnerable part and therefore it must be protected. This filter comes with the rings both at the top and bottom to make sure that there are no accidental cracks at all.
  • There are sponge and calcium sulfite stones to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated as calcium sulfite with the impurities. These are removed as a result and hence purify the water perfectly.
  • There are 3 settings that are embedded within the product. It includes rain, massage and combined to make sure that you get the rejuvenating effects that are actually required by your skin.
  • The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. It is also accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer warranty so that you have no issues once the product has been purchased. You will get your cashback within no time at all. It will also give peace of mind that you are using an awesome product.

Parts of the Filter

Water Softener Shower HeadThere are different parts of the filter that you should know before moving forward with the purchase. It will make sure that you get to know the product in full and get maximum advantage out of it.

  • Shower Switch

The product comes with a power switch and there are three modes to which it can change the water flow. The rain, hard rain, and massage are the modes that this shower has to offer. The combo mode can also be enabled if you want further high pressure and a more relaxing shower. It is the most important part that will make you fall in love with this product.

  • ½ inch NTP connection

It comes with the standard connection which means that it can be installed to all the wall sockets that are used in the United States. Even this filter can be used in the EU as well and there is no problem at all when it comes to the fixture of the shower. The standard connection of the product is the biggest advantage of it.

  • Micro Nozzle Technology

This technology is relatively new and does not let the filtered wastewater as the other brands do. The best part is that the pressure is maintained even if the water is saved. It is important as it will make sure that you get the best water flow and showering experience like never before.

  • 2 Stage Filtration

The main components that are removed from the water are fluoride and chlorine and hence make sure that you get healthy water. The other harmful substances and heavy metals are also removed which makes the water further clean and perfect for usage. It is a viable option to turn hard water into soft with ease and perfection.


Barclay’s Buys Better Home Goods Water Softener Shower Head is one of the best and the most used products that will make sure that you never bath with hard water again. It is highly efficient as the overall management of the water by this filter is awesome. All harmful substances are removed from the water with ease and therefore it makes it perfect for bathing. With the different use modes, it is important to note that this product will get you the awesome results in terms of clean and clear water. It has been developed to take good care of your wellbeing.




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