Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System Review

Aquasana Filter PurifierTypical water filters can either desalinize the water or can remove the impurities from it. Both of these cannot be done at the same time. To top it all if the municipal supply is polluted then the contaminations can damage and ultimately deteriorate the health in the long run. Water softening is another challenge that house owners have to face. The heavy contaminations and impurities can render the water useless. One, therefore, has to look for the system that can perform at the top of its capacity and can get the work done with perfection. Filtration and softening at the same time by the same unit will save both time and cost for the owners. Water purifiers claim that the softening is also integrated as a part of their process but in most the cases it isn’t.


Aquasana Water Filters, the Name of Quality

Aquasana Whole House Filter with UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler is one of the best and the most advanced filter and water softener that will get you both the benefits at the same time. It is more like a private plant that will get you the best water treatment ever. You will get purified water at simply no extra cost. Not only the impurities are removed but you will also get all the microbes removed instantly. There is no need for any additional treatment once the water passes through this unit. Aquasana is a name of trust and quality and develops the systems that are of high quality. The unit has a capacity of up to 1 million liters and can purify your water for over a decade without any degradation. The unit itself has a warranty of 6 years. The best part of the filter is the name of Aquasana which will make sure that you get the ultimate quality. This unit, in particular, has all that it takes to be the best water filtering unit on the market.

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System


What to Expect from this House Water Filter System?

Aquasana Filter is a complete solution that will provide you with healthy water. The best part is that it will eliminate all the water-related issues without any additional component installation. The chlorine removal rate is about 97% which is much higher than the similar units. A wide range of contaminations such as metals and pathogens are killed completely. It will also make sure that you don’t get the appliances ruined as a result of limestone buildup. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler has all the necessary functionalities that will ensure that your family gets clean, clear and purified water. The descaling system that has been installed within the device is SimplySoft. As the name suggests this descaling system also softens the water to make it potable. This quality of the unit is something that makes it stand out.

The Water Processing

water conditionerThe water processing is flexible and it allows you to get the quality of water that is unmatched. The inlet is connected to this unit and they work as per the highest standards. The water is used in cooking and you will also see that the timings are drastically decreased. The soft water is recommended for cooking processes and you will get to know the results within no time at all. Also for bathing purposes, the same kind of water is preferred. You will, therefore, see changes in your hair and nails in particular. It also means that your skin rejuvenating is not something of the past once this system has been installed.

The unit also has ACF filters that will make sure that the chemical compounds are completely removed along with the pesticides. The copper, zinc, and minerals are also added as a part of this unit which reacts with the contaminations to get them eliminated. The softening system integrated also tests the water for all the limestone contaminations. It will not clog the water system of your house in years to come. The best part of the system is that it does not include any type of chemical reactive. Without the use of such additions, this system makes sure that your water system remains at the top of its functionality.

The maximum water protection with almost no maintenance is something that adds to the value of this unit. The unit has been designed for smooth passage of water and also makes sure that water clogging is prevented completely. The water contact time with the filter is increased smartly by this unit. It maximizes the purification process and ensures that there is no contamination that remains once the water reaches the outlet. The unit has been tested to remove about 99% of contaminations within the water which is simply superb. Even at the end of life if there is a need for replacement it can be done without much hassle.

Features of the Aquasana Filter System

  • The unit gets you great water clean with 97% of chlorine removed and 99% of other contaminations. The virus, bacteria, and other microbes are also removed completely eliminated. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury that could lead to health problems are easily removed with this unit.
  • There are different filtration mechanisms that are included in the unit. It integrates carbon and KDF filtration, UV purifier and Scale Control Media. The dissolved salts are not eliminated from the water and at the same time remove contaminations by the proper use of chemical reactions.
  • The system is very much cost-effective, twice as much as the other systems to be precise. For 1 million gallons or 10 years of service per gallon, the cost is about $0.01 which is too low and hence makes this system long-lasting.
  • The maintenance is simple as there is no backflushing is needed. The company recommends replacing the filters every 3 months to get top-notch quality and the best water purification that you require.
  • The installation guide is complete and thorough. DIY installation is not recommended as the unit definitely requires technical help to get fixed. The download guide is available on their website which is easily understandable.

What does the Installation Kit Include?

Aquasana Filter box

The installation kit includes all that you need to get the unit fixed. The components that are included within the kit are as follows:

  • 1 20” Sediment Pre Filter
  • 1 10” 0.35 Sub-Micron Post Filter.
  • 3 Shut Off Valves
  • 2 Bend Supports
  • 2 Brass T fittings
  • 4 3” Nipples
  • 2 Brass Adapters
  • 2 Schedule 80 Slip Unions
  • 1 Support Bracket

Installation Guide

It is important that you go through the installation guide so that you don’t face any issue. The important instructions are as under.

  • The unit must be kept upright all the time for the best performance.
  • There are red shipping caps that are used to shut the unit. Remove these caps completely.
  • You then need to flush the system to clean it thoroughly. There are carbon fines at the bottom of the system that will make the water cloudy and black or yellow in appearance. Connect the inlets of the system with the garden hose and turn on the water slowly so that the first few gallons containing carbon are removed.
  • Surge flushing is the next step. Turn on the water supply for 30 seconds and then turn it back on for the same amount of time for the next 15 minutes. It will clear the tank from all the discolored water completely. Once this process finishes begin the final installation by turning off the main water supply.
  • Never use the pipe dopes as it will completely void the warranty. Install the system to the main water supply. It is also required to never over tighten the components as they may break or cause trouble in the long run. Place the whitewashers inside both inlets and outlets.
  • The support bracket should be used to make sure that the pre and post assembly is supported firmly. The licensed plumber should be the one to install the unit or else the warranty gets void.
  • Once the installation has been completed you need to make sure that the leaks are checked thoroughly by turning on the water slowly.
  • Perform the final flushing by opening the water valve completely and allow the water to run for 5 – 10 minutes to complete the process.

Download Aquasana Manuals


Aquasana System with UV Purifier is the top-notch product that will get you the peace of mind that you are having clean and clear water. The removal of contamination is too easy once this unit has been installed. The best part is that the unit has been thoroughly tested by the independent users and they have found it to be the best of all. The only drawback that I could find is the price. But with so many advantages and ease of use, it can easily be overlooked.



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