APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter Review

APEX Countertop Drinking Water FilterThe APEX countertop water filter has several features that make the product as one of the best. The water becomes more safe and crunchy as a result of passing through this awesome development. There are certain features that make this filter one of the most used filters in the USA. The convenience that it provides will definitely make you want it. It has a sleek design and the filter overall is easy to handle. The alkaline qualities of the filter ensure that it reacts with the contaminations. In this way, it is easy for you to get clean water that will keep you and your family’s health safe.


How The Apex Water Filter stands out?

The best part is that this product has been developed by Apex. The company has been on the market for over 2 decades now. It also means that you don’t need to question the level of protection of this product which makes it matchless. The company knows its stuff and has developed products that are of the highest quality. The best part of the filter is the fact that it is easy to install and maintain. The instructions that are provided with the manual are all self-explanatory and therefore make it too easy for you to proceed with the install. There are several guides that are available online to validate that the product is easily installed.

Ease of installation

You can easily get the guides online to take care that the installation is done with perfection. The DIY solution is recommended so that the best outcome is generated. The best part of such filters is that there is no technical education required to get the work done. The countertop is the only space that you require to place the filter on. The downside is that takes up the most crucial space in your kitchen which can be used for something else. If you have a small kitchen then it is something that will create issues for you in the long run. You just need to remove the aerator on the tap and fit in this filter to get clean and pure water without any problem.

What to expect from Apex countertop water filter?

The contamination of all kinds is removed with care and perfection. From tiny particles to microbes the water is made safe and healthy with this filter. There are carbon block filters within the unit. It will confirm that the best and the most advanced system is provided to purify the water. It blocks the debris and the carbon is also responsible to react with certain contaminations to make them harmless. The tiny particles are completely removed by this filter and the microbes such as amoeba that is found in the good tap water are eliminated. This filter will protect your health completely.

The filter is one of the best solutions that can filter out the contaminations which would otherwise damage your health. The integrity of the water is something that is of utmost importance and the Apex filter is here to make certain that this remains. It is compatible with most of the kitchen faucets that you can generally see. This makes it one of the most efficient and effective systems that will make it possible for you to protect your family from water-related issues. It is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of contaminations that are within the water. The removal of microbes and heavy metals has never been as easy as it is with this filter. In addition to all this, the filter also makes sure that the odor is removed from the water and the best and the most purified water is provided to you for consumption. Tap water is though good for washing dishes but without this filter, it is not possible to get clean drinking water.

Parts of the Apex Water Systems Filter

In total there are 7 parts of the filter that are involved in cleaning out the water with perfection these are explained as under.

Calcite – It is the uppermost part of the filter that is also the cap of the filter.

Micro felt pad – It is the second part that makes sure that the calcite remains in place. It is a very important part that makes sure that all the sections of the filter remain separate completely. It is also important as it will not allow the water stuck at a particular point at all. This part is responsible for the water flow as a whole.

Alkaline beads – There are some alkaline beads that are also within the filter at the upper part. These beads are placed here to react with the contaminations such as chlorine and fluoride. The healthy alkaline such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium are added to the water so that the best purification kit is provided right at the beginning.

ACF – The activated carbon fiber is then placed which can be regarded as the most important part of the filter. It contains carbon that is mixed with chloramine, benzene and organic chemicals and therefore the odor is removed from this part. The radon is the other impurity that is removed from the water completely.

KDF 55 – This is the last part of the filter. This chemical has been placed at the last for its reactive nature. The impurities that are hard in nature are removed at this point. It includes bacteria, heavy metals, and microbes. At this place, the contaminations which are not visible to the naked eye are completely removed so that the clean and clear water is provided without any issue.

Apex Alkaline Filter

The filter does not come with an NSF certification. The parts have been designed in such a way that the certification is obtained easily in the future. There is not a single part that does not comply with the NSF standards. From the working to the appearance and design is something that fully complies with the NSF as well as ISO standards.

What’s the point?

As the parts of the filter show that it is highly advance and adds the minerals to the water. Now, this is the selling point of this product. Making the water more alkaline is something that the customer pays for. It adds minerals to the water that are highly required by the human body. The wellbeing of the water is increased and it becomes more quality-oriented. The higher pH of the water is something that is of utmost importance. The addition of minerals increases the value of the water. In simple words, it is one of the best ways to make water free of all the contaminations without much effort.

Is it really long-lasting?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the efficiency of the filter is something that increases its life. This filter makes sure that the best water is provided to the users. Unlike other companies, Apex is an organization that takes customer feedback so that the product is made more efficient. In addition to this, the company also takes the feedback very seriously and therefore looks for the ways that can be applied to get even more efficient products. The life of the filter is about 750 gallons or one year of usage if it has been installed for a small family. With this filter, it is easy to get drinking water at your convenience which is simply stunning. The life of the filter is definitely up for any kind of competition.

Features of the product

  • The filter removes about 99% of impurities that are within the water. It also makes sure that the water is purified to meet the standards of NSF.
  • The TDS levels of water which are good for health are increased as a result of alkaline technology. It also makes sure that you get the best water out of the filter that will keep you safe and healthy.
  • The bottle-less nature of the filter is an environmentally friendly task that this product performs. Less plastic means less pollution and this is the task that this product performs very well.
  • The product comes with 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. This is something that will win the trust of the users. The company also requests the customers to contact them to get all the issues addressed instead of leaving negative feedback.
  • It can easily be installed on any kind of kitchen faucet with efficiency and therefore it is highly recommended.

Apex Water Filter


Apex countertop filter is one of the best countertop filters which will make sure that you get clean and clear water. The best part is that the product is too efficient and hence makes the water clean with perfection. With this filter, you just need to forget that you are consuming dirty water. The contamination removal success rate is about 99% which is as good as many other expensive filters have to offer. Get this filter today and come out of troubles and issues that you have been facing in its absence.



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