APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

APEC Reverse Osmosis Water FilterIt is one of the best and most efficient RO units on the market. The best part is that it is very efficient and therefore it is one of the best that you can get. With this filter system, you are sure to get the clean and clear water you have always wanted. It is a simple system that ensures that the users never get into any sort of complexity. From setting up to get the first glass of water the RO unit performs at its maximum. With highly positive reviews it is highly advised to all the users that do not believe the integrity of tap water anymore. The storage tank and faucet are included in the package. There is no need for any high-end skills. You can easily get it installed within an hour or so.


There are 5 stages of purification that the water passes through with this unit. It produces the water at the rate of 50 gallons per day which is just awesome. The water wastage is low but still much. It wastes about 3 gallons to produce 1 gallon of purified water. The filter has been tested thoroughly and it removes 99% of contaminations without any issue and trouble. In short, you are sure to get water that is free of microbes and any other bacteria that will harm your health. APEC is a name of trust and quality and the company makes sure that the standard of the product is maintained.

The Filter Design

The filter is housing and therefore it is important to note that the filter remains inside the housing. To change the filter you just need to remove the housing. The mess can be created as the housing has a lot of water inside. You need to change the filters once the 6 months have passed and I am referring to stage 1, 2 and 3 filters. The unscrew kit is also included in the package. You need to unscrew the filter by hand. It means that the process is too easy to follow. The threads that keep the housing in place should be greased. It will validate that for the next time the housing is removed easily.

Stage 4 and 5 filters should be replaced after a span of 2 – 3 years. The simple fact is that it is the water quality is directly proportional to the change time of the filter. It can both increase and decrease the filter life. The APEC website states that there are 48 contaminations that are removed to get you clean water that protects your family’s health. Stage 4 and 5 filters should be checked every year. A TDS meter test in this regard will make certain that you get the exact time when the change is required.

apec somosis filter

How the Unit Purifies the Water?

For the backpressure and the RO membrane wash, the water is required. Now the quantity solely depends upon the pressure of water. With high pressure, less water is used for this task. The wastage is high and the wasted water can be used for other purposes. APEC also provides you with the way on their website by applying which you can easily reroute the water to the wastage tank. This requires some additional tubing and therefore it is one of the best ways to use the water easily. The other way that is highly efficient is to add a permeate pump that will waste less water.

The efficiency of the system

As mentioned earlier the efficiency of the water is about 3:1 which makes this unit an above-average RO plant. Some of you might think that this is a high wastage of water but do remember that there are RO filters that waste much more than this. The environmental protection and the less use of plastic water bottles are some of the major advantages of this RO filter. The cost of the filtration is also much less as compared to the bottled water. In the long run, this unit is much cheaper as compared to the plastic bottle water.

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Type of Filters used

There are 5 filters that are used to make the water clean of all the contaminations. The RO membrane is highly efficient and does not allow the microbes to pass. The filter has been designed to treat all kinds of water so that you get the best quality. The filters can be changed with ease and the best part is that if purchased in a set these filters cost much less. The RO membrane is one of the main components of the filter and you will find it way more expensive to change. The change of this membrane is required as it blocks the particles completely.

The installation

This is a process that will not take much time if you follow the guide that comes with the unit. Each and every component that completes the installation is already on the kit. There are certain tools that you will need for instance wrench screwdriver and a drill to complete the process efficiently. Before making sure that the faucet is installed you need to drill hole. Once the hole has been made you can begin to install the unit.

The instructions are highly elaborated and therefore you don’t need any handyman to get the job done. The best part is that the company also has video tutorials that can be followed to complete the installation efficiently. Once the installation is completed you just need to check it for the leaks and then you can relax for the next 6 months. There is no need for any additional look after this unit as it works on its own.

Features of the product

  • The unit is made in the USA which makes it highly efficient and effective as the US laws and rules are applied while the production is done. You will get supreme quality water that is both healthy and almost natural.
  • The contaminations are completely removed with the help of this filter. As per the company, up to 99% of impurities are removed from the water. It includes heavy metals such as arsenic and leads to be precise.
  • The pressure of the filter is directly proportional to the daily production. At 60 psi per day production of the filter is 50 gallons per day. At 30 psi the water production per day is 30 gallons. The pH of the water is 2.0 – 11 and the feed water pressure is 40 – 85 psi.
  • The water from the outlet of this unit is far superior to the bottled water. The filters are premium and the overall mechanism that has been installed within the unit ensures that high-grade water is provided with care and perfection.
  • The company has a two-decade of experience in providing the best and the state of the art products. This unit has the efficiency that is matchless. It is noiseless and provides premium care to you and your family.
  • The external parts of the unit are highly graded so that they can keep the unit intact. All the parts are FDA certified and are thoroughly checked by the experts so that you never get into trouble when it comes to the installation.
  • The unit has a 2 year extended warranty to keep your unit safe and secure. The DIY videos that are online are helpful. These should be followed to get the installation done easily and effectively.
  • The fittings are tested thoroughly and therefore require no extra clips to keep them in place. There is no requirement of a leak detector as each and every component fits the other perfectly to create a long-lasting experience.

apec ROES 50

Pros of the product

  • The components such are faucet is highly graded. The unit also includes a 4-gallon pre-pressurized tank.
  • The unit is competitively priced and therefore in reach of almost every customer.
  • The support for the product is very efficient and makes sure that all the issues are resolved within no time at all.
  • The unit has an easy to go design which makes the installation a very easy process to follow.
  • The filters have a long life. The expensive components of the unit work for at least 3 years. It is, therefore, a budget RO filter to be precise.

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APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Water Filter System is a must-have for your home. You will have a handy system that will treat the water for you in the most efficient manner possible. The unit will not only worth every penny that you spent but will also take care that the long-lasting needs are fulfilled. You can also customize the solution to make sure that the best outcome is provided. The RO filter is highly effective in removing the contaminations which are microscopic in size. The RO membrane is made in the USA which makes it one of the best to filter out all the microbes with ease.



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