APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System Review

APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter SystemAPEC is a company that does not need any intro. The company has been developing state of the art filters to pacify the users. The developers at the company are of the view that only highly advanced filters are the ones that can remove dust and other sediments. The subjected filter has been developed on the same lines. The basic filtration needs can easily be overcome with this system as it offers a lot for a reasonable price. The chlorine is another issue that is taken care of easily along with the taste. If water improvement is required then APEC 2 stage filter is one of the best choices on the market.


Installation Kit

It includes everything which makes the installation is made easy and straightforward. It is one of those filters that come preassembled and therefore it is important to note that you need not perform any fixtures at all. The filter has the main unit as well as a wrench that will allow you to easily open the housing and remove the filters with care and perfection. It is one of the best ways to remove the sediments and impurities from the water at almost no extra cost. The filtered water comes to you at no extra cost. The best part is that it is eco-friendly as there is no plastic involved. It means that once the filter has been purchased you can easily have the water for home usage and there is no need for any sort of bottle refill at all.

What do you get for the price?

The filter comes with a 2-stage filtration kit that removes all the impurities from your water. The 2-stage can easily be converted to 3 stage filtration if you pay a little extra. The best part of this filter is the way it uses to get the filtration done with perfection. The two stages are fitted together in such a way that the water does not have to pass through any additional layer. It is also not wasted like the RO filters mechanism that has been designed to wastewater to purify it. There are three models that this one can be upgraded to:

  • 3 Stage chlorine removal
  • 3 stage heavy metal removal
  • 3 stage iron removal

With the upgrade, it is possible for you to remove all the sediments that are no removed otherwise.

The Types of Filters

There are 2 types of filters that are integrated into the model. It is therefore very much important that you get to know the working.

The Sediment Filter – This filter treats the water at the first stage and removes the impurities such as sand, dirt, particles, rust and colloid to make the water safer for you and your family. The role of this filter is really crucial as it is the first point of contact with the water. It thus purifies as much as possible before it is passed onto the next level. With this filter, all the visible impurities are removed completely.

The Carbon Filter – It is the second stage that will get the water treated in a more advanced manner. This stage is responsible for removing all the sediments present in the water. This includes any type of odor, taste, organic sand chlorine. It is one of the best ways to validate that the water is purified and becomes crystal clear. With carbon filter, you get the crunchy water taste that is sure to get you the best health benefits as well.

APEC 2-Stage Water Filter

Features of the Filter

The filter has been made with advanced self-reliant technology that does not require any other water interaction to get is clean. It is one of the best ways to check that you get the filtration that leaves you with clean and clear water beneficial for health.

  • The filter has two stages that get you the purified water at a nominal cost. The sediment and carbon filters remove all the impurities that can harm your health.
  • The stage one filter is 30 micron and ensures that all the impurities are removed that can severely damage your health with perfection.
  • The carbon filter is 25 microns and makes sure that the water is treated in such a manner that allows you to get the micro impurities removed with perfection.
  • The inlet and outlet have been designed in such a manner that it would make it possible for you to get water at amazingly fast speeds. The size of the ports has been kept to 1 inch so that there is no interruption at all.
  • The unit comes preassembled which means that you need not perform any additional fittings at all. Just purchase it and connect it to your main water supply to get clean water for the year around.
  • The filter is so economical that none of the rivals matches its compatibility. With this water filter, you can easily clean 70,000 liters before the filter requires any sort of change.
  • The filters are also available separately and can be purchased in a bundle to confirm that you get more price cuts and discounts on top.
  • The big blue housing wrench is also added to the main unit. It makes it possible for you to un-mount the housing to change the filters without any complex process.

APEC 2 Stage Filter

Advantages of the filter

There are many advantages to which this unit is known for. Some merits are also explained as under to ensure that you get to know the product and what it has to offer.

Two-stage filtration

The product comes with 2 stage premium cleaning to ensure that you get clean and clear water. The stage one filter is sediment in nature. The stage 2 filter makes sure that you get both sediment removal as well as water treatment by additional processes to make it clean and clear without any issue problem. It will let your family have the best water to protect their health.

Skin and hair care

It is a known fact that impure water not only damages your inside but hair and skin as well. It simply means that you need this filter to get the impurities removed without any extra cost. The chlorine within the water can further damage your skin and hair. It means that once this filter has been installed you are sure to get the best water that would save your skin health as well as nail problems.

Cooking made easier

The treatment is done in such a manner that it does not allow impurities to pass and at the same time also enhances its taste. To get the ultimate cooing experience you got to have this filter so that the best cooking experience is enjoyed. It will also make it possible for you to get the best taste and food quality as the water is purified as much as possible.


The filter has been designed to last for life. The housing has been made with polypropylene that is not damaged easily. The reinforced material of the filter makes it possible for you to get the best durability. Even the water at very high pressures is withstood by this housing so that it lasts long and adds to the overall value of the filter. It is the durability that has led to good customer reviews and this important aspect has been mentioned by almost everyone.

User Reviews

The user reviews are awesome when it comes to this filter. It clearly shows that the filter has a top-notch service as well as quality. Over Amazon the rating 4.9 out of 5 which makes it one of the top-rated products on Amazon. It also makes this product among the best on the water filter category which is simply superb.

Donation program

The best part is that you are donating to a cause that will ultimately get clean water all around the world. It is a cause to which the company requires your share as stated on their website. Clean and clear water is a right of all and APEC is making this happen without a doubt.

The disadvantage of the product

The only con of the product is that it has no online guide. It can be overcome as the installation is not very technical in nature.

The Bottom Line

The APEC 2-Stage filter has all the necessary qualities that make it one of the best and most used filters online. It is not only easy to install but will also ensure that in the long run, you get the best water treatment at almost no cost. Once you have filtered 70,000 gallons the filter change is required and this amount is too large. The filter has a sleek design and therefore it does not require much room to get installed. It is one of the filters that are worth giving a shot, is budgeted and will get you the best filtration results all at the same time.



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