What are a Water Ionizers and 5 Benefits of Having a Water Ionizer

Water makes up to 60% of the human body. Both the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and our lungs are 83% water, while the muscles and kidneys are 79% water. Water is, no doubt, an essential liquid on the planet. It is no wonder why you should be concerned about the type of water you feed your body. Alkaline water has received a lot of publicity in recent years, and water ionizers are more popular than ever.

You may have heard health claims about alkaline water and how this type of water has many benefits. In this article, we will first debunk some myths and truths about water ionizers. Then, we’ll talk about some benefits of having a water ionizer in your home.

What is a Water Ionizer?

In simple terms, a water ionizer is a piece of equipment that changes the pH level in the water to create ionized alkaline water. The method used to accomplish this is called electrolysis, which separates the oxygen and hydrogen in water to produce electron-rich, alkaline water.

The interest in ionized water begun when scientists discovered natives in a secured part of the world had good health due to the glacier water that they drunk. Then, scientists discovered that electricity could reorganize the structure of water.

The idea of the water ionizer started in 1931 in Japan, where it became popular in the 1950s. The water created by the ionizer was said to have ‘healing effects.’ In 1962, water ionizer companies applied for approval for the equipment as a medical device.

Modern water ionizers work by electrically splitting tap water into acid and alkaline water. The water ionizer unit is usually the size of a toaster and has a filter connected to your water supply. This electronic water filter controls low voltage electrolysis.

How Does A Water Ionizer Work?

The process of how water ionizer works is straightforward.

First, water passes through an internal water filter. This tap water flows into the tube at the back of the water ionizer. The water then makes its way to the water filter, where contaminants are removed. The internal filters of a water ionizer usually last up to a year and can be replaced for $50. Although the water that passes through the ionizer is purified, this is not the purpose of the ionizer. The filters don’t remove all impurities, as these may help in the ionizing process.

Second, electrolysis begins. Electrolysis is a process that breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen using electric current. The water ionizer has “plates” where electrical current passes through. As water enters this section, soluble minerals and other impurities are attracted to either a positive or negative pole depending on their energy signature. This separation causes water to divide into alkaline or acid streams.

Once the process is complete, you can use the more acidic water for cleaning and bathing. In contrast, alkaline water is best for drinking. The separation of ions into negative or positive is what creates the separation in water acidity. The acid water is H+, while alkaline water is OH-. This alkaline water has a higher pH compared to tap or bottled water.

What Is pH, and Why Is it Important?

Acid and basic are two of the different properties of different substances. When acids and bases mix, they turn into an inert material. The pH scale is used to measure the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance and ranges from 0 to 14. Any element that measures seven is defined as a neutral substance, while anything lower is acidic and greater is basic.

The way the pH scale measures, the degree of acidity is using logarithmic, which means pH 3 is ten times more acidic than pH five, and so on. The same goes for the level of alkalinity. Pure water is considered neutral, but adding any chemicals can turn water either basic or acidic.

pH levels may sound like scientific jargon, but they play an essential role in biological functions. They can influence the behavior of certain chemicals. For this reason, the pH levels in food and beverages are necessary to consider.

pH In Drinking Water

When it comes to drinking water, pH is critical. Ideally, drinking water should have a pH between 6.5 and 8.5, which is either neutral or basic. Acidic water can harm pipelines causing toxic metals like copper to make their way into the water supply. On the other hand, water that is too alkaline has an unpleasant taste and is not ideal for cleaning.

pH In Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pools also require water with specific pH values that range from 7.2 to 7.8 to ensure the efficacy of the chlorine disinfectant. A pH that is too high or alkaline is not suitable for your pool and can make it more prone to fungi growth and bacteria.

pH In Food

The pH levels in food are also closely monitored to ensure microbial control and prolong shelf life. For example, the pH in milk is tested continuously to ensure infections or impurities are not present. In the cheese-making process, the pH can determine the texture of cheese. The pH of cream can also determine the end taste, whether it will be sour or sweet. For yogurt production, a low pH is ideal for promoting microbial activity.

Many foods require that a specific pH is maintained. For instance, a high pH level in meats can be an indication of rot. In baking bread, the batter is acidified to extend shelf life, and the same is valid with canned goods.

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What Are The Dangers of Acidic Water?

Now that we understand why pH levels matter, especially in drinking water, let’s take a look at the dangers of acidic water or water with a low pH level. Acidic water has pH levels below 7. Many natural causes can turn water acidic. For example, rain is milky acid, and trees and roots release carbon dioxide, which produces acids.

Another reason is sedimenting in the soil or rocks that have minerals that encourage acidity. When water flows through chemical dumps such as acid mine drainage or spills, the water pH level can further decline. Another cause for acidity in water is shallow groundwater that is often acidic. So what are the dangers of drinking acidic water or of acidic water in general?

1. Acidic Water Can Cause Damage To Your Teeth

Adding acidic water to an already acidic mouth is not the best idea if you want to have healthy teeth. The acids in your mouth are useful for breaking down bacteria and food, so using acidic water to clean your mouth is counterproductive. Rinsing your mouth with acidic water can double the effect of the acidity causing tooth corrosion or gum damage.

2. Acidic Water Reduces Calcium Retention

A high amount of acidity in your body can jeopardize its ability to absorb calcium, which may lead to bone loss over long periods. This is one of the reasons why older adults often prefer alkaline water, which does not have the same negative effect.

3. Acidic Water Can Contribute To Gastrointestinal Problems

As water passes through the pipes and makes it way to your tap, it can collect zinc residue, which causes a host of health problems. Issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea are all related to overexposure to zinc or copper.

4. Acidic Water Increases Exposure To Contaminants

The dangerous effect of acidic water can be seen in fish. When water pH levels reach 4.5, massive fish deaths occur. This is because pollutants like parasites and bacteria thrive in such water levels. Also, since a considerable percentage of public water comes from shallow sources, which, as we have mentioned, is more acidic, the danger increases. If you continue to ingest tap water, you are increasing your risk of exposure to contaminants.

5. Acidic Water Can Be Dangerous For Young Children

Young children especially are at risk when it comes to acidic water consumption. During their rapid growth, their bodies tend to absorb more nutrients and contaminants at a faster rate compared to adults. The complications that arise from acidic water can even prove fatal for small children. These conditions range from liver disease, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

Does Acidic Water Have Some benefits?

All the adverse effects of acidic water are related to consumption. However, using acidic water on your skin may have some benefits. For example, acidic water is an ideal astringent because of its cleansing properties. It can also help relieve dryness and itchiness and help relieve symptoms of acne, eczema, and athletes’ foot.

Acidic water also has benefits for the hair and can reduce the appearance of dandruff. Also, because of the antibacterial properties of acidic water, it is an ideal antiseptic, cleanser, and sanitizer. Using acidic water for washing and cleaning fruits, meat, and vegetables also have benefits. Water with a pH level of 3 can kill pathogens and even remove traces of pesticides.

Aside from its benefits in terms of cleaning, acidic water is also ideal for plant growth. Using low pH water on your plants may repel pests and bugs and even lengthen the life of flowers in vases.

Water Ionizer

5 Benefits of Having A Water Ionizer

Now that we have discussed all the harmful effects of drinking acidic water, you should be interested in investing in a water ionizer. Here are five of the benefits:

1. Better Hydration

If you are on a weight loss journey or lead an active life, hydration is one of your top priorities. The problem is your body quickly gets dehydrated through sweating. This dehydration can cause a decline in physiological performance, which reduces your aerobic function. Long term effects of dehydrated include reduced neurological and metabolic function.

So, where does a water ionizer come in? A water ionizer ensures that you have access to alkaline water at all times. But how does this help with hydration? Well, there is evidence that alkaline water is one of the best drinks for hydration. One of the top studies that prove this is a 2016 study involving 100 participants. During the study, the participants performed a moderate exercise routine that caused a 2% in body mass through sweating—half of the participants hydrated with alkaline water while the other half drunk regular water.

Researchers then examined the blood viscosity of both groups. They discovered that the alkaline group had a lower blood thickness than the other group. The group that regularly consumed water had a 3.36% decline in blood viscosity. In comparison, those who had alkaline water saw a decrease of 6.3%.

What does this have to do with hydration? Well, scientists use blood viscosity to measure hydration. When you are hydrated, you should have a lower blood thickness. In short, the group that drunk alkaline water was more hydrated because their blood viscosity was lower.

But the effects of alkaline water on hydration doesn’t end there. Additional research shows that alkaline water promotes water movement between cells. Cells have proteins called aquaporins that control the amount of water absorbed by the cells. Alkaline water has excess electrons, which the aquaporins allow to flow freely.

2. Better Bowel Health

If you suffer from irregular bowel movement or constipation, alkaline water may be the answer to your problems. Although alkaline water in itself cannot treat constipation, adding it to your routine can make a difference. However, there are other factors to consider that can contribute to constipation, such as:

  • medication
  • pregnancy
  • overeating red meat or processed food
  • dehydration
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • not eating enough fiber
  • aging
  • changes in routine
  • drinking too much soda or alcohol

You may have heard of natural remedies for constipation, including eating more fiber and exercising more. However, a simple life change like getting a water ionizer and drinking alkaline water is very beneficial. When you lack water or are dehydrated, the large intestine soaks the water from your waste, which causes hard stools. Ionized water creates smaller water molecules that are easier for your body to absorb. Since alkaline water is more hydrating than tap water as we have discussed, it can help get rid of constipation faster.

The water molecules in alkaline water become smaller when they go through the ionizing process. Smaller cells can easily pass through cells and hydrate your body faster. Another reason why alkaline water is superior to tap water is that it promotes balanced bacteria in your stomach. The low oxygen levels in alkaline water allow good bacteria to thrive. With a healthy gut, you are less likely to suffer from constipation and other stomach-related illnesses.

3. Better Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, most of her alkaline materials go to the fetus, which may contribute to a host of discomforts. If you are pregnant, you can easily keep your body’s pH levels balanced by getting yourself a water ionizer. With your blood getting more and more acidic, drinking alkaline water is an easy way to reverse the adverse effects. An acidic body is more prone to disease, and drinking alkaline water is one way to boost your immune system in this critical nine months. Here are just a few symptoms of pregnancy that alkaline water can help soothe.

  • Heartburn and indigestion. Many women experience severe heartburn because of changing hormone levels or because the uterus is pushing on the stomach. Drinking alkaline water can help neutralize some of the stomach acids.
  • Constipation. As we have already discussed, constipation is often caused by dehydration, which can be remedied by buying a water ionizer. Among pregnant women, there is another possible cause of constipation, namely, pressure on your rectum. The small molecules in high pH water can speed up hydration and alleviate constipation.
  • Fatigue and low energy levels. Staying hydrated is one of the natural solutions to increase your energy levels. The structure of the molecules in alkaline water promotes easy absorption, which may help raise energy levels.
  • Morning sickness. Although hormones may be to blame for this pregnancy symptom, drinking the right amount of basic water can provide a pregnant woman with enough alkaline minerals. These alkaline minerals can help the placenta neutralize the acids discharged by the fetus.

Although alkaline water won’t remove all of the symptoms of pregnancy, many women agree that it can reduce the intensity and frequency of these symptoms. So, if you are expecting, invest in a water ionizer as soon as possible and enjoy a stress-free nine months.

4. Better Skin Health

We know we said that acidic water is an excellent cleaning agent for the face. Still, tap water sadly doesn’t provide the right level of acidity. Those who have skin conditions like eczema or acne need something gentle to clean their skin, and a water ionizer can produce just that.

With more than 60 million Americans with acne and 32 million with eczema, the need for an affordable, long-term solution is critical. Although it is always best to follow the advice of your health care provider, you can do your part in alleviating the symptoms by changing the water you use to wash your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs a pH level of 4-6. Ideally, a pH of 5.5 is what your skin needs. When you sweat, your skin develops a layer that is slightly more acidic than the skin itself to protect you from microorganisms. One of the secrets to healthy skin is caring for your skin pH levels. Removing the acidic mantel may leave you prone to infection and more skin issues.

When you purchase a water ionizer, you can get just the right pH level for your skin. Usually, Acidic Level 1 produced by water ionizers is 5.5, which is perfect for your skin. You can use this acidic water in a spray bottle to help you cool down during those hot summer days. Acidic water can also help soothe irritations from bug bites and other irritants.

5. Better Aging

Aging is caused by several factors combined, including hormonal aging, cellular aging, and metabolic aging. Also, inflammation, stress, and free radicals are some of the factors that increase the aging process. This may sound too good to be true, but investing in a water ionizer can help slow down the aging process and keep you looking and feeling younger for longer. So, how does it work?

The anti-aging properties of alkaline water have everything to do with free radicals. Free radicals are everywhere, from exhaust fumes to UV rays and pollution. Antioxidants are vital to fighting these free radicals, and that’s where alkaline water comes in.

Hydrogen water has antioxidant properties that can combat free radicals and slow down the aging process. Clinical studies have identified some specific ways hydrogen water can aid or alleviate symptoms related to aging, which includes the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Abdominal issues

Investing in your water ionizer ensures a fresh supply of hydrogen water may be a small step towards a younger, healthier you. Hydrogen water has extra hydrogen molecules that act as antioxidants and prevent oxidative stress. With reduced levels of free radicals, you will experience higher energy levels, better skin, better concentration, and overall better health.

Do I Need Water Ionizer?

Despite the many benefits that come with a water ionizer, many are hesitant to invest in one. Perhaps they feel that it is an additional and unnecessary cost they can’t afford, or maybe they think they don’t need it. Whatever the case, there are five ways your body is telling you it needs alkaline water.

You Are Always Thirsty

Are you the type of person that has a constant thirst, but no drink seems to quench? You tried to drink tap water, but it never seems to cure your dehydration? Here’s a little tip: Tap water is one of the worst kind of water you can consume. It is filled with dangerous chemicals that can cause more harm than good. According to Scientific American, there are 18 unregulated chemicals found in sink water for more than 1/3rd of water departments nationwide. So think twice before filling a glass of tap water.

Alkaline water is superior to tap water; the small hydrogen molecules found in Alkaline hydrate your cells more quickly than other types of water. Therefore, all you’ll need is a few sips at regular intervals, and you’ll never feel thirsty. This is an efficient solution to those who are not fond of drinking glasses of water throughout the day. With a water ionizer, you’ll drink less water to keep hydrated.

You Have Low Energy Levels

There are many causes of low energy levels, including poor sleep or lack of exercise and poor nutrition. However, many need energy because they lack hydration. The hydrogen infused alkaline water can give you an almost instant boost in energy.

This instant boost is possible because the small molecules can easily pass through the mitochondria of all your cells and deliver needed water. Instead of reaching for an unhealthy energy drink, invest in a water ionizer, and have a healthy energy drink available at all times.

You Have Skin Issues

If you look in the mirror and find that your skin isn’t as radiant, it may be because of high acidity in water. Drinking from a water ionizer can have incredible benefits on your skin. The hydrogen water produced by these ionizers can help flush out harmful toxins, which reduce your risk of developing acne.

Dehydrated skin has several symptoms that include itchy skin, increased sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles, and dull-looking skin. Since dehydration affects the skins’ ability to perform functions like cell turnover, your skin doesn’t shed its outer layer enough, which causes the accumulation of dead cells. Dead cells, in turn, cause clogged pores, congestion, and uneven complexion. Lack of moisture also makes your skin more susceptible to external factors such as pollution.

Alkaline water also helps maintain the optimal pH levels in your skin, which is 5.5. Lastly, hydrogen water can give you radiant skin by keeping it hydrated. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on many skin products that may do more harm than good, invest in a water ionizer and watch your skin glow.

You Can’t Concentrate

If you find yourself having difficulty concentrating at work, you may be mildly dehydrated. One study published in the Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise discovered that even mild dehydration could affect cognitive performance. Tasks that involve motor coordination and attention become challenging when you are dehydrated.

Mild dehydration is defined as being 2% dehydrated or sweating out 33 ounces of water. This low level of dehydration is not enough to cause thirst, so you likely won’t know you need water. Additional symptoms include lightheadedness, dizziness, and dry mouth.

The lesson is clear- if you want to get that raise and be a model employee, you need to stay hydrated. Alkaline water can more efficiently make its way to your cells and provide needed hydration. Purchasing your water ionizer may be all you need to boost your performance at work.

You Are Always Tired

There are many hidden causes of tiredness, including sleep and sun deprivation. Still, one of the most common is mild dehydration. When you are dehydrated even mild, your body’s energy levels drop, and you feel lethargic. Also, your blood volume lowers, which means your brain isn’t getting as much blood as it should, and your heart starts to pump faster.

Also, mild dehydration can affect your sleep, which creates a domino effect leaving you tired the next morning. When you are dehydrated, your nasal and mouth passages are dryer, and such irritation can increase the chances of snoring.

On top of this, dehydrated can affect melatonin, the sleep hormone reducing the levels of amino acids used to produce this essential hormone. With unbalanced levels of melatonin, your circadian rhythm can be off, making sleep difficult. With a water ionizer providing alkaline water, you are more likely to get the hydration you need and prevent chronic fatigue.

How do I choose the best water ionizer?

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With all the water ionizers out there, making the right choice may be challenging. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Get a machine with two filters that have longer cartridges. Also, make sure that the filters are ceramic, which increases their ability to filter bacteria and other microbes.
  • Be careful with the ‘enhancers’ used, which can contain poisonous chemicals like sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals can produce dangerous toxic gases.
  • Find the right plate. You can find plates that are solid, mesh, or a hybrid in a material that comes in different sizes. Make sure you read the manual carefully to decide the right one.
  • Take note of the warranty. Always read the fine print to see how the company stands behind their product.
  • Notice the country of origin. Water ionizers made in Korea or Japan are known to be high quality and abide by all the safety laws.


Not many of us pay attention to the type of water we drink, but it is about time we did. Considering the critical role that water plays in body function, it makes sense to feed our bodies with the best water available. Although tap water is the cheapest solution, it is often acidic. It can cause a host of health issues from teeth damage and increased exposure to contaminants.

Alkaline water, on the other hand, has numerous health benefits, including better bowel health, increased hydration, reduced pregnancy symptoms, and anti-aging properties. The easiest way to enjoy these health benefits is to invest in a water ionizer. If you notice any of the five warning signs, such as dry skin, fatigue, or lack of concentration, your body is warning you to get a water ionizer and switch to alkaline water.

Since not all water ionizers are created equal, you ought to do your homework to find the best water ionizers in the market. Once you do, you and your family can start enjoying better health immediately.